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Dark and Light is on sale, encourages players to enjoy bugs

Are you sitting around the house, whining to your mom that you’re bored? Are you doing that while technically being 35 years of age? Then there’s always Dark and Light to check out, considering that the sandbox is now out on early access — and is being sold at 17% off until August 3rd.

You might want to hold off a few days before heading into it, however. The team is frantically patching it in response to server instability and other issues, so it’s still in that post-release chaotic period that sends weaker players back to their beds to hide under covers.

In the meanwhile, the team suggests that you enjoy the bugs as content: “Some players have discovered couple of fun things in the build and we are working towards a fix. However, they are extremely fun in their current state, so we hope you all enjoy the laughs in the mean time. Whether it be hitching a ride on your friend’s Griffin’s wing tip or shrinking yourself down to Ant Man size.”


Aion gets frosty with Omens of Ice update

It may be a sweltering summer outside, but inside Aion it is frozen solid. Patch 5.6: Omens of Ice has released, giving players a lot more to do this month in the fantasy MMO.

Of particular note in the update are several new instances to challenge players, such as the 12-player Bastion of Souls raid, the third floor of the Trials of Eternity, and the soloable Crucible Spire. PvP players have a lot to rejoice over, what with the 96-player Evergale Canyon (which also contains some PvE content) and the six-player Grand Arena of Tenacity. Just rolls of the tongue, that one.

Every class in the patch received a new Archdaeva skill, and the team updated the visuals in Poeta and Ishalgen. Pet collectors can rejoin in the new minion type, which uses a different interface than other pets. You can collect up to 200 minions per character.

You’ll probably want to read up on the full patch notes to make sure you haven’t missed anything in this meaty content update.

Source: Patch notes


Citadel: Forged With Fire patches up, plans weekend beta excursion

Citadel: Forged With Fire has been a whirlwind of activity since its sudden early access announcement last week, and it’s not letting up, as now it’s plotting what looks to be a closed beta round beginning this Saturday, July 22nd. Blue Isle Studios points players toward its official beta signup page and promises it’s releasing “tens of thousands of keys.”

What will you be testing if you get in? Why, the contents of the game’s first public patch notes, which address AI, spell balance, maps, and VOIP.

“We noticed most players encountered issues with our NPC behavior. Enemies would give chase to players infinitely, and the only option to deal with them was to jump in a pool of water and snipe them from safety. To fix this, we’ve made a number of changes to our NPC AI, which should hopefully resolve this issue. Spell balance was another thing we decided to take a look at coming out of last weekend. Players expected spells to be more powerful, so we went ahead and gave them some significant buffs. Additionally, we also addressed some audio and graphical issues that may have occurred (I’m looking at you Haste). In addition to the above, we made some key changes to building and map presentation, and added a few small things here and there to make some confusing things a little more obvious. Oh, and we added VOIP!”

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Black Desert’s patch this week tweaks guild welfare funds as waterpark events continue

Today’s Black Desert patch is almost a gig large, but don’t expect a massive game revamp today. Probably the biggest change is tweaks to the guild welfare fund:

“The distribution method of Guild Welfare Fund has been slightly changed. Guilds can receive the weekly welfare fund only by claiming from the Guild (G) window if 10 or more guild members are online. The fund will be ready to be claimed on Sunday 24:00 UTC. Only the guild master can see the button to claim the welfare fund. Funds can be collected once a week and at least 10 members must be online at the time of collection. Guild Officers cannot claim the welfare fund.”

Meanwhile, the Terrmian Waterpark event continues — you can check out our stream of the festivities down below! Most recently in the game, we’ve been following the Chinese launch plans, exploiter bans, and Kakao’s plans to bring the newly unveiled Mystic (the female Striker) westward later this year.

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Final Fantasy XIV adds Creation tomestones with patch 4.05

It’s been just about four weeks since Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood launched, and now the game’s usual endgame setup is fully in place. Today’s patch 4.05 adds in Allagan Tomestones of Creation, the weekly tomestone currency capped at 450 per week and obtainable via Expert roulettes, trials, raids… the usual suspects, in other words. Exchange the tomestones for gear based off of the winning design for designing tank gear, to boot! It’s familiar ground to veterans.

The patch also includes new Orchestrion rolls, the new Lost Canals of Uznair for players who take on full-party treasure maps, new items, new decorations, and so forth. There are also several job adjustments, so there’s more to touch on across the board. Check out the full set of patch notes if you’re unable to play for a while, or just dive right in if you’re at home and can’t wait to start earning Creation along with the existing Verities.


SMITE: Project Olympus, summer events, and Twi’lek Jedi

It’s summer in SMITE, and that means Twi’leks with lightsabers! Wait. No. Yes? Yes. Freya’s Ordo Aurora skin is live today, and it’s not hard to guess her inspiration.

It also means a boatload of other stuff, including the kickoff of the summer festivities (it’s beach-themed, this year); new skins for Da Ji, Kuzenbo, Cupid, Cernunnos, and Cu Chulainn; and the first inklings of Project Olympus, a series of overhaul patches first announced last week during DreamHack Valencia. This particular arm of the project includes beta testing for DirectX 11 and the 64-bit client, a high-res texture pack, prestige levels, and a new set of lootboxes called triumphant chests. As for the “Summer of SMITE,”

“It’s time for another summer road trip through the Battleground of the Gods! We’ll be releasing new Summer of SMITE content over the next several patches. Every time you buy a Skin, you’ll get to pick your favorite souvenir from our in-game shop. Then complete two specific Quests to unlock your bonus item forever! There are seven keepsakes to claim, plus an ultimate reward only available when you collect all eight Skins: one honey of a Limited Skin, only available during Summer of SMITE 2017!”

