phantasy star online 2

Official Site: Phantasy Star Online 2
Studio: SEGA
Launch Date: N/A in North America; July 4, 2012, in Japan
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC, Console, Mobile

Jukebox Heroes: Massively OP's guide to grabbing 120+ MMO soundtracks

One of the most common questions that I'm asked from my adoring throngs on the street is, "Justin, where oh where can I get some of these marvelous MMO soundtracks that you talk about all of the time?" OK, that just never happens (on the street, that is), but people are often curious how they can go about starting to amass an MMO soundtrack collection or where to find their favorite album.

The sad truth is that so much music from these games is never officially released in any capacity, which is why I scour YouTube for fan rips of the music files. However, every so often I do discover a studio release somewhere, and I try to keep an up-to-date log on these to help others in their quest for video game scores.

So in the spirit of Christmas and sharing, today I'm going to show you how you can get your ears on more than 120 soundtracks and scores from MMOs, MOBAs, and other online titles -- some of which are free and legal for the taking. You're welcome; don't mention it!

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One Shots: Putting the band back together

One of the great things about MMORPGs is that you can live out fantasies that are otherwise unobtainable for you in real life. Financial success? Sure. A perfect, sculpted body? Why not. Incredible musical talent? Toss it in there, my friend!

ToyFuzion is living the dream in Black Desert: "I squealed with delight when I saw that player instruments (a guitar!) had been added recently. Before, you could rent them from NPCs and do mini-games with them, but their use was very limited. These can be played anywhere -- even walk around with them! Had to get a screenie of my character and her clownie homies."

Apologies if this adds to the "clown hysteria" sweeping the world right now.

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One Shots: The Guild Wars franchise, then and now

Any time I see someone post an MMO screenshot from older games, I feel like it benefits the historical record by adding another visible memory from classic games to the archive. So thank you to everyone who dug through their folders to find pictures from our "then and now" challenge.

Ralph the Wonder Llama takes the cake with his entry: "Back in the summer of 2005, I decided to give a new game called Guild Wars a try. My first character was a Warrior/Ranger named Sonja. I had envisioned her as a tall, nature themed, Nordic warrior who had traveled south from her homeland in search of adventure. Now it's 2016, and I'm playing a Guardian in Guild Wars 2. She's a tall Norn warrior named Sonja who has traveled south from her homeland in search of adventure. Funny how that worked out. Here are a couple screenshots from the city of Rata Sum, then and now. My, how the neighborhood has grown!"

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NCsoft starts new mobile studio in Japan

Does NCsoft show any signs of stopping? Any hint whatsoever of slowing down? Or are we already seeing the birth of a future worldwide megacorp that will service all of your gaming needs from the cradle to the grave (and beyond, with new SavePoint™ technology)?

It doesn't appear that the game publisher is losing momentum, at least. NCsoft recently opened a new mobile games subsidiary in Japan called Lionship Studio and is on the prowl for promising talent to staff its future projects.

Lionship Studio is being led by Sega veteran Yojiro Ogawa, who previously worked on Phantasy Star Online. Last November, NCsoft established a mobile games studio in California named Iron Tiger.

Source: MMO Culture


The Game Archaeologist: Sega's 10six MMO

If you were to think of Sega and MMOs, chances are the only thing that would come to mind is the Phantasy Star Online franchise. While those are great games (even though we'll probably never see PSO2 in the west!), there was another MMO that Sega dabbled in during the boom years of the online gaming industry.

This game was 10six: a hybrid of real-time strategy and sci-fi shooter, played out over a persistent multiplayer world. While 10six had a very short run initially, it still lives on for the fans who find this mix of gameplay compelling and unique.

Base building and blasting, doesn't that sound fun? Let's go back in time to the late '90s and early 2000s to see what 10six was all about.

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Phantasy Star Online 2 reveals the full details of its collaboration with Final Fantasy XIV

Are you eager to play Phantasy Star Online 2? Wait, scratch that; the ship has pretty well sailed on that and most of the people excited to play it have found ways around its failure to ever launch in the West. Were you eager to play Phantasy Star Online 2? Because you can get some of the flavor by playing Final Fantasy XIV... or at least you will get some of the flavor once its upcoming crossover event with FFXIV is live.

The summer events will allow PSO2 players to dress up in various FFXIV-inspired outfits, including the male and female miqo'te sets and artifact armor for several jobs, while also revealing some moogle-themed decorations for the game. Players will also be able to challenge the wandering primal Odin. Not up to fighting him? Too bad; he will also randomly show up and start smashing you in other missions because Odin is kind of a jerk like that. Check out a video showing off all of the features just below, and keep your eyes peeled for whatever may come to Eorzea by way of reciprocation (the FFXIV portion of the crossover has not yet been revealed or finalized).

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One Shots: Cave art

True fact: One of the earliest attempts to screenshot the action in an MMORPG took place as prehistoric cave paintings in France. Another true fact: I might have dreamed that up.

