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Gigantic rejoins Arc platform, opens up PC beta, and preps for July 20 launch

There is no shortage of movement on Gigantic, Motiga’s colorful, multi-platform MOBA. For starters, the studio announced that PC players can now get in on the open beta, conveniently located on Perfect World’s Arc platform.

The Windows open beta joins the Xbox One testing program as the title gets ready for launch on July 20th, and players who want to transfer their accounts to Arc can do so with a one-time offer.

As part of launch preparations, a massive June patch was deployed on Wednesday to shore up Gigantic. The update contained a revamped user interface, a new player experience, bot matches, voice chat, hero voiceovers,

Get pumped for Gigantic’s open beta party with the official trailer below!

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Exclusive: Wizard101 Q&A dev diary on its PvP update and monstrology evolution

Kid-friendly MMORPG Wizard101 is on the cusp of a big update — in fact, it’s already landed on the official test server as of this week. At its heart is PvP: new PvP daily rewards, a new PvP age, adjustments to PvP rank, and a whole new turn-based PvP tourney mode. There’s stuff for everyone, though, including lots of new chat goodies, tweaks to the quest and tutorial logs, and expansions to the fishing and monstrology systems.

You can check out the illustrated patch notes on the official site, and then feast your eyes down below, where we’ve got an exclusive (not sponsored) dev diary from the KingsIsle team, helmed by Senior Producer of MMO Content Leah “Professor Falmea” Ruben, in which the devs the thought process and planning behind the update!

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A crafting festival is rolling into Runes of Magic

Look alive, Runes of Magic players — Patch 7.1.1 is coming to the game tomorrow, and it’s going to require every ounce of your knitting and macrame abilities to survive what it’s bringing.

According to the team, the patch will (among other and more nebulous “exciting changes”) contain a crafting festival. The full patch notes are due to arrive tomorrow with the update, but in the meanwhile, you can take a peek at the coming crafting festival after the break!

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Black Desert awakens the Striker, doubles karma loss for gankers

Awakening this morning in Black Desert is the still-relatively-new-to-the-West Striker class. “The Striker reaches a new level of mastery over the martial arts, gaining access to a wider range of close-ranged techniques,” Kakao says. “With this latest Awakening, Strikers level 56 and above will be able to use the Gardbrace weapon, famed for its ability to temporarily produce a copy of its wielder and double the onslaught of attacks in battle. Also enhancing the Striker’s combat are fire elemental skills, as well as throwing moves like Hell Break and Infernal Destruction.”

Also live with today’s patch? The Striker Awakening Release Event, new titles, doubled karma loss for gankers, and a new battle arena for level 50+ toons. And yes, Reddit and the official forums are mad that Kakao is essentially making it more painful to gank Steam nubs. “YOU’RE ACTUALLY KILLING THE OPEN WORLD PVP LMAO” and so on, although to be fair, others are pointing out the inevitable karma bombing exploits that will undoubtedly ensue.

Kakao is promising a stream Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m. EDT all about the Striker’s Awakening. There’s also a sale on the game running through the Fourth of the July on Steam and the main site.

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Overwatch is ‘go’ for moon landing with today’s patch

Super-intelligent apes and moon combat: What’s not to love about today’s Overwatch update?

The Horizon Lunar Colony, Overwatch’s newest map, is officially open for business. Players can enjoy the environmental storytelling while they fight through this moon base. According to the team, it’s the first map that the team has done that’s over 90% completely indoors.

“Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the Horizon Lunar Colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation — on human and ape alike,” the team said. “The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising…until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost.”

The update also adds Officer D.Va and Oni Genji to the lootboxes, in case you were frustrated at not getting one of these yet. Read up on the finer points of the patch notes and refresh your memory concerning the Horizon Lunar Colony after the break!

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Today’s Guild Wars 2 patch adds automated tournies, 2v2 team deathmatch map

As June continues to roll along, so do the PvP-related updates in Guild Wars 2. So far ArenaNet has updated Tyria’s world-vs.-world content and skirmishing with the first part of the Competitive Feature Pack, followed by the start of PvP League season 4. Today’s update is live now and includes the new 2v2 team deathmatch map, Hall of the Mists; the retooled Heart of the Mists PvP lobby; and 5v5 automated tournaments: “The pinnacle of competitive combat. Compete in daily tournaments to qualify for a monthly tournament to earn rewards, glory, and the chance to see your winning team honored with statues in the lobby!”

The patch also has a bit for cosmetic junkies; Dulfy reports that the new cash-shop dyes appear to include the brightest white shades released to date.

PvP players, don’t miss our Guild Wars 2 columnist Tina Lauro Pollock’s most recent Flameseeker Chronicles, which is a great starter guide for jumping into WvW.


Prevent the Fall adds in a new tutorial and quality of life improvements

It’s nice to know what in the world you’re doing, isn’t it? That can be tricky when you’re starting a new game, but the developers behind the upcoming VR-enabled co-op RPG Prevent the Fall know it’s important. So the game’s latest patch focuses heavily on quality of life improvements and starts with a tutorial, explaining the basics of gameplay and control for brand-new players. In the process, you get some basic armaments and an idea of how to use them, so that should make things easier.

