Ashes of Creation talks about group dynamics and shows PAX demo locales

Calling it an “essential part of the game,” grouping is this week’s focus over at Ashes of Creation.

Ashes of Creation’s team is currently planning for a default group size of eight, saying that this brings back the “massively” to the genre and “amplifies” class roles. Loot rules will be pretty traditional compared to what you’d find in most MMOs, although the team is considering adding a bidding system as well.

To help with the creation of more well-rounded groups, the team will empower players to choose “augments” that allow for more diversification in addition to their main role. Think of a DPSer having some debuff abilities or a healer that adds some buffing skills.

“We want to allow for well-rounded parties to be rewarded for diversity and inclusion when people are determining party composition,” the devs wrote.

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EVE Online previews changes coming to mining moons

Mining makes the world go round for EVE Online. You need those resources to construct space stations, to build ships, and to barter with others in order to fight over the price of minerals extracted through mining, right? Right. So the changes coming to moon mining will have a pretty big impact; instead of passively mining from space, players will lift a whole chunk of the moon and then blast it apart so that individual ships can flit through and mine away. The whole process is explained in more detail in the most recent development post.

Players will have new ores mined from these moon chunks that refine into multiple different components rather than come out pre-processed, thus giving good reason for players to collect these new sorts of ore personally. The process of surveying a moon and the distribution of resources will also be adjusted, giving players plenty of reasons to pursue different moons for mining operations instead of simply parking at the most convenient ones. Check out the full entry to see how much fun it can be to lift off a chunk of rock from a moon and then dig for things from the rocks.


Path of Exile’s Fall of Oriath expansion arrives August 4

Path of Exile’s Fall of Oriath expansion finally has a formal launch date: August 4th. The expansion adds literally new everything, from new skills and bosses to new locations, plus the new pantheon system, five new acts, and the difficulty level system. Over in the beta, the devs are working hard on the Labyrinth, maps, and flask balancing with just a couple weeks to go. The aborted microtransaction system is also slated for this coming Friday.

Just getting caught up? Don’t miss our February preview and reveal, our steam and hands-on with the beta, and our E3 interview on the expansion, plus the new images and trailer below!

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Neverwinter reveals gear sets found in Tomb of Annihilation

When you dive into Chult for Neverwinter’s next expansion, you’re going to be facing new threats. And what goes well with new challenges? New equipment, obviously. The latest development update discusses the gear you’ll be getting, starting with the fact that Chult’s gear doesn’t involve set bonuses; instead, each individual piece has a bonus, freeing you to play around a little more with mixing and matching.

Characters fresh off of the boat can pick up a new set with bonuses devoted to fighting harder when you’re at lower health, and there’s also a slightly better set available for players who earn the trust of the locals that’s all about strength in numbers. Hunt marks drop still more powerful gear, and players can also pick up the best gear available by diving deep into the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Check out the full preview if you’re eager to see what new fashions you can wear as you head into the jungle.


Overwatch’s Doomfist was born from a mere name

“From the very moment we announced Overwatch, Doomfist was part of the story,” Game Director Jeff Kaplain said in a new hero preview video. “It immediately raised questions in everybody’s mind: Who is this Doomfist guy?”

The team revealed that the whole character and concept came simply from a villain name thrown out at the beginning of the game’s development. From this simple origin came a feared foe whose super-charged fist was the stuff of legends and was destined to be a part of the game.

And while some fans might be upset that Terry Crews wasn’t actually voicing the villain, as was rumored, apparently Crews himself is fine with the decision. “I realized that I don’t wanna be the guy that hijacks a game, you know?” he said in an interview.

Doomfist is currently in testing, and you can get your behind-the-scenes fix of the character’s development and playstyle below!

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Check out previews of two areas coming in World of Warcraft patch 7.3

If you’ve missed the memo, World of Warcraft is taking players to Argus in patch 7.3. That’s the former home of the Draenei, a stronghold of the Burning Legion, and probably not a great place to stop if you’re looking for the best boneless wings money can buy. Previews for the areas of Mac’Aree and Krokuun are now available courtesy of WowHead, and you can check out the tours just below if you can’t wait to explore the landscapes offered by this alien world.

Of course, you might want to know a little more about how you got here in the first place. That’s also fine, and it’s something covered by the next installment of the Warcraft Chronicle series coming out in March 2018. While we don’t know the details, it looks like it’ll cover events around the time of Warcraft III, so it may be useful to bone up on that information once you’ve gotten through the threats available on Argus.

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Paragon introduces its new character, Zinx

The lack of humanoid cat-people in certain games is a failing that urgently needs to be addressed by developers, so it’s a good thing that Paragon is adding Zinx to the mix. It’s also a good thing that Paragon decided to introduce Zinx with a trailer to remind you of old grindhouse trailers, even if you mostly remember those from archives and references to the originals.

What can Zinx actually do? Well, wreck people, obviously. This is a MOBA; she’s not going to be showing up because she’s a mathematical whiz unless that translates to shooting people. But you can check out the trailer for her just below, so you can draw your own conclusions about whether or not she’s the anthropomorphic feline you’ve been waiting for; she’ll be available on July 18th.

