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One Shots is a Massively Overpowered feature in which we highlight cool MMORPG screenshots from readers. You can send your screenshots into us at [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

One Shots: Rainbow glory

Even the grimdark world of Diablo III has a cute, rainbow-colored side… and reader Zulika is the one to take us through the wardrobe and into that magical world.

“In Diablo III there is a hidden land called Whimsydale in which you are attacked by pink & purple unicorns, flowers, and teddy bears,” he said. “Here I am battling Evil Oliver, an elite teddy bear produced by the Happy Company, so that I can get to that loot piñata hanging from the nearby tree. Smiley rainbow clouds look on as my minion splits the last unicorn into flying bits. For my efforts of clearing this eye-bleeding map, I received a dagger that looks like a hamburger. Eight out of 10, would burgle again.”

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One Shots: Pure Final Fantasy XIV

Every so often it seems as though the One Shots mailbox starts getting dominated with a single game. I’ve had this happen with Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World, to note two examples, but as of late it’s been all about the Final Fantasy XIV. Must be a shotworthy game, hm?

So today we’re going to feature only pictures from that game, starting with reader Nightscar’s captivating header. “I have been playing FFXIV as of late, and recently I took a screenshot that I think looks pretty cool and very cinematic.”

Do you agree? See the full-color version after the jump and judge for yourself!

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One Shots: C.R.E.E.P.S.

Whatever happened to bad acronyms as titles for movies and TV shows? Where are our C.H.U.D.s? Our C.H.i.P.s? I guess we have Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., so that’s something. Bring back the awkwardness of the ’70s and ’80s, Hollywood!

At least we have readers like Boom here who are all about getting us first-hand pictures of genuine WildStar C.R.E.E.P.S.  What does that stand for? I’m guessing “Cryogenic Reanimated Extrasensory Exonauts, Pint-Sized.” Or something. The least that you can do to honor the fact that Boom probably died taking this picture was to look at it in awe for more than 0.2 seconds!

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One Shots: Skyscraping

Look up on that building! It’s a bird! It’s a gargoyle! It’s… MOP reader Epelesker showing off his hero in Champions Online!

“Unlike a grand majority of people, superheroes were my first foray into the world of MMOs,” Epelesker writes. “I have a lot of fond memories of my experiences with them and… don’t ask about the characters. Nailing down just one is tough enough! Here’s a recent screenshot of one of my longest-running main characters in Champions Online, the size-changing teen hero, Atomac. It might be difficult to tell because of the low viewing angle, but he’s definitely very big right now. As for what he’s doing? He could either be just looking out for the average-height citizens below, or wondering what hijinks his speedster friend, Trailblazer, is up to…”

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One Shots: Caught in the act

If I were an MMO character, I’d be completely paranoid that at any point in my life, I could be photographed by an invisible entity and posted for the entire world to see. Maybe that’s why everyone constantly does heroics; they’re terrified of being caught in the act doing mundane things like going to the bathroom or shucking peas.

Vindictus can really be great-looking game, and the action combat is tight and fun, especially with friends,” testifies Alexander. “Here’s a shot of my blade and magic character Elalora finishing off a boss. Gotta love that pose!”

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One Shots: Threat Level Midnight

Even in the far future, Starfleet officers still pose for a selfie or two. How could they not when they encounter such striking backdrops?

“This is a shot from Star Trek Online’s new featured episode ‘Midnight’ where players go back in time 200,000 years in the past to visit Iconia, the home world of the galaxy’s (current) biggest enemy,” explains Cookiecupcakes of Priority One Podcast. “The Iconians at that time were peaceful, intelligent, and a lot more likable than they are in the present, so it’s kind of difficult to kill them all off (which was supposed to be the original mission, but I didn’t end up doing it because I fell in love with them! They are so cute!) Anyways, this is my toon @cookiecupcakes exploring the amazingly beautiful Iconian home world before it was destroyed.”

Anyone miss the days when it was just the Klingons that struck fear into our hearts?

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One Shots: Welcome to the party, pal!

“You have to love randomly running across a band when you enter a building in Bree,” reader Yrys said in conjunction with this picture from Lord of the Rings Online.

