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EVE Evolved: Controversy over gambling bans and charities

It’s been a crazy, drama-filled week in EVE Online, starting with a controversial change to the EULA that will ban all gambling sites using in-game currency or assets when the Ascension expansion arrives on November 8th. The move comes alongside the banning of high-profile gambling kingpins Lenny Kravitz2 and IronBank, the two players who famously funded World War Bee using the trillion-ISK profit fountains of a casino empire.

The gambling ban is expected to be a serious blow to player-run events, charitable organisations, and even some blogs, all of which have been funded in part by gambling sites for several years. With its main benefactor now banned, charitable organisation Care 4 Kids has come under renewed pressure from players questioning its profit-making activities and political motives. Over the past year, the group has erected a massive citadel structure, gained territory in nullsec, and even hired farming corps.

In this in-depth edition of EVE Evolved, I look at why the gambling ban was necessary, the impact that ISK from gambling has had on EVE, and the recent drama that’s bubbled up around the Care 4 Kids charity.

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EVE’s PLEX for Good raises over $103,000 for Nepal victims

CCP has published a blog post detailing the results of its latest PLEX for Good fundraising drive that provided assistance for victims of the recent Nepal earthquake. A total of $103,650 USD was donated, which equals 6,910 PLEX or 575 years and 303 days of game time.

The sum is the second largest in the history of EVE Online’s PLEX for Good program, and the total proceeds from drives over the past decade amount to nearly half a million US dollars.


CCP extends EVE PLEX drive for latest Nepal quake

Nepal can’t seem to catch a break, as a second major earthquake has devastated the region two weeks after a quake killed over 8,000 people. EVE Online developer CCP continues to do its part for victims. Proceeds from its PLEX for GOOD initiative topped $61,000 in support of the original quake cleanup. Now the firm is extending its drive for an additional nine days in order to help out with the latest disaster.

In other EVE news, CCP has also released a dev blog detailing its extensive plans for overhauling structures in its sci-fi sandbox.


EVE Online’s PLEX is helping Nepal victims

Have you donated to disaster relief efforts in Nepal yet? If not, and if you’re an EVE Online player, you can do so via CCP’s PLEX for GOOD program. The firm is accepting PLEX donations from now through May 15th, and for every PLEX received, the devs will donate $15 USD to relief efforts through the Icelandic Red Cross.

Full details on how to participate are available at EVE Online’s website.

[Source: PLEX for GOOD]