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World of Warcraft patch 7.3.5 arrives tomorrow with worldwide level scaling

Got some alts you want to level up in World of Warcraft? The experience is about to become much broader when patch 7.3.5 arrives tomorrow with level scaling across the game. Level 60 characters can go to Outland or Northrend as you wish, get rewards that scale with their level, and you can actually expect to finish up zones without outleveling them halfway through the story arc! It’ll be great for allied races when they arrive and any older alts you’ve left partway through the crawl to the Broken Isles.

Meanwhile, your high-level characters have a new questline to explore the aftermath of the Antorus raid (or the full raid to clear if you’re relying on LFR), and there’s a new battleground added into the mix. You can also collect legendary tokens, get four extra slots for your backpack with an authenticator, and take part in the upcoming Ulduar timewalking option. And that’s all tomorrow! So you’ll have some stuff to do, in other words.


Wisdom of Nym: The final countdown before Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.2

We still don’t technically know when Final Fantasy XIV is launching its next patch, but we can also figure it out. It was always slated for late January, and there’s another live letter this Friday, which means that the patch is almost certainly arriving on the 30th. Considering that we always get patch notes before the actual release, I’d say it would be a bit silly to have a whole preview event the day before patch notes come out, and it wouldn’t really mesh with prior experience.

In other words, we’ve got a little more time before the patch, and there’s more to be seen about what it actually entails, so let’s talk about both our known unknowns and our unknown unknowns as well as breaking down some other bits that we haven’t heard about yet which are conspicuous for their absence. It’s worth paying attention to some of this; that’s my point here.

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Multiplayer Civil War game War of Rights expands server capacity and takes the fight to Nicodemus Hill

Civil War battle simulator War of Rights fired its first shot of 2018 with Update 90. It’s a good mid-sized content update that starts off with an increase in server capacity, bringing the population cap up from 90 to 100. In a game that’s all about mass battles, the more the merrier.

The team also added its 13th historical skirmish area, Nicodemus Hill: “In this skirmish area, the Confederates are to defend Jackson’s artillery positioned on Nicodemus Hill from the Union attacking from the direction of Miller farm […] In this alternate scenario, we present the possibilities of what would have happened had Hooker diverted some of his attention to the lightly defended hill and attempted to silence Stuart’s horse artillery shortly after the fighting in the Miller cornfields.”

Other changes with this patch include a balance pass on starting morale, increasing the time to capture skirmish points on larger maps, and a “major overhaul” to the UI.

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Closers rings in the new year with the Rampage Cube

Welcome to the new year, Closers fans! Have a Rampage Cube! What’s a Rampage Cube? It’s a big challenging… cube. Full of rampages. Look, it doesn’t matter so much what it is; what matters is that it’s here until January 22nd with the game’s newest patch, and fighting against it gets you tokens used to craft trinkets and costumes. So that should be reason enough to rage against the rampage of the cube. Or inside the cube to stop the rampage. Can we just accept that “Rampage Cube” is a cool name and leave it there?

The patch is also bumping Levia’s level cap to 65, adding a bunch of new items to the EMP store, and bringing in a new daily log in event to ring in the new year. So even if you’re not feeling up to the antics of the Rampage Cube, there’s plenty to do with the latest patch. You can even learn about it in video format just below, if reading patch notes doesn’t sound nearly as cool.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds new crate drops with a 0.01% drop rate for items

Hey, kids, you like random cosmetic rewards, right? The latest patch currently in testing for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds adds two new crates that can drop when you spend BP on a crate drop, and one of them requires a (paid) key to open. The other can be opened for free. Within both crates are a number of new cosmetic items, some of which have an astonishing 0.01% drop rate in the free crate. That means that on average, you would need to open 10,000 crates to see one of these things drop.

A helpful examination of other games with cosmetic crates reveals that those games tend to top out at one best-possible drop closer to once every 10 loot boxes opened. It’s also far easier or cheaper to get those boxes. Granted, we don’t yet know how much the keys for the paid crate are going to cost, and the drop rates are slightly better in the paid box (the rarest paid item has a 0.16% drop rate), but it’s still the sort of gouging for single items that is unlikely to sit well with anyone once the numbers are made clear.

At least the drop rates are right in the patch notes. That’s helpful.


Elder Scrolls Online’s Dragon Bones DLC hits the PTS, free sub trial begins today

It’s almost time to get your Skyrim nostalgia on! ZeniMax announced last night that the Dragon Bones DLC and accompanying freebie update 17 have both taken over Elder Scrolls Online’s PTS and are testable right now. The patch notes are live too, including a list-out of the new gear, the new storage collectibles, the complete details on the new outfit customization system, and three new houses: Coldharbour Surreal Estate, Princely Dawnlight Palace, and The Erstwhile Sanctuary.

This update will also mark the end of 32-bit client support, so if you’re running on an older version of windows, heads-up.

Wondering what all the fuss was about when both the staff and the readers voted Elder Scrolls Online MMO of the year? Maybe take advantage of the game’s latest “ESO Plus Bonus Event” to preview it in more depth.

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Dark and Light cleans up its slums for its next update

Dark and Light has a slum problem that needs fixing. No, it’s not the existence of slums, which apparently lend some atmosphere and authenticity to the fantasy sandbox, but it’s the poor optimization that players encounter while hanging out in Talos, Estel, and Ironfast.

