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Cold, hot, burning: Conan Exiles revamps the temperature system

Feeling chilly about Conan Exiles’ previous stab at using temperature as a genuine obstacle in your survival journey? You may be a little happier with this week’s Update 30, which revamps the temperature system and makes it hot-hot-hot.

The big takeaway with the new system is that temperature changes as you move through climates takes place more slowly, allowing you time to adapt and adjust. There are nine stages, from frostbite to overheating, the extremes of which can be managed with certain gear, fire, eating ice, or even taking a dip in a lake.

Other changes with Update 30 include the option to lock containers, a map marker for your inglorious death, reusable arrows, mob XP that’s distributed to all relevant killers, and a greatly reduced crafting time for most recipes. This adjustment is also welcome: “The cry-for-help radius of humanoid NPCs have been reduced significantly. This will make it a bit easier to break camps and not have to face hordes of enemies all the time.”

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Secret World Legends has launched Tokyo part II Beyond the Wall

Secret World Legends fans, Funcom’s just pushed a new free update out to you: Tokyo: Beyond the Wall, better known as Tokyo part II. The highlights for core players include the Fear Nothing Foundation content, a new emote UI, and the mission item inventory.

“Today, Funcom has launched Tokyo: Beyond the Wall, moving the story into an even more bizarre and frightening direction. In Secret World Legends, the city of Tokyo has been utterly devastated and large parts of it are under quarantine. In Tokyo: Beyond the Wall players must go even deeper into the apocalyptic city in search of answers. In this second Tokyo update, players will be able to explore vast new areas of the city. From the Kaidan Docks where something strange now creeps out from a derelict freighter, to the neon-bathed ‘Dream Hotel’ in downtown Tokyo which holds unimaginable secrets.”

Part III is still expected to launch “later this year.” The trailer is tucked down below!

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Check out Elder Scrolls Online’s Clockwork City patch notes, new houses, and new cosmetics

Who doesn’t like some nice fresh patch notes? The Elder Scrolls Online is letting players into the Clockwork City, at least on the test server, and that means a fresh batch of patch notes for everyone.

Naturally, no one has even tried to mine out more information about the patch, except of course people have. The next offerings on the game’s crown store have been datamined, which is mostly a jaunty selection of hats. The new housing offerings have also been mined out: Pariah’s Pinnacle and The Observatory Prior, the former of which is an Orcish home and the latter of which is a clockwork-bedecked unit. There’s even a video guide to the new transmutation system available below, so you can take a gander at how things will change without hopping on the test server.

So it’s good news for players who want to test things out, and it’s also good news for players who don’t want to test but want to see what things look like while testing. Good news all around. Check it all out below.

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Villagers and Heroes bumps up Starfall’s launch date, releases new talent builder

Surprise! Instead of delaying Villagers and Heroes’ major expansion-slash-reboot, the developers announced this week that they are bumping up Starfall’s launch from September 27th to the 20th instead.

That means that you won’t have as much time to get ready, since this is coming next week. So make sure you read up on all of those patch notes and check out the latest edition of the talent builder, which is now live.

Starfall includes a reworked loot system, revamped talents, four new high-level zones, a level cap increase to 90, more character creation options, reworked crafting, tweaks to the UI, and more. You can get a preview of Starfall, including the new hairstyles and character appearance options, in the dev livestream after the break!

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Heroes and Generals adds a trio of medium fighters, brings back leaderboards

It’s time to flip that Chutes & Ladders game board and graduate to something a little more advanced. Perhaps Heroes and Generals’ new Planes and Ladders update instead?

The centerpiece of Update 1.08 is a trio of medium fighters for players to unlock and fly. The new planes added in this patch are the Soviet Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-3, the German Messerschmitt Bf 109D-1, and the US Seversky P-35A.

Leaderboards are also returning to the game in this patch, but allegedly better than their previous incarnation. Now players can see if they’re the highest scoring yahoo, have the most control points captured, sniped the most enemies, and so on.

We’ve got the update overview video for you below, and because we love you so much, we’ve also included the game’s latest community Q&A session!

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Neocron celebrates 15th anniversary with secrets and free transfers

Happy birthday Neocron! The mature sci-fi MMORPG turns 15 years old this month, having survived rebirths, transitions, and a decidedly niche status during its operation. So what does this game have in store for the anniversary? Secrets, and lots of them.

This week’s patch introduced a couple of new missions and a special anniversary login screen as well as the newly activated character transfer service. But there’s a hitch with this service: You have to complete a special quest first.

“As part of the Neocron 15th Anniversary, the NST have enabled a one-time total transfer of any of your old Neocron characters from Terra, Mars, or Mercury per account,” the team said. “Before you can use the transfer, you must complete the CyroVault restoration mission on Titan with any character.”

The team also hinted at secret new weapons arriving in caches that can be found around the game world.

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Project Gorgon is ‘gearing up’ for a Steam launch, adds item context menus

When the history books go to record the development of Project Gorgon, they’re going to have to use terms like “ages” and “epochs” to describe the slow-burning process of this game’s creation. Still, our generation might live to see this indie MMORPG move out of alpha and into a broader market.

