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Path of Exile makes rare beasts easier to get in the Bestiary League

Is it absolutely imperative in Path of Exile’s Bestiary League that you catch them all? The most recent patch to the game makes it easier to catch the rarer beasts of the game by making them, well, show up more frequently. They should also provide more of a challenge and offer better rewards, both of which should be welcome for players who can’t get enough of this particular league. The rarity of Legendary beasts will remain where it presently is.

So, is that all? A small team is still making adjustments to the current league, but according to the development overview, most of the team is now over to working on the next major patch for the game. That will apparently take the lessons from Bestiary League and apply them in a new direction, so players who like capturing beasts should keep their eyes open. (We’re told that these beast antics are quite popular, after all.)

Source: Patch notes, Development overview; thanks to Veldan for the tip!


RIFT Prime jacks up its quest experience, works on lag

Players on RIFT’s relatively new Prime progression server will see one major complaint addressed today: Trion Worlds is tripling the experience rewarded from quests in a hotfix.

Experience and rate of progression has been a sore topic with the community ever since RIFT launched the server two weeks ago. While some felt fine with the deliberately slower pace of progression, others found themselves underleveled and without any quests to fill the gap. So three times the quest XP should help with this going forward.

Players will find that dungeons are a little less lucrative with this hotfix, as the bosses are tougher and the cosmetic and mount drop rate lower. Some bosses have had their damage output nerfed, however.

The hotfix also targeted “back-end adjustments” to help with the occasional appearance of the fearsome lag monster.

Source: Patch notes


Black Desert harvests a spring event, fixes wheelbarrows, and compensates players for outages

It may not look like it in the real world, but it’s spring, you guys, and Black Desert is going to make sure you remember it’s supposed to be spring by making everything pink pink and more pink. That’s thanks to the Blooming Blossoms event that goes live tomorrow. Just looking at all those pink petals is making my allergies flare up. You’re gonna plant a cherry blossom tree right in your yard, and it’s gonna be pink, and you’re gonna like it. Screw you, winter.

The second part of the Rabam’s Enlightenment skill enhancements are live today as well. Plus, my new favorite patch note: “Movement Speed and related stats will no longer affect how fast a Character will push a cart or wheelbarrow. All Characters will push these objects at the same speed.”

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Blade & Soul’s Fire and Blood patch brings a new raid and skill rebalancing

Ready to kick off some new raiding adventures in Blade & Soul? The newest patch, Fire and Blood, adds the 12-person raid Koldrak’s Lair for players to challenge in a team, and it’s live as of noon today! There’s also a new solo area in the Emperor’s Tomb, tasking players with a variety of quests to build up defenses and have an impact in the world around you. So if you were waiting for just that sort of challenge… well, here you go.

Of course, you might want to take the time to re-acquaint yourself with all of your skills before you take on these new challenges. Extensive rebalancing has taken place for a variety of class skills, with the full patch notes detailing each individual change. Add the option of playing a Lyn gunslinger (with new customization options for Lyn characters to boot), and you’ve got plenty of new stuff to familiarize yourself with before you rush off to the biggest challenges out there.

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Brigitte smashes into Overwatch

She’s buff, she’s beautiful, and she’s bringing her modern-day squire style into the realm of Overwatch.

She’s Brigitte, the goddaughter of Reinhardt Wilhelm who fancies herself a squire. She’s a heavily armored fighter who uses a rocket flail and barrier shield as a support hero. Brigitte can smash several enemies in an arc, knock opponents back, and shield bash her way to victory. She can also throw out repair packs for health and rally allies to generate more armor, making her an invaluable teammate.

Brigitte went live in the game yesterday as Overwatch’s seventh support hero. Check her out and get playing!

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Heroes of the Storm puts Fenix up for testing

If you’ve been waiting for the day when you could have a Dragoon storming the battlefield in Heroes of the Storm, the time has finally arrived with the addition of Fenix to the game’s roster. He’s available on the game’s test server now as a ranged assassin, offering shield-based durability, teleportation, and some nasty abilities to punish overconfident targets. Best of all, you know that his death really is just a minor setback; it wasn’t a big one the first time, either.

There’s more coming to the game to celebrate 20 years of StarCraft, though, including new sprays, discounts on skins for existing heroes, and even a nice big bundle to award you with a bunch of thematic goodness all at once. Jump on below to see Fenix in action if you can’t hop on the test server right now, and don’t let yourself be distracted by instincts about how much vespene gas you require.

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Forget matchmaking – Wizard101 introduces ‘hatchmaking’

“Hatchmaking?” you say. “What is that?”

Leave it to Wizard101 to come up with a quirky new twist on MMO gameplay. In the family-friendly title’s next update, Wizard101 is introducing a hatchmaking system that allows players to breed pets that both they and others own. There are limits to how many times and how often a pet can be used for sweet, sweet love, and KingsIsle stresses that (at least for now) this won’t replace the old hatching system, but merely supplement it.