Fortunately, an upcoming patch will address performance issues by reducing some of the resources that devs originally planted in these areas. Besides, they’re slums, how much resources should they realistically have?

The planned update, which should be coming soon, will also make changes to magic storage bins, rental sign storage, and shut down libraries and hotels in cities until the developers can devote some time and effort to fully finishing them.

Source: Patch notes


Black Desert’s first patch of 2018 awakens the Mystic and adds campsite feature

The Mystic class that just flew westward at the tail end of last year is already busying herself with awakening, live in Black Desert as of this morning’s patch. But if you’re not into the new class, the highlight is surely the new campsite feature.

“Set up your campsite wherever you like while you are out adventuring, and customize it to suit your needs,” Kakao writes in today’s patch notes. “Some of the features you can add to your campsites are: buying or repairing certain items, putting items in storage, doing currency exchange, and buying buff scrolls. Setting up a campsite should make it easier for you if you want to go off the grid to defeat monsters in remote areas, far from any towns or cities.”

Today’s patch also includes two largish events. Not snowing enough where you are IRL? “Get snowed under a mountain of snowflakes” in BDO! But maybe wear more clothes than the character modeling the event! Or not; this is BDO, after all. Wanna get your expies grind on? Fill up some Marni’s stones!

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Heroes of the Storm gets into a snowball fight and teases Blaze while Overwatch breaks out the comics

Enjoying your yeti hunts in Overwatch this holiday season? You can get a little more of the “backstory” of this event, such as it is, by reading a new animated comic book starring Mei and Mr. Yeti. Even without any spoken words, it’s seven kinds of adorable.

Over at Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard has teased the launch of Blaze next year and instigated a snowball fight among players. With both fluffy and heavy snowballs, each fight is sure to end in a hilarious mess. And when players complete three snowball fights, they will be treated to a loot chest.

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Pearl Abyss to western Black Desert players: ‘We want BDO to last for another 20-30 years’

Pearl Abyss Executive Producer Jaehee Kim has a message for western Black Desert players today. It’s not gonna look all that different to what the companies posted for Korean players earlier in the month, but there are a few new morsels to chew over.

For example, PA reiterates that it plans to reverse its stance on nerfing and buffing (it will nerf stuff from here on out that deserves it rather than succumb to powercreep philosophy). The Musa and Ranger in particular are getting buffs, too. The studio is also working on making the militia system more efficient and player-friendly, to simplify the UI, to craft better patch notes, and to optimize the game client – something players tired of downloading massive files every other week will surely be happy about.

“We dramatically changed our data storage/compression methods and removed all resulting nullified data,” Kim explains. “Based on Korea, the download has decreased to one-third the time it required before. While it does depend on the local network, we expect it to decrease with a similar degree in the NA/EU region as well.”

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Dungeons and Dragons Online adds a new raid while Hollywood preps yet another D&D flick

The terror of Dungeons and Dragons Online: Mists of Ravenloft are only increasing thanks to this week’s Update 37.1.

Standing Stone Games activated an additional raid for the expansion called Old Baba’s Hut that draws from the darker side of myths. “This Legendary level raid does not require flagging, and puts players against Baba Lysaga herself,” the studio said.

Curious about the expansion? DDOCentral wrote up a great overview of the campaign setting and the core features over at BioBreak.

Meanwhile, Festivult is bringing in some holiday cheer and bonus loot to DDO. Hollywood is also adding to the Dungeons and Dragons legend, planning yet another movie and scheduling it for a 2021 release. This film franchise hasn’t had the best of runs so far, but hopefully this will be the title to change that streak.


SMITE launches Frostfire Ullr, new Odyssey content while teasing what’s coming in January

SMITE has been stricken with Frostfire this week, and it’s a good thing: It’s a unique skin for the game, for Ullr specifically, acquirable for people who charge through the latest round of Odyssey content.

“Players will witness Ullr’s appearance change as he levels up, going from a fledgling elementalist to an avatar of fire and ice,” Hi-Rez explains. “When switching between Ullr’s melee and ranged stances players will see him transition from fire to ice with custom special effects, animations, and voice lines for each stance.”

Hi-Rez has also given players a peek at what’s coming early next year; in fact, expect new information rolling out even next week when everyone else is slacking. Of note, the January 5.1 patch will have a brand-new map for season 5. Have fun in there!

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Just Survive plugs in anti-cheat measures and performs server wipe

Watch out, evil-doers: Just Survive is coming for you. The zombie MMO patched in a slew of new anti-cheat measures this week to keep everyone on the up-and-up.

Daybreak said that it had to wipe the servers to get these measures up and running: “This update includes significant anti-cheat updates, including new technology to detect, prevent, and punish players passing through world geometry and player constructed bases.”

On the plus side, the December 19th patch includes some niceties, including rebalanced loot distribution, “significant” server performance improvements, and a holiday event with festive zombies that carry special pieces of wintry gear. And if you log in by January 2nd, you’ll get a Rudolf nose, because your character is just way too dignified as it is.

If you’d rather get into the PvP side of things, Just Survive’s counterpart H1Z1 is hosting a free play period that ends in about a day… so get on top of that!

Source: Patch notes


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