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One Shots is a Massively Overpowered feature in which we highlight cool MMORPG screenshots from readers. You can send your screenshots into us at [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

One Shots: Hard tack and bottomless grog

This week marks a small change-up in how we do things here at One Shots. Prompted by a suggestion from one of our readers, I’ll be incorporating more screenshots submitted in the comments into weekly posts (in addition to emailed ones, of course). Feel free to get your picks in either way!

Our first shot comes from Reeseracer, who gives us a first glance of Naval Action. “In this photo, I’ve regained the weather gage and am now in pursuit of a Spanish cutter. Giving chase under more favourable conditions meant I was eventually able to damage his sails significantly with several chain-shot broadsides, limiting his maneuverability. I then tacked, crossed his stern twice, and decimated his crew with grapeshot from my six-pounders. A short boarding action afterward — and I had my prize.”

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One Shots: On a highway to Hell

The Secret World has needed awesome mounts since, oh, day one, and it does my heart good to see players rumble about on hogs, hoverboards, and scooters. Now where’s my Evil Dead Deathmobile already?

Reader Dajhryne had some serious fun setting up rebellious pictures that included his new ride. “Here’s my Geist Rider motorcycle, outfit, and pet from last year’s Halloween event,” he submitted.

I don’t think you can look at the following picture and not have “Highway to Hell” raging through your synapses. It’s unpossible!

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One Shots: Kneel before Zod

As if MMOs didn’t already give us big enough heads, what with everyone treating us as if we were the saviors of the world and the only hero (along with a million others), now we have games literally bowing down before us.

Reader John got his ego fix from Star Wars: The Old Republic: “At some point in the Sith story I had my own group of cultists, and I miraculously had the wherewithal to hit print screen just as they were all beginning to worship me. I thought it captured the essence of the Sith story well: It’s all about YOU, man.”

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One Shots: The zen of jumping puzzles

Even my most casual acquaintance will always know two things about me: that I have more hair than is healthy for a human male and that I hate jumping puzzles to the core of my being. It’s probably a good thing that there are players like reader Matt, then, otherwise jumping puzzle designers would be out of a job and ostracized from society in less than a week.

“I love it when I find random things hidden in the world,” Matt writes. “I stumbled upon this Aetherblade headquarters and also a jumping puzzle (because I guess Aetherblade troops love to train their ability to jump?) in Gendarran Fields. It was by far the hardest jumping puzzle I had ever done in Guild Wars 2, I even raged logged out after an hour of dying, but I did complete it later that day.”

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One Shots: This little piggy went to market

I love me a good in-game marketplace. It always makes me think of commerce, of adventure, and of clashing worlds. Too bad we’re usually sprinting through them in MMOs at 35 mph, eh?

So thank goodness that reader Jayle decided to slow down and take this picture from Black Desert: “I took this shot during the first beta. Just thought it’d be of interest, I haven’t seen many shots of Calpheon. Black Desert really has captured that working market city feel.”

Come with me, little piggies. Let us go to market and procure some roast beef.

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One Shots: It came from the comments super-edition

The One Shots community does love congregating on Sundays to post favorite MMO screenshots in the comments section. While I certainly do love and appreciate getting pictures sent in via email, I’ll admit that I equally enjoy perusing the comments to see what’s tacked on to each week’s column.

So today I’m going to devote an entire edition of One Shots to great pics from December. Might even make this a regular thing if y’all like it! Our headliner is a WildStar technicolor dream from ManastuUtakata titled “Secret pink spots of AurinStar.” Check it out!

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One Shots: Every shot is awesome!

Today’s headlining picture is another debut for One Shots: Funcom’s LEGO Minifigures Online. I don’t know many people outside of MOP who have even touched this title, so it’s cool to see at least one gamer was having fun with the mobile title.

