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One Shots is a Massively Overpowered feature in which we highlight cool MMORPG screenshots from readers. You can send your screenshots into us at [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

One Shots: Farming at dawn

You people and your Black Desert fetish! Yes, the game is drop-dead gorgeous. Yes, it’s the new hotness. Yes, you like sending in screenshots of every little activity, including nosehair maintenance and agrarian life. I’d pretend to be annoyed… but I like me some pretty pictures just like everyone else.

“This is a screenshot I made five minutes ago,” sent in Pid. “You must know I always run to train stamina, which is very important for rangers like me. I never use mounts. So after a long day of running errands I had to sit down on this treestump next to my garden plot, waiting for my grain to grow. After some minutes the sun was setting and I took this lovely picture. Have a nice day and remember: You’re the best MMO site on the internet!”

We will remember that, Pid! Now just tell everyone else that, and we’ll be on top of the world!

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One Shots: You are cleared for approach

My call the other week for aerial shots triggered a cascade of submissions. You people really like your heights and flights! So I have a lot of those to share with you in coming weeks, but we’ll start out today’s gallery with Ralph the Wonder Llama’s picture of a player-glider coming in for a landing.

“One of the things I’ve always enjoyed about Firefall is the gliding,” Ralph wrote. “I really think it’s my favorite mode of transportation. Nothing wraps up a good fire-fight like climbing to the top of the nearest precipice and launching off into the quiet night air. In this shot my ARES pilot is coming in to land at FOB Sagan for a little R&R after a long night of bug stomping and Chosen slaying. Yeah, life is good!”

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One Shots: Tokyo sunrise

“I’ve been playing The Secret World for about three years now, but even after all this time, I’m still regularly stopped in my tracks by just how beautiful this game is,” Tyler said. “The latest example came as the sun broke over the Tokyo skyline while my Templar alt scaled the side of a building. I just had to pause for a moment and gawk at the majesty of it all.”

I think that beauty in this game is something to be grasped and cherished, especially considering how much disturbing and horrific imagry abounds. So rise above it if you can!

We’ve got a great line-up of community screenshots this week from across the MMO genre. Is your body ready?

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One Shots: Impish greetings

First contact with native tribes and species in MMOs hardly ever goes the diplomatic route; usually there’s a lot of stabbing, fire-setting, plundering, and minimal regrets. Take only loot, leave only screenshots — that’s the motto of our readers!

Our headlining picture comes to us today from Kurt, who’s been exploring Black Desert Online with approximately 85% of the other folks on this site. Hungry for a sandbox? Looks like we were!

Anyway, right here is the moment where Kurt decided to make friends: “The screenshot is just me going to say ‘Hi!’ to the local imp tribe. We got along swell right up until I massacred them all.”

Good man, that Kurt.

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One Shots: You got something on your face

There is a grand conspiracy among MMO developers and it is this: Every last one of them has entered into a blood pact to shoehorn incredibly dorky hats and headgear into their games. That’s the only way to explain the proliferation of things like this picture.

“This is a Blade & Soul ‘head adornment,'” ScottLeyes said. “It’s probably the STUPIDEST costume piece I have ever seen. Why on earth would anyone want to wear a piece of toilet paper on their face?”

I do not have a good answer to that question. I am just as perplexed looking at it. Maybe it keeps spooling out from inside of her cranium?

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One Shots: Hook, line, and sinker

Personally, I don’t get the appeal of fishing in MMOs, mostly because I get super-fidgety if I have to stand still in-game for long periods of time while developing tunnel vision on a tiny group of pixels representing my floater. Then again, for some players like Enikuo, fishing is a welcome activity representing relaxation and profit.

“I bought my first house in Lord of the Rings Online last night,” Enikuo wrote. “I picked a small house on 3 Wending Way because it was close to this dock. Technically, it’s my neighbor’s dock, but I’m sure they won’t mind me using it for a little fishing.”

Watch out for that swan! He gonna push you in!

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One Shots: I heart you

Valentine’s Day is already well behind us (and greatly before us), but the love among the MMO community never dies down. Today we have a headlining pic from Ralph the Wonder Llama, who reminds us that we are all deserving of flowers, kisses, and irrational armor.

“With the whole heart themed weekend coming up, I was reminded of this odd little topiary I found inside one of the treehouses at Blessing Basin in TERA,” he submitted. “Hugs and kisses from my Gunner!”

D’aww… can you feel the love tonight?

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One Shots: Taking a breather

While one might get a sense that MMOs are nonstop adventures, with players shuttling to and fro on various important (and not-so-important) tasks, every once in a while there’s that moment where you stop.


And gather your thoughts for the mission to come.

Our headlining shot today is from Frank, who does just this in Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward. “Here Axelay enjoys a brief respite from the rigors of duty,” he wrote.

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One Shots: Hard tack and bottomless grog

This week marks a small change-up in how we do things here at One Shots. Prompted by a suggestion from one of our readers, I’ll be incorporating more screenshots submitted in the comments into weekly posts (in addition to emailed ones, of course). Feel free to get your picks in either way!

Our first shot comes from Reeseracer, who gives us a first glance of Naval Action. “In this photo, I’ve regained the weather gage and am now in pursuit of a Spanish cutter. Giving chase under more favourable conditions meant I was eventually able to damage his sails significantly with several chain-shot broadsides, limiting his maneuverability. I then tacked, crossed his stern twice, and decimated his crew with grapeshot from my six-pounders. A short boarding action afterward — and I had my prize.”

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One Shots: On a highway to Hell

The Secret World has needed awesome mounts since, oh, day one, and it does my heart good to see players rumble about on hogs, hoverboards, and scooters. Now where’s my Evil Dead Deathmobile already?

Reader Dajhryne had some serious fun setting up rebellious pictures that included his new ride. “Here’s my Geist Rider motorcycle, outfit, and pet from last year’s Halloween event,” he submitted.

I don’t think you can look at the following picture and not have “Highway to Hell” raging through your synapses. It’s unpossible!

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One Shots: Kneel before Zod

As if MMOs didn’t already give us big enough heads, what with everyone treating us as if we were the saviors of the world and the only hero (along with a million others), now we have games literally bowing down before us.

Reader John got his ego fix from Star Wars: The Old Republic: “At some point in the Sith story I had my own group of cultists, and I miraculously had the wherewithal to hit print screen just as they were all beginning to worship me. I thought it captured the essence of the Sith story well: It’s all about YOU, man.”

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One Shots: The zen of jumping puzzles

Even my most casual acquaintance will always know two things about me: that I have more hair than is healthy for a human male and that I hate jumping puzzles to the core of my being. It’s probably a good thing that there are players like reader Matt, then, otherwise jumping puzzle designers would be out of a job and ostracized from society in less than a week.

“I love it when I find random things hidden in the world,” Matt writes. “I stumbled upon this Aetherblade headquarters and also a jumping puzzle (because I guess Aetherblade troops love to train their ability to jump?) in Gendarran Fields. It was by far the hardest jumping puzzle I had ever done in Guild Wars 2, I even raged logged out after an hour of dying, but I did complete it later that day.”

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One Shots: This little piggy went to market

I love me a good in-game marketplace. It always makes me think of commerce, of adventure, and of clashing worlds. Too bad we’re usually sprinting through them in MMOs at 35 mph, eh?

So thank goodness that reader Jayle decided to slow down and take this picture from Black Desert: “I took this shot during the first beta. Just thought it’d be of interest, I haven’t seen many shots of Calpheon. Black Desert really has captured that working market city feel.”

Come with me, little piggies. Let us go to market and procure some roast beef.

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