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One Shots is a Massively Overpowered feature in which we highlight cool MMORPG screenshots from readers. You can send your screenshots into us at [Follow this feature’s RSS feed]

One Shots: There’s nothing wrong with being childish

An interesting bit of fallout from last week’s One Shots challenge to submit a picture that captures a “childlike” spirit is that several commenters noticed that there is a fine line between something being innocent and childish and something belonging in a horror movie.

Why not start out with this shot from Zulika Mi-Nam, who brings back Halloween at the tail end of February? “I think everything in Dragon Nest looks childlike, so I found all of it kinda creepy. Just as I had heard though, the combat is 100% awesome — and no child’s play.”

I’ve occasionally heard that Dragon Nest is an underrated title in the same vein. Might have to check it out one of these days.

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One Shots: I am no man!

The big screenshot challenge last week was to capture action, not just still shots, in MMORPGs. This is tricker than it sounds, because you have to be quick with the screenshot key and manipulate the camera just right to get the perfect picture. It is easier to do this with other characters, obviously, including those in cutscenes.

Borghive gets headlining honors with his “final showdown” between the Witch King and Éowyn from Lord of the Rings Online. She looks a little outmatched, what with being smaller and having an actual head, but I think she’s going to come out just fine. After all, she is no man.

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One Shots: The power of pink hair

Wherever there is trouble, Manastu Utakata will be there to fight it with her lightning-fast screenshot button and trademark pink hair. Villains, start running right now! The pink is coming for you and it will never, ever give up until you are six feet under the ground (in your hidey hole, shaking in your boots because you never saw it coming).

Pink: It’s what’s for winners.

As we rebuild our One Shots catalogue from the ruins of Livefyre, let us be blinded by the neon colors of WildStar and dye all of our hair pink in honor of a certain famous pig-tailed commenter.

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One Shots: Cow disco!

With the recent switchover to a new comment system and the very real fear that we might lose previous comments (including, alas, your excellent One Shots submissions), I proactively saved several from last week to use for this column. So with this foundation, let us refill our comments section will wild, bold, and always-interesting screenshots!

Zulika Mi Nam kicks off today’s tour with an odd tribute to Asheron’s Call: “Last night while running around the in great north of Dereth, I was taking a look at houses each time I would come across a neighborhood. Some were still being leased, but most were abandoned. Of those abandoned some owners had stripped them of all belongings, while others still had left wall hangings and such left behind. Then I came across this miniature cow disco that someone could not bring up the courage to dismantle for sake of these miniature cows that only live for the dance.”

They’re dancing in bovine heaven now. A minute of silence for the late, great cows of Asheron’s Call.

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One Shots: A purrrfect sunset

What makes a good sunset even better? When you get to curl up with your favorite pet and share a Hallmark moment together.

UpayaCrow kicks us off today with our display of community screenshots with this luscious view from Black Desert: “I love the pets in BDO because they’ve spent a lot of effort on animations and behaviors. Your pets have personalities and will perch on your shoulder or ride along side you when you’re driving a wagon. And, well, they’re so adorable! Here we are lounging in Valencia, looking out at the sun setting over Altinova.”

Watch out though: Cats are known for waiting until the opportune moment to trip their owner over the side of a cliff and then walk away into a new life.

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One Shots: Healin’ skellies in Shards Online

When the NDA is away, the cats will play — and take screenshots! Bless our dear community for documenting upcoming MMOs as they venture into these virgin territories.

ZulikaMiNam had some fun in one game that I haven’t seen much from readers yet: “Since there are no NDA restrictions imposed for this alpha weekend kickoff over at Shards Online I will post some pics from there. I accidentally healed a skeleton while trying to heal myself. So my name turns grey and anyone can kill me now. Time to lay low for a bit.”

Are you still laying low? You can… probably come out now. That skeleton owes you a life debt for that heroic action.

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One Shots: Tabula Rasa’s 21-gun salute

Ralph the Wonder Llama kicks off today’s community screenshot gallery with a salute to the late, great Tabula Rasa.

