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Project W, Project Z, and God Slayer Online all teased ahead of G-Star 2017

NCsoft tipped its hand on its upcoming Project TL/Lineage Eternal do-over, Blade & Soul 2, and Aion Tempest, but it’s far from the only East Asian company pumping out new games.

As Steparu chronicles, Bluehole is indeed still working on Project W. We don’t know a whole lot, but there are a few snippets in the company’s G-Star trailer showing this MMORPG’s decidedly steampunk aesthetic.

ChangYou, which I still can’t forgive for killing off Zentia in the west, has a codenamed MMO of its own on the way: Project Z Online. According to Steparu, it’s a classic tab-target PC MMORPG that eschews gender-locked characters.

Finally, there’s God Slayer Online, also from ChangYou, which we’ve covered before during its looooooong beta testing and in its current iteration is much more focused on combat and customization.

We’ve tucked the relevant videos down below. Anything you’re looking forward to porting westward?

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Bluehole’s Project W to be revealed at G-Star 2017

We first asked what Project W was about a year ago, and we still don’t know the answer. We know that it’s being made by Bluehole Studios, the same people who made TERA, and we know that the latest preview image is the size of a postage stamp and features guns. (We have used a picture of a gun as our header out of respect.) But we still don’t know what it actually is. Fortunately, we will once G-star 2017 rolls around, because that’s when it’s being revealed.

The good news is that since Bluehole is also behind the horribly named but screamingly popular PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds the odds are that it shan’t be another survival shooter. What will it be? Will there be giant robots? Is it an MMO? We’re just going to have to wait on that one.

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Bluehole Studio and ArenaNet are hiring multiple devs

It is always much more of a relief to report on MMO studios hiring on new help rather than going through layoffs. Right now, both Bluehole Studio and ArenaNet are going through a hiring boom as they seek to fill multiple positions in their respective companies.

Bluehole Studio is preparing for a recruitment drive next week to find game planners, artists, and programmers for its multiple titles. The studio is not only looking to expand TERA, which could involve working on that long-rumored console port, but needs more talent for its upcoming Project W MMO.

Over in ArenaNet’s neck of the woods, the Guild Wars 2 studio is seeking out a half-dozen artists to slide into various roles at the company. These include an FX artist, character modeler, and senior animator.


Kakao Games signs on as publisher for Bluehole’s next MMO, Project W

What is Project W? Is it part of the most ambitious ARG ever that kicked off with last night’s World Series win by the Cubs? Probably not, but it is definitely Bluehole Studios’ next game after TERA. And it has a publisher now in Kakao Games, so that’s good to know even if we don’t know what the game actually is yet.

Kakao Games has signed on to publish the title in both Korea and North America, so you can be at least relatively assured that Project W will be making its way here sooner rather than later. More information about the game is slated to be released at a later date. For now, feel free to speculate with the knowledge that you’ll get to see it… and maybe keep a close eye on Wrigley Field just in case.