The team said late last month that it was hard at work “gearing up” for Project Gorgon’s Steam launch. Previously, it was stated that the Steam early access release would precede Gorgon’s official launch later this year.

The game’s late August patch revised the zone of Serbule Hills, added a poetry podium for oration, and made several changes to augmentation and transmutation. Coming soon, however, is an update to the user interface that will add much-needed context menus for items. Check it out after the break!

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Black Desert rolls out free-for-all PvP server, welcomes Oktoberfest beer festivals, and teases Kamasylvia


What? That’s the takeaway from today’s Black Desert patch. If you wanted PSL, you’re outta luck because as the leaves turn in the game (literally) and autumn descends on the game world, the game is rolling out Oktoberfest and its concomitant in-game beer festival. You’ve got until October 11th to take part in the Beer Festival Quests (which technically launch tomorrow).

The other big news for this biweekly patch is the addition of new servers. Several are grouped under the Kamasylvia moniker (“You know what that means… Kamasylvia Part 1 coming real soon!” says the studio), but the most intriguing one is a brand-new PvP server, Valencia6_PvP. OK, maybe not the best name ever. Critically, the server is penalty-free, meaning you can gank away with no fear of repercussions – at least from the game’s mechanics.

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Secret World Legends opens up legacy transfers to first-time users

Sometimes altering the deal can be a good thing, even if Darth Vader is in the room. Funcom gave advance notice that it is making a few changes to the upcoming second round of Secret World Legends legacy transfers.

The transfers, which are “likely” to resume next week with the second part of the Tokyo content update will now allow anyone who didn’t use the transfer service the first time around. Previously, it was only going to be a second chance for those who had used the service. Also: “There is no planned cutoff date for the service, but it still can only be used once.”

Meanwhile, a small hotfix today fixed some issues and balance with the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raid and squashed a bug that was keeping some Steam players from logging into the game.


Gloria Victis’ tanks get an armor upgrade

Wait long enough, and a class or build that you enjoy will most likely enjoy a renaissance as the developers give it some major love. For those testing out Gloria Victis, it’s a good time to be a tank. This past week, the developers beefed up its mobile juggernauts, increasing the effectiveness of heavy armor against slashing and piercing damage.

Another big change? Artificial intelligence improvements. “From now on the NPC enemies will do their best to reach your back and deal a painful strike using such advantage, as well as try to evade arrows while closing distance to archers and keep at the edge of your attack range in close quarters. More great changes to AI coming in the nearest future as well!”

Following this patch was a minor hotfix that further increased heavy armor’s capabilities (this time, against one-handed swords) and optimized the game so that it would perform better. Want a more in-depth look on the game? MOP’s Matt Daniel deep-dived it over the summer.


Dark and Light patches its patch, apologizes again to players

For its first major content update, Dark and Light’s Mysteries of Blackice Peaks proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. While adding more zones and features to this fantasy sandbox, the update was so buggy that it resulted in a rollback. Ouch.

Now, hopefully the game can move forward instead of in reverse. The team patched up its patch last week, fixing several bugs and making the frost cave a lot more dangerous to traverse. The team tried to smooth over the bumps by saying, “Again we’d like to apologize for failing to push the patch live earlier and causing a lot of confusion and frustration.”

That does leave a “black screen bug” that’s keeping some players from getting into the game, an issue that the developers say that they’ve prioritized for a fix. With all of the problems, fans of the game might need to be reminded that there are some positives here too, such as the sumptuous graphics.

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Secret World Legends adjusts controversial raid reward lockout

While new — or at least, warmed up and re-served — content is all well and good for Secret World Legends, the player community took particular umbrage with Funcom’s handling of the NYC raid in this week’s patch.

The controversy revolved around a new week-long lockout timer on rewards, which many felt was unnecessary and counter-productive. “The players’ concerns are that this makes it difficult to play together with friends, their cabal members, or even just to help out random strangers who are asking to form groups in general chat,” blog Self-Distract Sequence noted.

Fortunately, Funcom heard the uproar and hotfixed a change to the raid today: “The lockout timer for the Manhattan Exclusion Zone raids has been adjusted so that it is now applied when loot is obtained for the first time each week. Players can now repeat the encounters throughout the week and will receive reduced rewards.”

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Winterskorn!


Darkfall: Rise of Agon works on ‘reducing tedium’ with this week’s update

As promised back in July, the team behind Darkfall: Rise of Agon are taking drastic measures to reorient the fantasy sandbox to a more fun direction. Ergo, the main focus of Tuesday’s patch is “reducing tedium and also reducing the power game between players” in the game.

This is being accomplished in part by rejiggering stats and skills. All races now start out with a baseline of 20 in all stats, and a single attribute potion will take a stat up to 100 right away (do not pass go). It has also become a lot easier to see what spells and skills you can unlock and what you need to do to get them. There are more ways to level skills through use, although the team said that scrolls remain the fastest way to boost your abilities.

The patch also added in a faster way to equip gear from inventory, something called “remote crafting,” and name change tokens for players who sneezed while typing their alter ego and added an unnecessary umlaut or that fun Danish Ø.

Source: Patch notes


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