The patch (which is the game’s tenth such patch since it entered early access 19 days ago) also improves creature animations, UI settings, pet status bars, and a variety of other minor fixes and improvements. Check out the full list of changes in the patch notes to get a fine-detail rundown of what’s being changed, which is probably a good idea before you start clicking around blindly and trying to find what’s changed. Perhaps the game could add a tutorial for its patch notes, and… no, that’d be stupid.

Source: Official Site; thanks to D.W.B. for the tip!


Pathfinder Online makes territory control more meaningful

Controlling territory doesn’t mean a lot if anyone can still enter the territory you control, does it? Pathfinder Online players can make use of several new territory control features in the game’s latest patch, and one of those features will allow you to blacklist certain players from your territories and functions contained therein. So you can proudly declare that Dave doesn’t get to use any of the facilities within your territory, because he’s Dave. Freaking Dave.

Players can also set individual service allowances based on the affiliation of visitors. The game also will make sure that hexes deep within your holding are not open for capture unless bordered by wilderness and otherwise improves quality of life. You can also move between various security levels of hexes, allowing players to have the safety from being attacked by anyone who isn’t feuding with allies at the highest security level. Check out the full patch notes for all of the details, but whatever you do, don’t let Dave access your territory. It might seem like a minor update, but it’s a step along the game’s roadmap to being actually finished and complete after an underwhelming last year.


Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood patch notes have been released

Tomorrow morning, Final Fantasy XIV players will be able to start moving through Stormblood, exploring new areas, leveling the new jobs, clearing new quests, and so forth. As a result, the enormous patch notes for the expansion are now here, and reading through all of them will take a while. Even when you include the fact that the simply massive number of new items added into the game means that you won’t be sitting through that list.

Both Red Mage and Samurai will have their initial job quests in Ul’dah, so if you logged out in that city, you get full marks for prediction. The next part of the Main Scenario will start in the Rising Stones, and players will want to stop by Revenant’s Toll anyhow to exchange all Heavensward tomestones for Allagan Tomestones of Poetics, which now serve as the all-purpose stones for prior expansions. This also means changes to the roulette structure, changes to the UI, and… well, the point is that there are a lot of changes. Luckily, you have all day to read through the notes before the game comes back online tomorrow.


World of Warcraft goes back in time with today’s Patch 7.2.5

P-Day is finally here: World of Warcraft Patch 7.2.5, Blizzard’s answer to summer doldrums and cheeky competition, landed on the live servers yesterday.

While a “mid-sized” update sandwiched between two much more prominent content rollouts, Patch 7.2.5 is surprisingly packed with a lot to see and do. Time travel seems to be the theme here, with a Back to the Future-like scenario staring Chromie and the introduction of Black Temple into the timewalking dungeon rotation.

Other fun activities include new micro-holidays like the Trial of Style, the Deadmines pet battle dungeon, a death metal concert at Darkmoon Faire, and something something about a raid. Probably a rumor if that Sargeras figure is to be believed. There are also quite a few class changes and other adjustments, so get caught up by reading the full patch notes.

Source: Patch notes


Summer of SWTOR kicks off with the return of the Nar Shaddaa nightlife event

The so-called “Summer of SWTOR” is officially underway now that BioWare has pushed out Game Update 5.2.2.

It’s not the biggest patch in the world, but it does reactivate the popular Nar Shaddaa nightlife event. Player gamblers are invited to descend upon the neon-tinted planet for some lighthearted gambling for some new rewards, such as the Gamorrean Guard companion. The event will keep the good times rolling through August.

The patch includes a few new legacy perks, such as higher tiers of speeder piloting and a command XP booster (yes, CXP is still a thing). You also can use crew missions to increase a companion’s influence, customize Shae Vizla and Theron Shan, and craft tier 4 gear. That should keep you busy for at least an hour or so!

Source: Patch notes


EVE Online patches in a new rogue swarm battle on Tuesday

When the newest patch for EVE Online goes live on Tuesday, pilots are going to be facing off against a new sort of threat in the form of a new rogue swarm battle. Drone ships controlled by a rogue AI are posing a serious threat to pilots, and it’ll be up to players to engage and defeat these AI opponents. Of course, there are substantial rewards going along with defeating those opponents, so players should be plenty motivated even beyond the joy of making AI-controlled ships explode.

The patch is also bringing a redesign for the Sin and the Vexor ships, and new colorblind support is being added to the game to make it more accessible for everyone. Last but not least, there are new skins and numerous performance upgrades to make the game prettier all around. It all goes live on Tuesday, but you can peruse the full patch notes right now. You can also read up on why the balance changes with the patch are causing no small amount of player consternation.


Project Gorgon improves storage and guild systems

One complaints that Project Gorgon testers have expressed during the alpha is that inventory and storage is both limiting and cluttered. The small dev team is well aware of this, which is why it has laid down a few quality of life improvements in this field prior to the upcoming UI revamp.

June 9th’s patch allowed for some measure of linked storage within a zone and a new search command that will span all of a player’s secret holdings. The update also linked a few features to guild levels, including storage and population size. Other changes include adjustments to the food system, a couple of new events, a guild quit command, and actual phases of the moon in the night sky.

Project Gorgon has a rather larger revamp of South Serbule coming up in a few weeks.

Source: Patch notes


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