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Dauntless holds AMA covering free-to-play, Steam, wipes, and Monster Hunter Online

Yesterday afternoon, the 40-odd-member Phoenix Labs team held a Reddit AMA on Dauntless. Let’s run down the highlights!

  • There are no hard dates attached to the different phases of beta and no details on wipes are available yet. The devs aren’t saying whether test progress will transfer to launch.
  • Zero plans to come to Steam.
  • Ranged weapons “and something else” are under construction. Phoenix wouldn’t talk about more except to say hammers are “getting love.”
  • Damage and efficacy display, especially for combos, is something the devs are considering and seeking feedback on. Ditto hunting/gathering balance, flares, consumables, and weapon appearance evolution.
  • A question about hardmode was met with a vague response.
  • Housing and a replay feature are “possible in the future,” but the devs made no promises.
  • “We are definitely looking froward to supporting guilds and know they will be an integral part of the community. More details at a later date.”

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Star Wars: The Old Republic marches on with class changes

If next Monday is Eclipse Day in North America, is it OK if we deem Tuesday to be Star Wars On A Train Day? Because you know that when Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Update 5.4 arrives on August 22nd, you won’t be able to think over the noise of millions of players shouting “WHEEE!” as they set up shop in a high tech, high velocity mobile housing.

To be sure, Crisis on Umbara will boast more than just a new stronghold on a floating train, but it’s going to be hard to get past that to see the rest. The rest such as the continuation of class build revisions that began back in Game Update 5.3.

On the forums, the team outlined some of the changes that are coming to the Operative’s concealment, the Scoundrel’s scrapper, the Marauder’s carnage, and the Sentinel’s combat disciplines. Unfortunately, all four of these builds are getting nerfed in some capacity, so our sympathies for those adversely affected.


Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s Umbara is shrouded in darkness

Have you heard of the planet Umbara before? The Star Wars fan who has seen only the movies will likely say no, and even if you are a BioWare or Old Republic Star Wars fan you will probably say no too. The only people who would likely know what Umbara is are those fans who watched the Clone Wars television series. However, any Star Wars fan who has seen the prequel trilogy has seen a character from Umbara. You probably don’t know the name, but you’ll know the face of Sly Moore, the bald, pale woman who stood next to Chancellor Palpatine in Attack of the Clones. She was his senior administrative aide, and more importantly, she was the bearer of his secrets.

Star Wars: The Old Republic takes a journey to the shadowy world in the next update, dubbed Crisis on Umbara. Of course, since this is the Old Republic timeline, we are thousands of years before the Clone Wars, and really anything can happen. That doesn’t mean that we don’t have clues for what to expect, however. Let’s discuss the things we know about Umbara and what we know the update is going to bring us.

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Revelation Online’s housing moves in mysterious ways

Not all MMO player housing is built to the same blueprints, and Revelation Online’s system has a few quirks that sets it apart.

One of these is the fact that players’ apartments will change floors and locations every week, allegedly to encourage the community to mingle and make new neighbors. Add to this the fact that the inn hosting these apartments resides on the top of a turtle, and we’re going Inception with the concept of mobile housing.

To help players navigate some of the intricacies of the game’s housing, the team posted a starting guide with a few tips. Players can upgrade the size of their room as funds become available, and if they happen to be married in-game, their spouses can come in and rearrange all of the furniture without specific permission. Just like real life!

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Revelation Online adds apartments with the Safe Haven update

You work hard in Revelation Online, and you deserve a nice place to relax after all that hard work. The game is deploying its Safe Haven patch today to provide you with exactly that by deploying apartments to the game, giving you the chance to own and decorate an apartment in one of three sizes (small, medium, or larger). Obviously, bigger apartments are more expensive, but they offer you more space to decorate and enjoy, so mark for yourself if it’s worth the money.

You can unlock your apartment once you’re level 49, with keys available so that five of your friends can come and go freely. Once within the apartment, of course, you’ll be the one who gets to decorate the whole thing however you like. So you’ll have to wait out the maintenance today, but once that’s over it’s an apartment for you; check out the trailer just below to whet your appetite.

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Perfect Ten: Fresh approaches for familiar MMORPGs

Short of taking a blow to the head, there’s very little I can suggest in the way of experiencing a familiar MMORPG for the first time again. That new car smell eventually fades away, that initial head-over-heels enthusiasm settles into routine, and a vast world full of mysteries gradually gives way to familiar knowledge over time. It’s not a terrible thing, mind you; relationships change and develop with games as they do in real life.

But I find that every so often I come to a point when I don’t want to give up a game that I’ve greatly enjoyed, yet I’m also a bit burned out and feeling like I am hemmed in by a daily routine and the same-old, same-old. That’s when I start to employ a series of tactics and approaches to inject fresh experiences and perspectives.