“Yes, Tabula Rasa ended up being rushed to market, and many of its features were pretty rough around the edges when the game first released, but this was 2008! Can you imagine what Tabula Rasa would have been like if it had survived and gotten a couple of expansions under its belt? The mind boggles. Here’s a shot of my Grenadier at Foreas Base, taken just a few days before shutdown. You can’t really tell with the helmet on, but I’m pretty sure my character is crying.”

On that happy note, let’s see what else you all have cooked up for us today!

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One Shots: The Reaper comes for all MMOs

In light of this past week’s sad Landmark news, it’s perhaps too on-the-nose that I asked for players to send in pictures of defunct MMOs. Maybe it’s just one of those sober reminders that sooner or later, these games will go dark. Enjoy them to their fullest now!

“To prove I can actually be on topic sometimes, I answer your call for shots from defunct MMOs with one from Dragon’s Prophet,” Tyler said, “the only game I’ve played that has shut down. There was a great deal wrong with this game, and I didn’t play it for long, but there was still a lot about it that was surprisingly good. In particular I loved the unusual, battle mage-like Oracle class. Who wants to stand in the back waving your hands when your mage can charge into the thick of things and massacre everyone with a giant enchanted scythe?”

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One Shots: The Christmas when no one showed up

If an MMO throws a Christmas party and no one shows up, who gets the presents? Will that eggnog ever get drunk? Are the decorations quiet and beautiful or deathly quiet and sad?

Adri’s screenshot from the classic Guild Wars made me think about how MMO holidays keep on trucking whether or not guests arrive to the party. For MMOs past their time, it’s almost like the game itself is keeping vigil for its cherished memories.

“Merry Christmas,” Adri said. “I visit this Guild Wars 1 Christmas tree every year. Just sitting next to it, listening to the in-game music, and thinking of times… just times.”

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One Shots: I make this look good

Back in high school, I thought it was the epitome of cool to wear reflective aviator shades and a jean jacket. Alas, I could not pull it off. So it is with growing envy that I look upon Ralph the Wonder Llama’s excellent character ensemble here in TERA.

“My archer was standing outside the Temple of Sikander while I waited for my guildies to arrive,” Ralph writes. “The temple has this exploding energy ring overhead and I was trying to get a better look at it when I realized it would make a really nice screenshot. I’m still not sure what the exploding energy ring is for, but it sure is pretty!”

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One Shots: Lost in space

You might think you’re having a bad week. You would be wrong. A bad week is getting podded in the void of space as part of a mere interstellar mugging.

“In EVE Online, I got myself stranded in wormhole space after accidentally logging out for the night before I put my exploration probes back in the ship,” Agemyth explained. “Being a solo capsuleer, the only way out would have been to rely on the kindness of strangers, but in wormholes it is very difficult to get anyone to speak at all, much less lend a helping hand. I decided to write my tale in some death notes and jettison them and my phat lewt with it worth a whole seven million ISK. No idea if/when someone will find that, but I like the idea that it might take some time.”

At least you wore underwear when you died! That’s got to count for something.

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One Shots: Shifty adorableness

I don’t want any of us to be fooled by this picture. Shifty-eyed evil comes in many forms, the most deceptive of which is overwhelming cuteness. You may think that Becca here is nothing but sunshine and squishy hugs, but look at the horns! She is up to something, and that something will end all life as we know it.

“I came down with the Cold From Hell recently and needed some uplifting adorableness in my life to sustain me through the sleep deprivation and tissue piles,” Becca said. “After seeing screens from Twin Saga on MOP I decided to give it a spin. Cute is the best medicine! Look at my devilishly adorable character atop her capybara mount which has a BABY capybara on its head!”


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One Shots: Night voyage

Hark! What is that over there, on the ocean? ‘Tis nothing. Probably some local fisherman out for a pleasure cruise at night in eel-infested waters.

Or it could just be Deekay_Zero doing what he does best in ArcheAge.

“Here’s a picture to get myself hyped up even more for ArcheAge in a couple weeks,” he said. “We got to the point where we’re doing prep work in game now to get familiar with the game and its systems so that we can go full steam from day one of the new server.”

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