I have to agree. Players congregating to perform music, put on plays, referee games, or otherwise doing mass social activities that aren’t revolving around murdering giant beasts always brings me to a screeching halt in MMOs, for these are almost always worth checking out.

It’s a virtual party today in One Shots! Grab some of those delectable colors, take a tall drink of perspective, and party like it’s 1999 and there are only three MMOs on the market!

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One Shots: Purple haze

Blocky and stylized though it may be, World of Warcraft’s visuals represent impressive work by artists who pull every trick out of their bags to get the most from that game engine. Reader Captainzor sent in this shot of his feral Druid in a purple-soaked environment to remind me of how much I enjoyed traversing some of that MMO’s zones.

“This is so old I can’t honestly even remember which zone it was taken in, much less what I was doing,” he wrote in. “It just felt very dreamy and I loved how the purple theme just happened.”

Interesting environments is one of the themes of today’s collection of player-submitted screenshots, so let’s get to it!

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One Shots: Blown away by a kiss

First of all, thank you to everyone who heeded the call for more screenshot submissions! I know you all love sharing those in the comments (which is more than fine!) but any sent in via email are deeply appreciated and useful for future columns.

Today’s headlining pic is from reader Whiteberry, who sends in this picture of her Landmark toon blowing us an enthusiastic kiss. “Crashing with a colony ship in the desert on this island apparent, it was a relief to find breathable air, edible vegetation, materials to build with, and a beautiful scenery, and this shows my happiness in the moonlight,” she writes. “I wonder what day will bring!”

Personally, I wonder what the rest of today’s entries will bring!

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One Shots: Pin-up calendar

Here’s an interesting idea: using screenshots to make a calendar! Reader Elana was part of a team that did just that in The Secret World: “Earlier this year, Radio Free Gaia DJ Psywarrior proposed the idea of creating a ‘pin-up calendar’ on the RFG forums, from which I ended up covering 10 months of players out of the 12 months as their screenshotographer.

“Each player signed up for a Miss or Mister January/February/etc. slot, from which they would have to DM me to generate ideas of where they could have their images taken, and schedule what could run up to an hour at a time posing and going through all sorts of emotes and weapon abilities together.”

DJ Psywarrior added that the project took “long, long hours” and that she is already hard at work preparing for the 2016 calendar, the proceeds of which will go to charity. It was incredibly hard to pick just one of the pin-ups for today’s headliner, but I really liked the rich gold hue in this one.

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One Shots: Quiet grace

When I take pictures of people in real life, I almost never ask them to pose. That feels so artificial to me; I’d rather have shots of them laughing, scowling, being weird, and being themselves instead. Also, I’m a creeper. It’s why I can appreciate this picture by reader Eamil from Final Fantasy XIV.

“This is my friend Rhadra Nelhah immediately after healing us through a dragonskin treasure map fight, wearing the Thavnairian bustier she just had crafted, holding a staff that shoots rainbows, and with the beautiful environment of the Sea of Clouds as a backdrop,” Eamil said. “I turned to look at her as the fight wound down and loot was being given out, and I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot.”

These moments of quiet grace should be photographed. And then photobombed.

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One Shots: They’ll swallow your soul

Sometimes you can’t help but take a screenshot of what is otherwise nightmare fuel, because perhaps in freezing a scene in its tracks, you eventually rob it of its fear factor. Or you just take the picture so you can freak others out.

Reader Erin is trying to exorcise her own demons with this Final Fantasy XIV submission: “In my aimless travels around Eorzea I decided to start taking profile shots of random critters and enemies. The most memorable though is the creepy undead creature (that I forget the name of name). It might have been the moment, the lighting… or maybe it’s the visual of it’s eyes lighting up when you got too close that haunted me for a while afterwards.”

Have fun sleeping tonight! Let’s see how it looks in full color, shall we?

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One Shots: First steps into a greater world

Do you miss Vanguard? It’s been a while now since that particular fantasy world closed its doors to players, but warm memories of the game continue to persist among former fans. Reader PJ sent in several screenshots of Vanguard, although he says that he unfortunately lost most of his pictures.

I like this one because of the perspective. It’s not only pretty, but when you see the tiny character on the right, you develop a whole new appreciation of the scope of this area.

We’ve got a great tour of the sights of MMOs for you today, so let’s get this party started!

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