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Project Genom is finally implementing questing and begins work on weather

Early access sci-fi MMO Project Genom has a dev team update that’s bigger than it first appears. “The first small quest appeared on the test servers,” says NeuronHaze. “It means that we came even closer to presenting a full-fledged updated quest system.”

In addition to building out new mech animations, the video for which we’ve included down below, the team says it’s working on biomes – including the sulfur lakes and riverlands. Even more intriguingly, weather is finally on the way.

“Our team began working on the implementation of the weather conditions dynamic change system. In the future, we would like the weather not to simply revive the game world but also to affect the gameplay. For example, it will be more difficult to move around in a snowstorm, limited visibility will make it harder to see the approaching enemy in time, and there will be a chance for the unprepared travelers to receive the Hypothermia debuff.”

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Project Genom gets a handle on quests and dialogue, demos its siege mech

Great news for fans of Project Genom and the title’s progress: The team announced this week that it has put the wraps on the dialogue system and is making great strides to doing the same with quests.

“The game world develops, and we are craving for the implementation of quests into the game,” the team wrote in the October 16th newsletter. “We’ve re-written quests from the point of logic and interest, improved the dialogues, and made them more non-linear. We payed much attention on your feedback and tried to improve the whole storyline aspect of the project. ”

Another one of the team’s recent triumphs is the creation of the siege mech. Check it out in action after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Betawatch: Dark and Light enters closed testing (June 23, 2017)

One game enters the list and another leaves. Dark and Light has started its closed testing, although there’s a very small number of people currently invited to test the game, so you’re probably not on the list. Meanwhile, Master x Master has entered the shark-infested waters of launch, so it’s now as real as it gets. Hooray for changes on the list!

Boy, I’m so excited I’m just going to launch into several more list items. Come with me, will you?

And there’s still a whole list down below! What fun. Let us know if something in there slipped phases without us noticing, all right? We really like lists, if you haven’t noticed.

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Project Genom to release massive testing update next month

Those hoping to see more rapid development and deployment of Project Genom will get their wish next month, according to this week’s newsletter.

“On July 28th, 2017, we will launch a separate PTS game version,” the team announced. “This test will be a key step in the development over the last months and a starting point for the fast release of subsequent major patches and the game version update on Steam […] The update will completely change the whole project basis, both technically and visually, but the main purpose of it is testing the network part.”

This patch is going to take the game a major step forward with new network architecture, a server transition system, seamless world transitions, an improved database, updated character models, character customization, better enemy AI, a revamped UI, 40 square miles of redesigned landscape, reworked dungeons, day and night transitions, daily routines for NPCs, and a dialogue system. Seems like a good collection of features for a proper update, doesn’t it?

Source: Project Genom. Thanks Edge_case!


Project Genom works on enhanced customization, player cabins, and snow biomes

A “calm and productive” week for the Project Genom saw project advancement in many different areas. The team laid out a list of these various tasks in this week’s newsletter, which is a quick and inspiring read for fans of this sci-fi sandbox.

So what’s the good word? Improvements are being made to characters, with female animations coming along, additional customization options included, and more armor models developed. Ten miles of snow-capped terrain is being added to the world, NPCs are starting to have conversations with each other, and refinements are being made to the day/night cycle.

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Project Genom adds day/night cycle, says longest programming tasks are almost done

“The longest and the most difficult programming tasks are almost completed,” crowed the team over at Project Genom. In this week’s newsletter, the sandbox’s progress through alpha development and testing outlined a game that is coming together.

For example, a day/night cycle has been added to the game that will rely on server time and make Project Genom feel more natural. Other projects include adding in a scientist camp, designing higher-level armor for characters, improving female character animations, and tweaking the visuals for snow-capped locations.

The team said that it’s working to make the world come alive with NPCs: “We also continue adjusting and adding the non-player characters, trying to improve their behavior and interaction with the environment. The work has begun on the possibility of dialogues between NPCs. In addition to visual component, we want to add a system of optional quests which a player can get by overhearing conversations between NPCs. Dialogues between NPCs will also become an additional mechanics for the main plot quests. We’re working on the system allowing NPCs patrolling the territory.”

