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Obsidian hands off Armored Warfare to My.com

Obsidian Entertainment has gotten out of the tank business, as the developer announced that it has handed off Armored Warfare in its entirety to Russian video game company My.com.

My.com was the publisher of the game, but from now on it looks as though the company will be doing double duty by handling the development of the lobby vehicle battler as well. Obsidian, which laid off several members of the dev team back in December, said that it wants to focus on its other titles, like Pillars of Eternity 2.

“We are grateful for all contributions made by everyone on the Armored Warfare development teams, past and present. The restructured Armored Warfare development team is continuing the current development and update plans and will be dedicated to deliver content to our worldwide players in the most consistent manner,” said My.com Publishing Director Yuri Maslikov.


Obsidian’s Armored Warfare team hit with layoffs

Obsidian Entertainment has announced layoffs for an unknown number of staffers working on military MMO Armored Warfare.

Gamasutra reports that the cuts are planned to “take effect early next year,” so they’ll only partly ruin Christmas, though it’s not yet known how many employees will be affected. Work on the game will continue.

Here’s the official Obsidian statement to the press, suggesting that My.com’s decision to move part of the game’s development to Russia is partially the cause:

“This week we let some of our developers on Armored Warfare know that they are being laid off early next year. The publisher of Armored Warfare decided to move a portion of the development of the product to their headquarters in Moscow. We remain extremely proud of Armored Warfare and all the work we have and will continue to put into it. None of the other products at Obsidian were affected by this. We wish our people the best, and are working with them to find homes with other developers.”

Source: Gamasutra


Armored Warfare rumbles into open beta

Armored Warfare transitioned into open beta today, inviting any and all to try out this online tank shooter to see if it has the right stuff. If you need something to sweeten the pot, consider that the studio is promising that beta progress won’t be wiped when the game launches.

Players can download the 30 gigabyte client to try out over 60 vehicles on dozens of PvP and PvE maps. Armored Warfare also includes player bases, five vehicle classes, and a modern aesthetic.

In a letter to the community, Obsidian Entertainment CEO Feargus Urquhart hinted at what’s coming for the title: “We are continuing to move forward creating new maps, new vehicles, and some cool new features we will talk about soon. It’s really an exciting time in Armored Warfare land right now, and for the months, and years to come.”


Skyforge announces closed beta start and sells Founder’s Packs

Skyforge wannabe deities, you may want to clear your calendar for early next month because closed beta is coming! The team announced today that the first closed beta test will commence on March 11th with lots of new content, the ability to play never-before-tested classes, and a look at the Orders of Aelion system.

While you can take a chance on getting a spot in the beta via sign-up, you can lock in your place by purchasing one of Skyforge’s new Founder’s Packs. The packs, which range from $20 to $70, include a spot in closed beta tests, early access to the open beta, currency, name reservations, and more.

Thinking about playing or paying for Skyforge? Check out the beta trailer after the jump!

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Skyforge preps for NA and EU closed beta

Closed beta testing for Skyforge will be coming soon to North America and Europe, according to a new producer’s letter. While Skyforge is already hosting “some CBT activities” in Russia, the science-fiction MMO is working hard on server architecture and localization so that testing can commence in additional regions.

The team has ambitious plans for the upcoming test: “Starting with CBT1, we’ll support more players, have more content and features enabled, and will be keeping our test servers up for longer and longer periods of time as CBT progresses. In addition to all the new content you’ll come across and adventure in, you’ll also get some hands-on time with a few new features in CBT1 including character customization, itemization and upgrades, [and] the marketplace and the greatness system.”

Information about founders packs for the game is also forthcoming.

[Source: Producer’s letter]