Armored Warfare launches its Tanks Reloaded balance patch and previews its immediate followup

It’s been a while since Armored Warfare first discussed its upcoming “Balance 2.0” adjustments for the game’s mechanics, but the first pass has been added to the game with patch 0.19. The patch adjusts tank gameplay extensively while simultaneously adding 26 new tanks to play. But that’s not all the patch includes; there’s also a new PvP map, two new PvE missions, a new Skirmish mode, and a new Global Operations match. That’d be enough for a patch even without all of the balance changes.

Also, that isn’t the end of the story; the game is already previewing its next major update, which will include more balance changes, a new Garage interface, another new PvE mission, and new UI elements. So the big stuff just keeps rolling along. You can check out a trailer for the most recent patch just below, and you already know what to look forward to after you’ve finished up with that.

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Paragon introduces its newest hero, Revenant

Bear with us for a moment, here. You know there’s a game out right now that has a whole lot of characters but is allergic to any actual story, so most of what fans do is ship one character with another character. So what happens when Obnoxious Shotgun Edgelord and Just An Actual Cowboy Straight-Up In The Game hook up and manage to somehow have a love child? Well, Paragon has answered that question with its new ranged carry character, Revenant.

Don’t believe us? It sounds kind of unbelievable. Here, check out the reveal trailer just below in which you see a cowboy-hat-wearing specter of death with a shotgun revolver stomp around and shoot things. Seriously. If you’ve got some fanfics on deck about how such a thing would be possible… well, please don’t send them to us. We’re fine with leaving that as a biological mystery.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 113: Avatar vs. toon

Do you want to date my space avatar? She’s a star and she’s hotter than a supernova by far. Or maybe you’re a loony tooner? What’s the socially acceptable way to reference your character in an MMORPG without coming across like some weirdo from another gaming era? Bree and Justin will devote their lives to figuring out this question.

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Path of Exile offers animated teasers for Fall of Oriath

Video games are usually a pretty visual medium, especially these days, interactive fiction and Dwarf Fortress notwithstanding. It’s why we all like screenshots. But even better than a screenshot is a nice animated picture showing you exactly what to expect, right? Path of Exile is hoping so, as the game has released three teaser animations showing off upcoming content coming with the Fall of Oriath expansion.

The renewed Wetlands and the Reliquary are both on display here, complete with a bit of wildlife animation in the former. There’s also a brief clip of the boss fight against Shavronne and Brutus, for which you can supply your own electrical pun. (It’s not as much fun when you can’t make constant puns about it through an entire post.) If a picture is worth a thousand words, animated ones must be worth at least a couple thousand, right?

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Dauntless will feature controller support, explains free-to-play business model

How rock and roll is the upcoming co-op monster hunting game Dauntless? You don’t even have to use a keyboard and mouse if you want to, as the game will also support controllers. The news comes to us in a preview video in which a developer fields the question of whether or not the game will allow this: “Oh yeah, Dauntless supports controllers, baby!”

Players have been cobbling together other scraps of information about this 2017 title as founder’s alpha is heading to us soon. The devs also revealed some details about the game’s founder’s packs and free-to-play model. “Ultimately, because we believe that the best games are played with your friends, we decided if we kept our player hats on and stayed true to our vision, we could bring this game to more folks through F2P,” the team wrote.

Check out all of the news for yourself in the videos below.

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Choose My Adventure: Muddling through the start of Black Desert

After my first week of playing, I don’t know if I actually like Black Desert very much. I also don’t know entirely if it’s very good at what it’s trying to do. These are not the same thing.

My first experiences with the game were not exactly what I would call positive, but little of that had to do with the game itself (it’s hardly the game’s fault that one of my credit cards did not want to properly activate, for example, and while that made purchasing the title more annoying that’s really just my own problem). Once I actually got in and started playing with the character creator, though, it… well, it still had problems. But it’s an open question whether those problems are the fault of the game itself or just the problem of who is playing. And I also wonder how many of those will change over time as I do get accustomed to the game.

But, hey, at least it can’t be accused of being generic.

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Dark and Light’s trees are mad as hell and are not going to take it any more

Are you still a little bummed at the recently announced beta delay for Dark and Light? It might be worth the wait, if the game’s continued previews of its fantastic art are any indication.

Last week, Snail Games posted six new pieces of concept art and screenshots of the fantasy MMORPG, mostly concentrating on the fury of nature. It looks like the game will boast large Ent-like tree monsters who aren’t exactly of the “hugging” variety.