The patch also adds a new pet tome collection system to track your growing zoo of inbred animals, some visual changes in the core Wizard City, new loading screens, more skeleton key bosses for newbies and highbies, and plenty of bug fixes. Check out the patch notes for the full rundown!

Source: Patch notes


Secret World Legends conspires to improve server stability and the agent system

It may not be the start of the second season of story content, but today’s Secret World Legends patch does deliver a few exciting improvements for this cult horror MMO.

Patch 2.2 contains a random assortment of fixes, features, and improvements. These include adjustments to the new agent system (including its addition to the topbar menu), better server stability, and easier shop navigation.

One change will be highly visible whenever a player logs into the game: “A news page has been added to the Daily Login Rewards UI. It is possible to switch between the news display and the login rewards using the arrows in the upper right corner of the UI.”

Source: Patch notes


Today’s SWTOR Update 5.8 brings Izax boss, conquest revamp, and returning companions

Hope you brought your industrial-sized ion cannon, fly boy, because that is one mother of a droid that’s trying to stomp on your face. Izax, the final boss of the God of the Machine operation, goes live today with Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Update 5.8.

Izax and its limited-time event is merely a part of today’s content update. BioWare has revamped the conquest system – which we’ve already deep-dived in Hyperspace Beacon – to include a new interface and additional rewards for guilds. Three companions also return for some story content: the Sith Inquisitor’s Ashara, the Imperial Agent’s Vector, and everyone’s hunky Arcann.

For those who play the Galactic Trade Network, it should be noted that BioWare has increased the tax rate from 6% to 8% to “combat credit inflation.”

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Wild West Online outlines the massive changes coming March 20

Hoo-ee. There’s a whole mess of stuff in the newest patch for Wild West Online, so much so that the patch notes are jam-packed with videos showing all of it off. Players will see the change right away with the shifts to character creation that force you to align with a faction, as well as the new frontend system that has integration for the game’s real-world currency shop. There are also new customization options for character outfits, horses, and even firearms.

But all of that is just a coat of paint, not changing how the game actually plays. No, the changes in play come from things like the full day/night cycle, the first pass at character skill trees, an improved map interface… the list goes on. You’ll really want to look through the full patch notes, but you can get a taste of all the changes through the selection of videos just below. (That’s right, just a selection. There’s a lot of stuff here.)

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Saga of Lucimia will fight wiki infodumps with sparse patch notes

You know how when it’s patch day in your favorite MMORPG and you’re skimming the patch notes trying to figure out what exactly changed, but it’s all cryptic hints and vague comments, and you’re pretty sure when they say “has been changed” they mean “has been nerfed into oblivion,” and you have no idea where the new stuff is so you can log in and find it?

Saga of Lucimia is not planning to alleviate any of that. A new dev blog and vlog from the indie studio argues that it prefers to leave discoveries, especially about new and moved NPCs, events, and activities to the players to encounter on their own, with no teases in the patch notes.

“While we’ll certainly be including notes regarding bug fixes and the like in our patches, one thing you won’t see from us are patch notes for updated or new content in the Saga of Lucimia,” write the devs. “It will be up to the players to discover those changes and events just as they would in a real adventure setting: by actually going there, exploring, following the lore and the storylines, and immersing themselves in the world. […] We want to keep players in the dark regarding content changes and try to avoid, for as long as realistically possible, a full-fledged wiki from being created.”

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Warframe launches a dojo improvement while celebrating its anniversary and St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a big week for Warframe, partly because the game is celebrating five years of operation. The anniversary site has gone live, and it includes a preview of the new Excalibur skin being offered to everyone as part of the celebration. But you don’t have to stop there; you can also pick up a shamrock dye pack from the market for the excessive price of… one credit. Yes, a single credit. That’s only there until March 19th, so you should pick that up sooner rather than later.

Why stop there? The game has also dropped a patch aimed at reworking the clan dojo areas, with an eye toward giving players more decorations, more functionality, and more tools to make use of those decorations. Dojo rooms can now hold more items and have access to over 60 new faction-themed decorations, like Grineer catwalks and fuel tanks. It’s all a lot of stuff, and it’s a nice way to thank the players who have been with the game for half a decade now.

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Dauntless patches in new axe options, more war pikes, and new island gameplay

Fans of Dauntless can rejoice for the game’s latest patch, which finally adds the last batch of warpikes for all of the game’s current Behemoths. This means that there are no more placeholders for weapons in the game, and players who like sticking stuff with the pointy end of a stick have more choices. Similarly, axe fans will have a number of new options and game mechanics to use when taking down a charging beastie.

Considering that both Shrike and Moonreaver have been improved and overhauled as fights, you’ll probably have good reason to put these other improvements to the test. There are also new bits of gameplay to be found on islands and a variety of stability improvements and backend fixes, to boot. Check out the full patch notes and get ready to start slaying more effectively, however you prefer to take on the big critters.

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