So if you’ve been playing an MMO for too long and need to change things up to keep from getting stale and restless, what can you do? Here are 10 suggestions that I found quite helpful in my own gaming career.

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Revelation Online opens the doors for player housing

Time to move into your very own house in Revelation Online — or at least, an apartment situated in a large building that’s riding on the back of an even larger tortoise!

Once players hit level 49, they’ll be able to head over to Tortoise Inn to buy their own slice of personal space in the game and get to decorating. There are small, medium, and large apartments from which to choose, and each can be equipped with all sorts of decorative and interactive objects.

Today’s Safe Haven update also activates the new archaeology system, introduces the events panel, allows crafters to start making their own furniture, and hints at “housing events” to come in the near future. Refresh yourself on Revelation’s housing system and take a tour of your future home after the break!

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WildStar says housing communities are coming soon, begins testing Prime Genetic Archives raid

Maybe it slipped under your radar, but WildStar has been quietly and diligently at work preparing the next two content updates for the game as well as activating several events for the month of August.

According to this month’s Dev Connect, Patch 1.7.3 is “nearing completion” with its new communities feature, a “Residential Renovation” monthly event, and a couple of prime difficulty dungeons. Following that later this year is Patch 1.7.4, which will roll out the Genetic Archives Prime Level 1. This raid is currently on the test servers.

So what will this Residential Renovation event include? The team briefly discussed it in a recent article: “Players will help housing designer and renovator extraordinaire, Sara Conavius, by completing a variety of activities to earn currency which can be traded for rewards.”

Next up for events in WildStar is Sim-Chase from August 14th through the 21st, followed by a double XP weekend on August 25th through the 28th.


Choose My Adventure: Get out of here, DC Universe Online

So this is an unusual situation for me: I’ve never actually played a game for Choose My Adventure that I’ve disliked this much.

Those of you who have followed my writing for a while know that I’ve played some games I didn’t much like before, but that’s different. Lord of the Rings Online and Black Desert, for example, are games that were not my cup of tea but still had obvious merits I could praise. I’ve played games that I dislike or ones that deserved more criticism than praise when I played them (Ryzom, TERA, the beta period of The Elder Scrolls Online), but still had positive sides. (And in the last case, ESO turned itself around quite well and earned plenty of kudos from me.) Heck, I played Scarlet Blade with as open a mind as I could possibly have.

But not so DC Universe Online. No, this game deserves a pretty thorough drubbing. I can understand why it has fans, but it’s still just not a good game. I can only hope it’s an outlier rather than the norm on Daybreak’s overall catalog, because… wow. This is not fun.

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Massively Overthinking: Gathering our thoughts on Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire

This week, the dominant story has become Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire expansion, which is coming our way far sooner than a lot of folks had guessed. For this edition of Massively Overthinking, I’ve touched base with some of our writers to measure their reactions to the big announcement, asking them to gauge what’s in it, whether it was worth the wait, what they’re disappointed about, what they think of the pricing, and whether they’ve felt sufficiently enticed to play. Let’s dig in!

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Elder Scrolls Online puts a high hall on the market

Sure, you could be content with your little one-room cell for the bare minimum of comfort and space, but if you’re going to be investing in Elder Scrolls Online’s housing market, why not move into something worthy of your status?

This month, the MMO is introducing one of its grandest player housing options yet: Hakkvild’s High Hall. It’s a roomy and spacious building with a great view at the top of the town. Not sold yet? It also has convenient access to the family crypts. Perfect for Halloween. The hall is coming to computers on August 14th and consoles on August 28th.

ESO has a few other new options in the crown store coming in August, such as a few new costume sets, a Daedric Set of Azura package of housing decor, a wolf mount, a mechanical spider mount, a handful of pets, and the neat-looking ebony epidermis skin.


WildStar’s space chase is on

Ready, set, go join WildStar’s Space Chase event for the next week! From now through August 7th, players are being tempted to run expeditions for the chance to earn limited-time housing decor and cosmetics. The decor in question are parts of a (non-functional) spaceship that you can build in your own housing lot.

“During the Space Chase, every time you complete an expedition that’s within your level range you’ll earn Eko Particles that you can trade with or sell to other players,” the studio explained. “You can then bring them to Exchanger Beno, who will exchange them for valuable Eko Chits that you can then trade with Collector Torio for exclusive spaceship housing décor items, as well as all-new rewards this time around!”

There are three varieties of Space Chase cases, each which will only be available during a two-day period. It’s a pretty inclusive event, as players levels 6 through 50 can access expeditions to participate.

Source: WildStar


Massively OP Podcast Episode 129: Treasure Trove

On this week’s show, Justin and Bree talk about Trove’s underdog status, the impact of server merges on open world housing, playing as a deer, gender stereotypes in MMOs and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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