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Official Site: Path of Exile
Studio: Grinding Gear Games
Launch Date: October 23, 2013
Genre: Gothic Fantasy MMOARPG
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

Path of Exile teases Nazi-inspired Oriath expansion baddies

Pumped for Path of Exile's upcoming Fall of Oriath expansion? Grinding Gear Games must be too, given the parade of videos it's slipping out. Today's entry is a look at the baddies who will be falling to your weapons and spells -- both in-game animations and concept art slides. The dudes at 19 and 44 seconds probably score the most points for creepiness, and I think you'll find the inspirations of some of the baddies more than obvious.

In fact, there's a bit of player forum controversy over whether some of the villains make sense in PoE's world, though other players are taking it in the spirit in which it was probably intended. "Can't wait to **** up some Nazis and evil donkey creatures from hell," wrote one gamer.

Check it out below, then peek back at last week's music and environments reveals.

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Path of Exile has 'a lot more expansions coming'

Pretty much every MMO player dreams of sitting his or her favorite developers down to get the honest and direct truth. While Grinding Gear Games isn't making house calls (yet), the dev team did make an effort to satisfy community curiosity by tackling an assortment of 30 submitted questions about Path of Exile.

There was some concern over the potential for a bug flood when the expansion drops this fall. GGG said that it's on top of it: "There's a lot changing in 3.0.0 so there's a lot of scope for problems to creep in unless we find them. To deal with this, we've expanded our QA team over the years and it's currently the largest it has ever been. In addition, we're running a beta for 3.0.0 specifically to find problems before they affect the live realm."

There was no confirmation regarding a launch date for the expansion, but the team did discuss lengthening the ignore list, trade improvements, the Xbox One launch, and controller support. The team also hinted that there are "a lot more" expansions being planned for the MMO.

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Path of Exile shows off the music and environments of the Fall of Oriath

Path of Exile is not a game where you are likely to stand around admiring the scenery very often. That's not because it's bad; it's just the nature of the beast when you are knee-deep in monsters and you have the ability to make everything around you explode with lightning on the regular. (Or frost, or fire, or... you know your character builds, we don't need to explain it to you.) So perhaps it's a very good thing that the team behind the game has given us a small preview of the areas and music coming with the Fall of Oriath expansion in video form.

Now there are no monsters to click on, no quests to worry about, nothing but the looks and the sounds to let you really anticipate the actual game. Yes, they'll mostly be drowned out by the explosions of lightning once you're actually playing, but why not jump past the break and appreciate it for the moment? Just don't click on the video instinctively to try blowing something up. It just swaps in full-screen mode, we promise.

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Path of Exile on virtual reality, auto-sort, and offline play

Path of Exile's latest dev Q&A has a few nuggets of interest for followers of the MMOARPG. What caught our eye? Don't expect an auto-sort button in your inventory bins.

"I had a good conversation recently with David Brevik about how large items that require manipulation in the inventory help simulate the 'weight' that items have in other RPG systems," Grinding Gear Games' Chris Wilson says. "It may be inconvenient to have to organise items, but it makes them feel real. Simplifying this down to auto-sorting or single-slot-items is a road we don't want to take our game down."

The team does, however, have a plan to someday add an alternate skillbar and new skills, but not shapeshifting, extra zoom tools, virtual reality, or an offline version of the game. Why no offline? Not only would it be a waste of resources, but "the game will never be in a state where the servers have to be shut down for financial reasons."

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2013 MMOARPG Path of Exile hit peak concurrency in March thanks to its latest patch

Path of Exile just keeps getting bigger and bigger in terms of both players and team size, and it's actually providing the numbers to back it up.

A press release out from Grinding Gear Games declares that update 2.6.0 propelled the MMOARPG to a peak online concurrent player count of 112,800 earlier this month, with 65,000 of those playing concurrently through Steam, putting the game behind only Dota 2 and CS:GO during that chunk of time. According to the studio, that makes 2.6.0 the "franchise's largest and most successful to date with a 40-percent increase in the number of players online for the launch."

2.6.0 was big, but it's not even the biggest thing happening to the New Zealand-based game this year: It's got a huge expansion called The Fall of Oriath coming out in 2017. It most recently made headlines for creating a "transparent lockbox" with declared odds for the best stuff inside.

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Path of Exile is buffing the heck out of leaguestones

Path of Exile's 2.6 patch last week was a whopper, but it wasn't without issues, some of which are rectified in today's update. In addition to swatting a number of pesky bugs, Grinding Gear Games has made several much-welcomed changes to leaguestones in particular.

"The Leaguestone progress bar now appears red when the leaguestone has not activated because it is underleveled for the area that the player is in.
Added minimum generation levels to some mods on Leaguestones where they could drop before that content could spawn.
Perandus Leaguestones that drop after this patch will now have a 20% chance to spawn Cadiro in the next area.
Onslaught Leaguestones that drop after this patch will now have 20% increased Quantity of Items found in the next area.
The Aspect of Ruination unique monster from the Luring Rampage Leaguestone mod now does 20% less damage.
The Ancient Reliquary is now Normal difficulty."

