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Mortal Online’s modular housing gets even more robust

With the game’s next “beast of a patch,” Mortal Online will offer even more options for the game’s revised modular housing system.

The upcoming patch will include a trio of new crafting tables that will each offer some way to deck out your abode: carpentry (which creates all sorts of furniture and objects), module crafting (which focuses on walls and rooms), and taxidermy (dead animal heads).

But wait, there’s more! Mortal Online’s housing will also offer three different permission levels, in case you want to have a co-owner to help you with interior decoration. Players should be able to place as many chests as they like in their home (solving a storage crisis), limited only by houses’ 1,000-item limit.

Take a look at the even-more-improved housing system after the jump!

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Ashes of Creation plans May 1 Kickstarter, demos ‘Metropolis’ player city system

We already knew Ashes of Creation was going to run a Kickstarter for funding, but as of this afternoon, we have a date: May 1st. And the devs put out way more in its update today than a save-the-date note; there’s also a huge trailer and infodump that rounds out our knowledge of the game’s node system, specifically as it pertains to the player cities known as Metropolises.

“The Metropolis is effectively the culmination of the Node system – it’s the biggest thing that players can bring into being, and the final level of civilization’s development on this forgotten world,” says Intrepid Studios. “The Metropolis requires a large amount of resources to develop and maintain, and because of how Nodes relate to one another, there can be no more than five in existence at any time. […] Each Node can be developed into one of four categories: Scientific, Economic, Militaristic, and Divine. The Economic ones are ruled by Oligarchies, while Scientific ones are ruled by democratically chosen leaders. Military nodes are run by those with the mettle and might to prove their worth, and the Divine are run by the players who seek to help others and dedicate their time and effort to that city.”

Check out the blog post on the official site, point your eyeballs at the brand-new trailer and metropolis images down below, and get your wallets ready.

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OrbusVR’s alpha begins tomorrow, includes instanced player housing prototype

Indie VR sandbox OrbusVR is whooshing along toward the start of its closed alpha tomorrow, available to Kickstarter backers (it raised $34,000 in its week-long Kickstarter in March) and those who pick up founder packs on the official site. That alpha will run just two days, though Ad Alternum has five more planned ahead of the July 2017 beta.

Most recently, the studio has completely overhauled the warrior class to take better advantage of shield tactics and added its first attempt at player housing.

“We’ve added a prototype of the instanced Player Housing that will be included in the game,” explains the team. “If you’re in Highsteppe, just follow your Player Compass to the ‘Your House’ marker, then open the door to enter. Your Player House location is shared with others in the game, but once you enter the house it’s all your own, personal space. Right now there’s not really anything to do in your house (other than throw a few bottles around), but eventually this is where a good chunk of the crafting in the game will take place, and where your Player Chest will be, which is where you can store items long-term.”

Anybody in the alpha?


Guild Wars 2 player recreates Mona Lisa in guild hall

Never underestimate the ingenuity and creative spirit of players when they are given even the most bare-bones tools in an MMORPG.

To wit, a player who goes by Alilinke.7690 painstakingly created the famous Mona Lisa painting in a Guild Wars 2 guild hall using blocks and shadows. While the painting might not be as detailed as the real thing, it is nevertheless impressive that this could be done at all in the game itself.

According to the description by YouTube eyepoo, this probably took a very long time to create: “To construct this ‘drawing,’ objects were placed with remarkable precision mid-air (which requires that object to be placed on top of something else which is then removed). The difficulty of exact decoration placement in guild halls is considerable, making this shadow sculpture all the more mind-boggling. The cast shadow then ‘draws’ the Mona Lisa on the wall made of blocks.”

Imagine what could be done if Guild Wars 2 had proper housing, eh? See it for yourself below!

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The Game Archaeologist: SOE’s The Agency

The graveyard of Sony Online Entertainment and Daybreak Game Company is certainly full enough to be considered a threat if there was ever a zombie uprising among MMORPGs. From PlanetSide to Free Realms, there are plenty of live games that were disposed of in this grim fictional burial ground. But there are also those stillborn titles that never had the change to make or break in a live environment. EverQuest Next might be the most fresh in our minds, but go back a handful of years and you might have seen players lamenting the loss of a different promising SOE game: The Agency.

The Agency seems like a natural fit for the studio’s focus on first-person shooters and a willingness to branch out from strictly fantasy territory. Instead of dragons or stormtroopers, players in this game were to face off against terrorist organizations and dastardly spy agencies, all in the pursuit of living out the ultimate James Bond fantasy.

But instead of sitting on our desktop, The Agency exists only in a forgotten corner of this imaginary cemetery. Today, let us tenderly brush off its worn tombstone and remember what we can about this canceled spy shooter.

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The Stream Team: Egg-citing times in Black Desert Online

It’s almost Easter, and that means it’s time for egg hunts! Black Desert is celebrating the season with a Golden Flondor Goose Egg Event. Massively OP’s MJ needs to collect a number of eggs to be sure she can trade them in for new fun housing decorations. She’s also pretty keen on finding this crazy goose. Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. for an egg-cellent adventure.

What: Black Desert
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, April 14th, 2017

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Massively Overthinking: MMOs, from hardcore to casual and back again

Massively OP reader Suikoden wrote this great question to the podcast — too good to let just Justin and me answer it. It’s a two-parter!