"Here is a shot of my Blood Elf warlock staying warm by a fire alongside the Frostwolf Clan in World of Warcraft's Frostfire Ridge zone," Tyler sent to us. "Frostfire and its associated storyline are just about the only part of Warlords of Draenor I unequivocally like. I think we're all a little burnt out on Orcs by now, but Frostfire was a good reminder that Orcs are indeed awesome, even if they're a little over-exposed in WoW nowadays. I really like the tribal paintings on the cave walls in this shot. Nice touch."

We're burned out on Orcs? Then what am I going to do with these 15,000 boxes of Orc-Os cereal that I was planning to resell on eBay? Crud.

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One Shots: Bride of the comments section!

While I love any of you forever if you email in One Shots submissions, I think it's time once again to delve fully into the comments section and pull out some more great pictures from the last month or so!

To start us off, here is Camelotcrusade narrowly outrunning an explosion in Star Wars: The Old Republic. "Just a little shout out to all you adventurers out there: Invest in detonators you can activate after you leave the premises. But if you want to keep it old-school, the 'push-here-to-explode' variety makes for nice visuals as you race towards the exit and narrowly avoid your doom," he shared.

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PAX East 2016: Final Fantasy XIV answers questions and reveals the Palace of the Dead

If you think you've seen everything that Final Fantasy XIV has in its bag of tricks, the game's Q&A panel at PAX yesterday made it clear that it has plenty of new stuff in the wings. The panel revealed that patch 3.35 will add in the brand-new Palace of the Dead, a labyrinth crawling with the undead that's unlike any other content currently in the game, starting with the fact that it's a randomized soloable dungeon with its own level progression system.

Of course, that wasn't revealed until the end of the panel rather than the beginning; there was enough to keep fans excited just on the basis of the panel serving as the game's first ever live Q&A session in North America. Director and producer Naoki Yoshida, loremaster Christopher Koji-Fox, and community manager Matt Hilton took the stage to answer player questions while letting everyone know what was coming around the bed for players to look forward to.

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Final Fantasy XIV producer letter pokes and prods at Patch 3.3 and 3.4 features

Stop the presses, go home from school early, and call off from work -- the latest Final Fantasy XIV producer letter is here. As with most of FFXIV's "letters," this video is absolutely massive and kicks off with several questions from the community as answered by the team.

Topics du jour include a slight delay for the implementation of Summoner egis glamours, healer accuracy, the next two patches, the Alexander fights, adjustments to the PvP Feast, upcoming player apartments, and a possible collaboration with Phantasy Star Online 2. Good news for Fenrir lovers, too: The mount will indeed fly come Patch 3.3.

The letter also contains over an hour of an interview with Lead UI Artist Hiroshi Minagawa and his contributions to the game. You can read the quick-and-dirty digest of the letter on the forums or watch the feature-length film version below.

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Perfect Ten: Most notable console MMORPGs to date

It used to be that hunting for a console MMORPG was one of the most fruitless endeavors known to gamers. The PC was where it was at, dating all the way back to the birth of MUDs back in the 1980s. For decades, console gamers could only look on in envy as their PC comrades enjoyed persistent worlds, massive multiplayer, and online events.

The scene, of course, has radically changed, particularly over the past five years. Now studios are downright eager to tap into the console market with their online titles, and in some cases these MMOs have proven to be much more successful on those platforms than their PC version counterparts.

While a full list of every console MMO to date would far exceed a top 10 list, I thought it was worthy of drawing out the most notable titles that have existed to date on video game consoles. Some of these are long extinguished, some are famous disappintments, while others are flourishing even today. What would you pick for this list? Let us know in the comments!

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Final Fantasy XIV invades Phantasy Star Online 2 in an odd collaboration

How cool are crossover events? While some people might decry them as shameless marketing ploys, there is something undeniably cool about mixing it up between two franchises the way we often do in our geeky heads.

Over in Japan, Final Fantasy XIV is collaborating with Phantasy Star Online 2 (western release date: haha, go back to your corner) to inject a bit of Eorzea into the sci-fi MMO. In summer 2016, FFXIV's Odin boss and some costumes will be making their way into PSO2. We might point out that PSO2 has a tradition thus far of doing these kinds of crossovers with other titles, including those with Tales of Zestiria and Valkyria Chronicles.

While you might not be in PSO2 to enjoy this collaboration, you can at least see a preview of what it will be like in a video after the break.

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Could one agreement be what's preventing localization of Phantasy Star Online 2?

We've made our fair share of jokes about Phantasy Star Online 2 over here at Massively Overpowered, because how could we not? The game was happily promoted by Sega with no localization date announced, then it launched in Japan, and the company has subsequently refused to say anything about whether or not it'll ever be released in the US. It seems like a nonsensical plan... but according to fan site TSSZ, it might be that way because it wasn't a plan at all.

An anonymous source allegedly spoke to TSSZ and revealed that an agreement was made between Sega of Japan and a Chinese company that prevents the company from releasing PSO2 on Steam anywhere. Since Steam is how Sega handles more or less all of its PC releases, the company may have realized that the agreement prevented them from releasing the game as planned after the promotional work had already been done. It's all speculation, but it would explain the rather idiosyncratic approach, as well as introducing the hope that the game may finally get a release once the agreement expires.

Source: TSSZ


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