Source: Steam


Betawatch: Destiny 2 is coming to the PC (March 31, 2017)

All the speculation and hopes turned out to be true; Destiny 2 will be coming to the PC as well as consoles, with a launch in September and a beta this summer. We haven’t yet had a confirmation that the sequel will allow you to ride on magical ponies or feature a third-person camera, but I’m sure that wishing hard enough makes things happen. Why not, at this point?

Other beta news with significantly less destiny did occur this week, naturally:

Oh, and there’s a list of stuff down below. What sort of stuff? Games in testing, mostly. Some of them might have jumped test phases without us noticing though, and if so, do clue us in down in the comments.

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Project Genom updates fans on a big dump and other behind-the-scenes progress

Technical issues are preventing Project Genom from updating the test version of the game at the moment, but while the developers work on fixing those code issues, the game is still being developed. The latest newsletter from the studio shows off a number of things that the staff has been working on, including an enormous dump. The Dump dungeon is about 70% finished, and it definitely looks like a varied and interesting pile of trash for you to adventure within.

New idle animations for NPCs have also been added in, along with several new facial builds for male characters and new beard options. There’s also a preview of some of the game’s high-level armor, which features hovering plates that can reconfigure to defend the wearer. It’s not quite as good as a patch offering players access to all of this stuff, but it’s a good sign that development is still rolling forward despite patcher issues.


Project Genom’s content update date uncertain, progress assured

There’s certainly a lot to digest in the most recent Project Genom newsletter, although perhaps the most important item is buried all of the way at the end. The team said that despite getting asked about it a lot, it simply does not know when the next big update will be pushed out to the game. Perhaps in the first half of this year, but no promises.

Even so, it sounds as if the game is making terrific progress as of late. The team listed several accomplishments, including multi-racial female heads, more polish to the world around the main camp, a futuristic tow truck that you can drive, NPC animations and the final integration of the male model. The team is asking the community about whether or not NPCs should follow a day/night cycle in their activities, even if it interferes with quest pickup and delivery.

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Project Genom rewrites its code and renovates its world

The end of 2016 was a messy and unfortunate time for the folks at Project Genom, who have only now emerged to start up discussion on the scifi sandbox once more.

“If someone missed or doesn’t know what caused the current lack of updates, we remind you: legal issues and lag,” the team posted in its first weekly report. “Legal issues arose immediately, affected the software part, and cause a short and bright scandal, which we quickly settled. But it has strongly influenced our decision to rework the code.”

By rewriting much of the code from scratch, the team has been able to address many of the issues that popped up during early access. Speaking of which, apparently sales from early access have allowed a reworking of the code and game world visuals. Other projects that the team reported on include improving character anatomy (and underwear!), new armor sets, and revamped dungeons.

Give a look at the new and improved Project Genom after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Project Genom on early access dev progress and the ‘Google tax’

Sci-fi MMO Project Genom’s latest dev post says studio NeuronHaze is “totally wrapped up” in development and apologizes for its lack of a timeline, but it still has a few teasers for onlookers. For starters, the team has promised a pass on NPCs to diversify background characters in gender and ethnicity as well as in cybernetic and mutant appearances. The studio is also working on “the expansion and improvement of the game world,” updates to “game plot and its quests,” and equipment balancing.

“Some extra attention should be given to one question often asked by the concerned players: how will the so-called ‘Google tax‘ impact the prices,” the team concludes. “The answer is in no way. We won’t change the game price for players from Russia or any other country due to the additional 18% tax.”

Genom, you’ll recall, bubbled to the top of the news last fall when a scuffle between NeuronHaze and the game’s lead programmer caused the game to vacate Steam over blackmail and infringement allegations not long after its Steam early access launch. The game returned, both parties apparently having resolved their feud, less than a week later.

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Massively OP’s MMO guide to the Steam Winter Sale

Do you have any money left after all of that holiday shopping, travel, and dining out? Steam would very much like to have what remains, if you please, and is willing to trade you some discounted games in return.

Yes, the annual Steam Winter Sale is up and running, which means all sorts of deals for the frugal MMORPG player. We’ve compiled a huge list of all of the deals — including discounts of up to 90% off! — to help you navigate the holiday promotion. The sale ends on January 2nd. Hope it helps!

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The MOP Up: Christmas in a warzone (December 25, 2016)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week, Warface brought a little holiday cheer into its relentless warzones. We’ve got that plus stories and videos from Overwatch, Elder Scrolls Online, Minecraft, and more, all waiting for you after the break!

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