Brodiro memes right here.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 107: Dark Knight rises

This week on the show, Justin and Bree celebrate a couple of hearty MMO updates, argue about mandatory mount viewing, celebrate the soft launch of Revelation Online, and extol the virtues of the PC Master Race.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Path of Exile creates the industry's first 'transparent' lockbox

We've all griped and grumbled about how MMO lockboxes are too much like gambling and tend to swindle players out of money for a chance at getting desired items. But what if an MMO came out with a lockbox that told you up front what your odds are of winning rare items, promised you an item of equal value or more to what you spend on it, and said that any of its offerings would be put up for sale on the store at a later date?

That's exactly what Path of Exile is doing with its new classic mystery box. "We've taken a look at how our mystery boxes are designed, and have revamped our systems to be more ethical, transparent and provide more value than ever before," the studio said. "We've flattened out the odds of possible outcomes to make it more likely to receive the most valuable microtransactions than in previous boxes."

The odds are no secret; players have a 20% chance of winning a rare item, 35% chance of an uncommon, and 45% chance of a common in each box. Additionally, while the boxes won't tell you what's inside, they will post the price up front of the value of each box's contents so that you can make a more informed purchase.

Check out what some of the offerings look like in the classic mystery box after the break!

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Path of Exile lets loose with Patch 2.6 tonight

Just call it Patch of Exile.

This evening, the highly anticipated Patch 2.6 will go live in Path of Exile, and the relatively calm landscape of the MMOARPG will erupt into bedlam. The patch is activating all 40 of its previous league challenges, offering players choices to activate a combination of these to pursue limited availability gear that was only offered during those leagues. Patch 2.6 also contains the new solo self-found mode for an additional hardcore challenge, 25 additional Grandmasters, improved friends and guild lists, and lots and lots of balance changes.

To get ready, you can read up on the patch notes and possibly consider splurging on an extra character slot now that they're on sale. Another fun activity? Watching the dev videos on the Legacy Challenge League below!

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Path of Exile posts patch notes in advance of Friday's Legacy Challenge League

There are just two days to go until Path of Exile launches its Patch 2.6 with the insane Legacy Challenge League. To help the wait go... longer, we suppose, the devs put up the patch notes today so that you can read and plan and not do much else.

In addition to activating the Legacy Challenge, in which players can activate three out of the past 40 challenges at a time, Patch 2.6 contains the new solo self-found mode for an additional hardcore challenge, 25 additional Grandmasters, improved friends and guild lists, and lots and lots of balance changes.

Just to pound home how wildly popular Path of Exile is these days, the Reddit thread on the patch notes is now over a mere 2,500 comments. Guess a few people are pretty excited about the new league?

Patch 2.6 isn't even the biggest event of the game this year; The Fall of Oriath expansion is being crafted for later this year. Check out our preview of what treasures and traps await when that goes live!

Source: Patch notes


Path of Exile shows off the many, many challenges of the Legacy Challenge League

When Path of Exile patch 2.6 launches, you're going to have some challenges to overcome. The Legacy Challenge League boasts 40 different challenges for players to clear, and some of them may be easy, but others will be difficult. And you're going to want to clear as many as you can. Hitting 12, 24, and 36 challenges completed each reward you with a special cosmetic effect, from Legacy Footprints to the Legacy Portal ability, and you'll want all of the above.

In addition, from the 19th challenge on, every 3 challenges completed will award you a new leg on a challenge totem pole that you can display as a mark of your accomplishments. Check out the cosmetic rewards in the video just below, and take a look at the full rundown for all 40 challenges on the official site.

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Path of Exile explains its rebalancing philosophy for patch 2.6

When The Fall of Oriath goes live, Path of Exile will undergo quite a bit of balance adjustment. But why wait until then? The upcoming patch 2.6 also features plenty of balance changes aimed at making less-attractive character builds more viable while also addressing certain imbalances found with existing builds. It should be easier for certain builds to covert physical damage to elemental damage, for example, while wholesale conversion of elemental damage to a different element will be made harder for other builds where the elemental properties of skills were almost entirely overwritten.

Unique items have also been rebalanced, along with one-handed weapons across the board; some leeching weapons have changed to life-on-hit for lower levels (where leech was almost useless) and one-handed weapons have generally been boosted in damage and utility. Area-of-effect increases have also been tuned down somewhat to avoid builds feeling as if they needed to have every possible point of area increase in order to be worthwhile. Check out the full list of changes; if you've been playing the game with any regularity, they'll probably have a big impact on what you do while smashing monsters.


Path of Exile shows off the unique items hinting at the power of departed gods

The ancient gods of Path of Exile have slumbered for thousands of years, and for all intents and purposes they have vanished from the world. Obviously, with the launch of The Fall of Oriath expansion, those deities will be coming back to the forefront, so you can't forget about them. But while you'll be interacting with them heavily in that expansion (seriously, you can read all about it) you could forget that they exist otherwise... unless you pick up one of the new unique items being added to the game in update 2.6.

There are three new items being added to the game that each contains some small hint of the powers of these departed entities. Garukhan's Flight improves your ability to heal and recover so long as you remain forever moving, Tidebreaker is all about stunning your targets into complacency as befits a mace, and the Martyr of Innocent lets you block more readily whilst spreading fire damage. Check out the exact stats in the official preview, and get ready to go searching for the smallest fragment of these divine powers.


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