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Global Chat: Learning from Master X Master

We’ve certainly remarked several times on Massively OP how much like an MMO Master X Master is, even though it firmly checks the “MOBA” box on its census form. With so much similarity and bleedover between the gameplay genres, is there something that MMOs can learn from this title?

Occasional Hero seems to think so and has pulled out three lessons from his experience, including altaholic pride: “As someone who loves playing an army of alts rather than a single character, I really like the idea of a game with a whole bunch of characters that I can switch between as I feel like it. It’s one of the reasons why I love Marvel Heroes so much, despite the fact that the gameplay revolves around doing the same content over and over. And the reason why playing a bunch of different characters/classes is fun in a game like Marvel Heroes or Master X Master is that they each have a unique gimmick.”

Join us for more interesting MMO discussions from gaming blogs after the break, including a strange revival for EverQuest Online Adventures, a new way to experience World of Warcraft, and first steps into Secret World Legends!

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Armored Warfare announces Eye of the Storm expansion

This morning we had a lively discussion in the Massively OP office over whether or not Armored Warfare had ever actually launched. We thought it had, considering all of its releases to date, but in doing some research, we determined the game has simply existed in a soft-launch open beta state since October 2015.

Beta or no, the vehicle PvP game is getting ready to roll out a huge summer expansion called Eye of the Storm. Update 0.21 will add a new Panama Canal map for players to fight over and toss in Czechoslovak and Polish progression vehicles to add more spice to the combat front.

In addition to these headlining features, Eye of the Storm has plenty of smaller, but welcome, changes. These include economy changes that “justly reward” players, garage UI improvements, graphical upgrades, ammunition fixes, and revamps to the Narrows and Roughneck maps.

Take a closer look at the Panama Canal waterway map below!

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Guild Wars 2’s gem store gets a huge overhaul

Have you ever found yourself in this situation: You are flush with cash and desperately want to dump it on Guild Wars 2, but you find the store interface too confusing or obtuse, so you end up buying insurance and stock options instead? Well, that sort of regrettable scenario is a thing of the past, as today the game introduced an overhauled gem store to the playerbase.

Gem Store 2.0 offers a more intuitive and robust shopping experience. The new store includes a faster interface, a better search function, revised categories, improved sorting, and more preview options to help you decide whether or not to make that purchase.

Looking to get caught up on Guild Wars 2? Make sure to read Tina’s extremely comprehensive review of the Living World Season 3!

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TennoCon 2017: Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon is the first step toward a true MMORPG

Do you think you know what Warframe is? Can you define the game? Well toss that out the window because the new expansion is going to change things quite a bit. Plains of Eidolon, announced tonight at the end of TennoCon 2017, is taking the shooter in a new direction by opening the world up and fleshing the universe out, creating new ways to experience the game. If you haven’t tried Warframe yet thinking the game isn’t for you, this summer will definitely be the time to jump in and give it a spin.

Can the new expansion really be that game-changing? Yes. I sat with devs as they played through a live demo earlier this afternoon, and what I saw really takes Warframe in a new direction. (I also really liked it!) Plains of Eidolon adds a whole new dimension of player freedom. It brings a more MMORPG feel into the game — makes it more of a real world. Instead of just taking missions and teleporting to small instances, players will have the chance to explore the Warframe universe in open landscapes and meet the races they’ve been protecting for the last four years. Game Director Steve Sinclair told me that while it isn’t an open world, this is a first step in that direction, incorporating elements such as NPCs, open adventure areas, and day/night cycles that influence the gameplay. Of course, the expansion will also include a new Warframe, new weapons, and plenty of new story. Read on for a preview and the brand-new trailer!

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LOTRO tests Mordor’s improved character models and allegiance system

The third public preview test of Lord of the Rings Online: Mordor arrived yesterday, further expanding the beta of the upcoming expansion. New this time around is the first glimpse of the new human avatar visual updates, the allegiance system (albeit without many of the quests and rewards), and a few tweaks to the High Elves’ hairstyle. They’re vain, get over it.

“Early elements of the avatar update can be seen in this build on human models,” the devs said. “You will note a toggle in the character generation UI that allows you to see the original or updated appearance for each option.”

As with all of Mordor’s tests so far, the Bullroarer server is open to anyone who wants to create a copy of their characters and give the new content a whirl.

Source: Patch notes


The secret of Tibia’s mystery door is finally revealed

Last year we ran a story on an extremely exclusive door in Tibia, a very long-running MMO, that would only be opened by a player who reached level 999. One player did last August, but decided to hide the revelation of what lay beyond it from the community. That right there is an MMO Aesop’s fable of sorts.

PC Gamer reported that the game’s second-highest player recently cracked open this secretive door, and this time around, the whole community was able to see. After trying to extort money from fellow players for a vacation fund, the player in question streamed the event to show that the door was a portal to a cute little tropical island with a couple of vendors and not much else.

As for the game itself, Tibia is continuing to churn out previews of its big upcoming summer patch. One of the main features of this update is Feyrist, a peninsula full of faeries, fauns, and even boogy monsters.

See what lies behind door number 999 after the jump!

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