“Here’s a picture of a wizard fighting a red dragon,” reader Weakness wrote. “It’s not going to win any points for originality, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this game had dungeons and that boss mechanics were quite involved. Not only did I have to avoid all those puddles of fire, but there were also water pumps that I could activate periodically to clear the fire out, all while taking down the boss and his minions. But it is rather generic as far as fantasy themes go. In hindsight, I should have gone into this fight as hotdog man. Now that’s something you don’t see everyday.”

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One Shots: A blast of winter joy

Aw, you guys! The call for winter and holiday screenshots proved to be a sustaining request, as many of you kept sending in more and more pictures from your gaming folders. As a result, here’s a second column in a row celebrating the season!

We’ll kick off with this artsy shot of reader Jake in The Secret World. “The Secret World is proving to be quite the screenshot-worthy title,” he writes. “Recently I went Shambala chasing a thief for the Templars and did what any other hero would do when the fate of the world rests solely in their hands — I stopped to take some screenshots. Hey, he wasn’t going anywhere and the view was breathtaking.”

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One Shots: Winter… is here!

A few weeks ago we put out a call for winter and holiday-themed screenshots. Two readers responded with multiple pictures each, so today’s column is brought to you by Tyler and Stormwaltz. Take a bow, both of you!

Our headlining shot is from Tyler in World of Warcraft. “Here my monk is taking in the sights during a snowstorm in Pandaria’s Kun-Lai Summit zone,” he writes. “Whatever other problems Mists of Pandaria might have had, they sure nailed the world design.”

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One Shots: Underground wonders

Spelunking isn’t just a fun word to say but an exciting activity in its own right. Players who take the time to explore under the surface of the world can often uncover wonders such as this one from reader Erin.

“I was exploring among the coasts in Elder Scrolls Online and grinding mobs for XP when I noticed a quest marker I hadn’t done yet,” she submitted. “I followed along with the story and the NPC into a truly beautiful cavern alight with the glow of these crystals.”

What glorious sights will you behold when you go spelunking into today’s community screenshots column?

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One Shots: The pity violin

Screenshots often tell a story — or a part of one, at least. They invite us into a moment of a gamer’s journey, leaving us to empathize and speculate what we would do if faced with the same situation. I’ve seen a lot of brutal scenarios in my day, but this may be the worst of them all.

“Dealing with rejection is hard enough,” reader Zepheera submitted. “But when your medieval request for the innkeeper’s hand in Aion is met with the father’s stern stare to the accompaniment of sad music from the Lady herself… well, it’s enough to order up another ale. If only there was another pub in town.”

The woe! The pathos! The crossed arms of disapproval!

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One Shots: The rowsdower abides

One of my most prized physical MMO possessions is my WildStar rowsdower plushie. It always sits there, looking at me as though it’s accusing me of the world’s ills. And I just have to love it in return.

Reader Weakness sent in this following encounter with a cantankerous beast: “In Auroria, there is a fortress of Osun in the southeast corner that feels like an oppressive war machine as you battle your way through. But just outside a gap in the eastern wall there is a peaceful and expansive field of rowsdowers and their shepherds. The shift in tone was so dramatic, I felt compelled to take a few screenshots before leaving.

“The local rowsdower agreed, and photobombed one of my shots while My Chua, Oswald, was using the cry emote. However I think it turned out to be the best in the bunch! A peaceful moment after a hard fought battle spoiled by an unimpressed rowsdower.”

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One Shots: Transformations

Guild Wars 2 and One Shots is a pairing as old as time immemorial. Thus, it’s great to bring this good-looking MMO back into the headlining position with a submission from reader Siphaed.

“After drinking a very odd looking potion, I felt kind of queasy,” he wrote. “Wondering around a bit in Lion’s Arch, people were running from me, screaming. Could not figure for the life of me as to why they would run from a little Asura such as myself. Perhaps they were afraid of my genius? So while wondering on the beach I glimpse into the water and my reflection with quite the shock. And to think that the Charr looked ugly to begin with…”

This isn’t the only startling transformation you’ll witness today. Watch! As players turn a jumble of pixels into stunning creations after the break!

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