“Gathering resources is important, but be careful where you’re swinging your hatchets and pickaxes! That innocent-looking tree or pile of rubble may be a dormant elemental just looking for an excuse to pound your head in,” the studio said.

Source: Facebook


TERA previews the fluid combat of the Valkyrie class, launching April 11 with Honorbound

Excited for TERA’s next new class? She’s the Valkyrie, with a name voted on by you, and today En Masse has queued up a brand-new trailer showing off her badass moves.

“Valkyries are an ancient Castanic martial order who have returned from exile to help fight the Archdevan army. They originate in a culture that celebrates freedom and express that through a fluid combat style. Close-combat specialists with a dual-focus on crowd control and burst damage, a Valkyrie’s weapons, armor, and skill sets are designed to set up opponents for massive attacks. These attacks generate Runemarks, a new combat mechanic exclusive to the Valkyrie class, for them to exploit and explode. Combining fast movement with high damage, Valkyries will be a dominant factor in any battle.”

The Valkyrie launches in next week’s Honorbound update, landing April 11th. Until then, drool over the official website’s skill list and get ready for clickin’.

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Soak up an hour of Elder Scrolls Online’s new Warden

Are you bearly ready to roll up one of the new Wardens for this June’s Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind? Future bear butts rejoice, then, because ZeniMax has delivered a full hour of information and preview for the ranged pet class.

In the latest episode of ESO Live, the team hunkers down to discuss this brand-new class, including the design behind it, its animal companions, and how its various roles will play out in the game. After brainstorming several types of classes (including an intriguing Dark Wizard), the team narrowed it down to the Warden: “We wanted something different and unique so that players could express themselves in this avenue that we had not yet created. That’s why we went with the nature theme.”

Check out the Warden video preview after the break as well as a sneak peek of Morrowind’s Balmora zone!

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Paragon’s Morigesh lands on April 4, hopes you like bugs

Games-run MOBA Paragon’s free-to-play open beta is introducing a brand-new playable character next week on April 4th. Her name is Morigesh, and she is pretty much the personification of an evil dank swamp.

“Available for free to all players on Tuesday, April 4, Morigesh is a close range caster who uses her abilities to deal consistent damage to her enemies before assassinating them,” says Epic. Her skills include marking targets with her evil doll, a hive of bugs that acts as an AoE DoT, a personal morph into her own speed-buff swarm of bugs, and surely the last one isn’t also bugs? OK, yeah, no, it’s bugs.

There’s no way I can preview the following video without freaking out a little bit, so I present it to you unwatched with all the usual entomophobia trigger warnings. I’ll just be over here in the corner, screaming silently. Thanks, Epic!

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Bless Online’s Korean version is getting a massive content injection

Bless Online’s Korean version is in the midst of a massive content update expected to launch in several waves over the course of the next couple of months and beginning with a preview of the Urdata War Fortress, which itself arrives on April 11th. There’s a giant graphic to accompany the announcement below. More info is apparently due on Friday — and it’s all good news for the Korean edition of the MMORPG, which has undergone multiple rounds of server merges since its launch.

As for the Aeria Games version that we’ll be playing here in the west someday? It’s still under construction – don’t expect it anytime soon.

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Final Fantasy XI previews its April version update

The monthly update cadence of Final Fantasy XI is continuing into April, but this time around the game is actually moving backwards a little bit. Just a little bit, though; it’s bringing back one of the more popular Ambuscade foes for players to face once more, complete with new rewards available. If you couldn’t get enough of fighting the Gigas, you’ll have another opportunity.

Players can also see another old foe with a long history of being fought as another Ark Angel joins the list of Trust companions, this time the Ark Angel MR. There’s also new log messages in the chat window for crafting gains to facilitate the Escutcheon line, new Records of Eminence objectives, and a few other quality of life features. Just because some of the monthly update content is glancing backwards doesn’t mean the game as a whole isn’t moving forward just the same.


Project Genom updates fans on a big dump and other behind-the-scenes progress

Technical issues are preventing Project Genom from updating the test version of the game at the moment, but while the developers work on fixing those code issues, the game is still being developed. The latest newsletter from the studio shows off a number of things that the staff has been working on, including an enormous dump. The Dump dungeon is about 70% finished, and it definitely looks like a varied and interesting pile of trash for you to adventure within.

New idle animations for NPCs have also been added in, along with several new facial builds for male characters and new beard options. There’s also a preview of some of the game’s high-level armor, which features hovering plates that can reconfigure to defend the wearer. It’s not quite as good as a patch offering players access to all of this stuff, but it’s a good sign that development is still rolling forward despite patcher issues.


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