“Back when I used to be a hardcore MMO gamer circa 2000-2010, I felt that MMOs of that era were designed more toward the hardcore gamer and even catered to us more. Within the last 5 years, I’ve had to develop into more of a casual player. However, I now feel that games once again cater to me and my current playstyle. Did the MMO genre evolve alongside me, from a more hardcore-centric genre to a more casual playerbase? Or is it the same as it always was and I just feel that it caters to me because it’s designed to feel like it caters to all playstyles? And if there was a change, do you feel it is for the better or for the worse for the genre?”

I posted Suikoden’s questions to the team for this week’s Massively Overthinking!

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WildStar looks forward to more Prime difficulty content over the next year

The first major WildStar patch of 2017 unlocked the Primal Matrix and added the Prime difficulty level for select dungeons. What’s next for the game? According to the newest state of the game letter, it’s time for even more Prime difficulty, including Prime difficulty raids! No longer will you have to suffer through the normal difficulty raids like some sort of sucker, assuming you could actually get a full raid group together to even take on the content, much less clear it.

The Prime difficulty is also coming to other dungeons and adventures over the remainder of the year. The other big addition is the new Communities feature, allowing players to come together and collaborate on housing plots instead of working separately. If you’re tired of how easy the raids in WildStar are, we’re sure you’ll be happy at the thought of making them even harder. If you’re not a big fan of the difficulty hike at this point, though… well, there are more Primal Matrix levels coming, so that’s something?

Source: Official Site; thanks to GreaterDivinity for the tip!


Wurm Online patches in new housing, siege weaponry

Sandbox MMORPG Wurm Online has pushed out a meaty update today focused partly on new additions to its housing system. Players should anticipate a series of new building materials, pavement, wall textures, fences, all of which transform into multiple new styles of houses. Moreover, “Underground housing will now be enabled on PvP servers,” says Code AB, so get your basement-level evil lairs prepped!

PvP is indeed the subject of the second part of the update; the studio says it’s altered siege weapons. Catapults, trebuchets, archery towers, and magic turrets should now be much more potent, and they’ll be joined by brand-new battering rams, the better for you to wreck your enemies’ brand-new houses.

We’ve got images of all the new homes, plus the game’s new trailer below!

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Shroud of the Avatar kicks off another free trial weekend today

Someone in our comments a few days back was just wishing he could pop into Shroud of the Avatar on a free trial to check it out before plunking down cold hard Steam cash. Good news for that guy: Portalarium announced today that it’s running another free trial period beginning today and ending April 10.

To hop in and check it out, all you have to do is create an account and get it downloaded. Just keep in mind that you’ll be under some restrictions while you poke around gratis. For example, you can’t trade, you can’t buy stuff from vendors, you can’t nab a housing lot, you can’t gank people (sorry, gankers!), and you can’t play in offline mode. Portalarium also reserves the right to delete your account data if you don’t upgrade when you’re done. That’s their goal, after all!

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Black Desert gooses its players in this week’s patch

MMO got your goose? Now you can get it back with this week’s Flondor Goose Egg event in Black Desert.

Courtesy of the new 1.37 GB patch, the event has spawned goose eggs all over the place. If players find and turn these in to their creepy black spirit, they can then unlock an additional quest. Presumably, there are rewards sprinkled in there as well. The event starts today and will run through April 19th.

There’s a little more to the patch than that, of course. The team has made some improvements to the in-game marketplace, fixed dueling mechanics to make it a bit safer from griefing, and allowed housing items to be placed on wall shelves. Oh, and now there are watermarks on all of your screenshots because someone out there must have put that in the suggestion box. Was it you, George? We totally know it was. Thanks a LOT.

Source: Patch notes


ARK: Survival Evolved adds in underwater housing and laser-equipped mosasaurs

Would you like to be under the sea in a technological garden in the shade? ARK: Survival Evolved has you covered with its latest patch. TEK tier research will allow you to build an entire underwater base so you can find for yourself if there is indeed water at the bottom of the ocean. If you’re worried about enemies, don’t be; you can also equip a mosasaur with technological armor and laser beams. Underwater.

In other words, just tell your friends that they’d better check under the sea.

For those of you who prefer more terrestrial endeavors, you’re hardly left out of this patch. You can build a teleporter, tame the magnificent Equus Magnus, uncover the mighty Iguanodon, and generally do your best to stay away from the water. Of course, with the massive Leedsichthys swimming in the depths, you may be tempted to catch some of those aggressive fish for their succulent meat… which just goes to show that there’s nowhere in the game where you can truly be beyond the sea. You probably can’t make your Equus drink from it, though.

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Black Death’s V0.12 overhauls combat and housing, offers new trailer

Indie survival sandbox The Black Death is due for a massive update any hour now. Last week, Small Impact Games told players that back in November, the team simply wasn’t happy with the state of the game, so back to the drawing board it went for a round of key feature-building and problem-fixing. Now it’s ready for us.

The update is packed with a fully revamped combat system, a proper diurnal system, new spawn locations for noobies, new pillaging areas “that nobody in their right mind would want to visit unless you want the best loot in the game,” and the “tip of the new housing system iceberg” with what the team is calling a “core feature set” for housing that’ll be expanded heavily moving forward.

The update was meant to go live yesterday but was held back a day and change thanks to bug and internet issues. While you wait, check out the brand-new trailer out for the update!

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