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Star Trek Online patches in Season 13.5 today

Soon, Star Trek Online will be heading to the next big Star Trek convention in Las Vegas, with big announcements for the future of the game and what comes next. For the moment, however, the game is going to be keeping its players entertained with the Season 13.5 patch. This patch sees a new featured episode, Brushfire, sending players to seek one of history’s greatest Klingon generals to deploy against the Tzenkethi threat.

Players will also be able to take on a new set of weekly challenges with the new Endeavour system, which are limited-time challenges running for two to three days for bonus rewards. There’s also a new Ferengi Admiralty project for players to work on and the usual quality-of-life improvements you’d expect from a patch. Check out a video down below explaining the broad strokes of the patch, or just jump into the patch notes if you prefer reading to watching.

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Drakensang Online starts class rebalance and frees up player inventory

German fantasy MMO Drakensang Online pleased its fans with a quality-of-life update yesterday that helped to free up a bit of player inventory while revising some key systems.

Release 194 created a new currency bag that will take on those tokens and other inventory-hogging barter items, freeing up space for players who are eternally starved for it. The New Moon event, which offers a special reward track when the moon phase in the real world reaches a certain point, saw some gear and quest adjustments.

The patch also started a process of class rebalancing, including this key change: “The amount of experience points a player gains when fighting against monsters is now based on the character level and not on the monster level. With this change, it won’t be possible anymore to not gain experience points when fighting monsters with higher levels.”

Source: Patch notes


Wild Terra adds auction halls, shops, and character stats

One of the benefits of dipping your toes into a gritty sandbox is that you may get to shape the game world according to your own preferences instead of having to conform to the devs’ design. Wild Terra is adding shops and auction halls with its Update 8.31, but as construction projects that allow players to add them to their own settlements.

Also arriving in this week’s patch are the confusingly named “characteristics,” which are actually character stats like strength and dexterity. All players will start with five points in each stat and can increase them via use to a maximum of 12. There’s also a combined stat cap of 35 points, so you won’t be able to max out everything.

The devs said that these stats won’t be getting in the way of all of the other character systems: “Characteristics will only complement the gameplay, without worsening or interfering with other possibilities. They can be improved even if you have already improved skills.”

Source: Patch notes


7 Days to Die turns the electricity on and hits Steam’s 100 best-selling games of all time

If you don’t already have a copy of 7 Days to Die in your Steam library, you may be part of a shrinking crowd of unfortunate souls. As part of a Greenlight closure notice, Valve noted that 7 Days to Die was in the top 100 best-selling games released on Steam.

It’s a good time to be playing the zombie survival sandbox, as one of its biggest patches to date just dropped. Alpha 16 added “a complete functional electricity system” for players to use when decking out their anti-zombie fortress. Electrified fences and shotgun turrets, anyone?

The patch doesn’t stop there, either. There’s a distance rendering system, more zombie spawns, game stage improvements, new enemies (watch out for the Disturbed Tourist!), a fur system for animals, painting, progression changes, controller support, more recipes, a Stealth 2.0 system, and a ton of new locations including the city of Departure.

Source: Patch notes. Thanks Sorenthaz!


Black Desert opens up a waterpark for summer, reduces level XP requirements

Just in time for those dog days of summer is Black Desert, which is making a splash with its new Terrmian Waterpark. Today is the park’s grand opening, and you are invited to put on your skimpiest speedo and head over to the fun.

The waterpark is part of the Terrmian Festival, which runs from today through August 9th. Players will need special coins to partake in the various activities, and fortunately the game will dish them out to everyone at the rate of one every 20 minutes (for a maximum of five coins a day).

There are about a half-dozen minigames to enjoy, ranging from the socially acceptable to the scandalously strange. These include a giant clam pop, a coconut cannon shoot, a diving contest, a spooky ship, a shooting gallery, and (why not) hurling fruit at possessed spirits.

It should be noted that alongside the waterpark, today’s patch also includes a reduction of the XP needed to level from one to 61.


SWTOR addresses legacy weapon tuning exploit

In a rare example of informing the community about the details of an exploit, Star Wars: The Old Republic put up a post on the forums to inform players about a “loophole” allowing for players to circumvent the cartel market and legitimate gameplay to copy weapon tunings and crystals across accounts.

“What happened is some players would add the tuning to a legacy weapon, send to an alt, remove it on that alt, re-add it to the weapon, which would then incorrectly unlock it in collections on that toon,” the devs explained. “They would then send that weapon to all of their toons and perform the same process, thus circumventing the entire collection system and obtaining weapon tunings for their legacy without having to pay for it. As everyone has pointed out, crystals sold via the cartel market could also be collection unlocked this way, and in fact, as players have clearly stated in this thread, they’ve been doing that for a very long time.”

The exploit was fixed yesterday and can no longer be used in this fashion. However, with August’s Update 5.4, the team is including a change that will allow players to transfer crystals and tunings using legacy weapons at no cost.


TERA launches the Dragonsire’s Revenge and Summer Festival today

Ready to face a very large and very angry dragon? The bright side is that he’s not really angry at you, specifically; the down side is that it barely matters, because a large angry dragon mad at your general existence is still just as dangerous. Dragonsire’s Revenge launches today on TERA, and the centerpiece of the update is indeed a face-off between players and the eponymous Dragonsire. He’s very angry.

The update also features new alternate options for gear sets, dungeon updates, and some mild alterations for balance and quality of life. Check out the full set of patch notes if you want to pick over every little part of the patch, or just jump in to start patching and get ready to play.

Don’t want to fuss with dragons? Maybe the summer festival is more your speed.

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