Black Desert’s Kakao Games enjoys $131.6 million in investment

It’s all coming up Kakao Games these days.

The Korean studio received a large investment package recently that totals $131.6 million. The bundle comes from five external companies, including China’s Tencent, South Korea’s Netmarble, Bluehole Studio, Premier Growth-M&A PEF, and Actozsoft.

So what does Kakao plan to do with its newly laden pockets? The studio has its eyes on global expansion and the acquisition of other studios.

Over in its signature product Black Desert, Kakao and Pearl Abyss are preparing to roll out a new PvP server called Arsha that provides incentives for player conflict. The game is also half-off ($5) on Steam right now through February 19th.

Source: Games Industry, press release


Overwatch invites you to a free play weekend

Forget roses and chocolates; the best way to tell a friend that you love them is a masterfully executed kill shot. So for this Valentine week, why not take a loved one into Overwatch for a free date… with DEATH?

Blizzard is hosting a free play weekend for its multiplayer shooter this weekend from February 16th through the 19th. Players on the PC and consoles can jump into the game to give it a try for these four days. And this is no skimpy trial version, either, but the full-fledged product with all of its heroes and maps.

It should also be pointed out that players can level up and loot all they like during this period and that this progress will be saved should they decide to purchase the game. Console players will need to have Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus membership to access the promotion.

Source: Overwatch


Chronicles of Elyria has ways for you to be naughty or nice this Valentine’s Day

Let’s get this out of the way right from the beginning: Yes, Chronicles of Elyria is literally selling players a chainmail bikini.

This is but one of several special Valentine’s Day gifting options that Soulbound Studio is promoting this week. If fans want to express their naughty side, well, there’s the aforementioned bikini and its accompanying whip.

For the more tender and romantic souls, there are necklaces, song birds, and a picnic basket. And if you’re ready to take your relationship to the next step in a virtual game world that hasn’t been released yet, Elyria would like to sell you a “ring of devotion” or a cottage built for two.

This sale will be running through February 19th. Please do not gift Massively OP staffers any bikinis — we’re full up, thanks.


Cross-platform Crusaders of Light to debut on Steam in March

If you were on the lookout for a solid mobile MMO, you might have already checked out last year’s Crusaders of Light on both iOS and Android. It wasn’t a game that broke any genre conventions, but it did look pretty solid and attractive, so that low bar for mobile was met.

Well now the title is heading to a new platform: PC. NetEase announced that it’s bringing Crusaders of Light to Steam in March, at which point the game’s cross-platform capabilities will shine. Players will be able to use the same account for both mobile and PC, allowing seamless transitions between devices.

The studio is also preparing to open up a new North American server called Farroc Camp. If you pre-register for this server, you’ll net yourself $50 worth of in-game gifts when it launches.

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Tree of Life has a way for you to earn real gold with Bitcoin-like Boboo Coins

Fancy starting your own Scrooge McDuck gold vault so that you can go swimming in your riches every afternoon? You’re going to need to start somewhere, my friend, and your first step is to play Tree of Life.

The cartoony sandbox is running a bitcoin-inspired promotion with new “Boboo Coins” that drop in game from mining (naturally). These coins show up randomly and there are only a limited supply of them in the game, period. The challenge here is to find and sell as many Boboo Coins as possible within an undefined time limit.

The reward? The studio promised to mail an actual “real gold” Boboo Coin to the house of the player who tops the sales. The press release was a little vague as to the weight or worth of this coin, but still, that would be a pretty great prize to get, no?

Source: Press release


Pick up a Mu Ignition starter pack from Webzen and MOP in honor of launch day

Fancy a brand-new browser MMO? Mu Ignition, heir to what as become an incredibly long lineage of Mu games, formally launches today on Webzen’s global portal – you don’t even have to download anything. As we’ve previously written, the game is focused on combat and character progression and offers three different classes to tinker with.

In celebration of the launch, brand-new server, and ongoing festivities, Webzen has granted Massively OP keys for starter packs to hand out to our readers. The codes unlock a potion for a 50% EXP booster, 10 million zen, 10 jewels of bless, 10 basic mount feeds, and 20 teleport scrollies, all of which ought to help you get started playing.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Grab a Hyper Universe ‘MVP Starter Pack’ from Nexon and MOP!

In celebration of the launch of Hyper Universe Online earlier this week, Nexon has granted Massively OP keys for the Hyper All Stars Starter Pack MVP Starter Pack to pass out to our users; it includes high win-rate toons Yuna, Sapitelbub, Green Pit Bull, Jack, and their associated unique gear and ought to help you get started.

Please note that you must be logged into the comments to take a key. Head onward to grab one!

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Star Trek Online hands out free ships today, but you’ll have to pay for a chance of one from Discovery

Happy Free Ship Day! This isn’t us being cute; it’s an actual holiday promoted by Star Trek Online every year on its anniversary. Just by logging into the game today, you’ll be treated to a free Tier 5 ship for each faction: T5 Defiant Tactical Escort Retrofit, a T5 Dhelan Warbird Retrofit, and a T5 B’rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit.

However, if you would prefer a ship from the new Star Trek Discovery series, you’re going to have to play the lockbox game instead. STO rolled out its Discovery lockboxes today, each giving a chance to win a Tier 6 ship: the Crossfield-class Vanguard, the Sarcophagus Carrier, and the Walker-class Cruiser. There are also some weapons, outfits, and pets from the show as possible rewards.

See what lurks beyond the final frontier of lockboxes in the video below!

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Grab a goodie bag for Mythic Glory as it launches into open beta

So here’s a new one for us to cover: R2Games’s Mythic Glory. It’s a “browser MMORPG set in a persistent online world, populated by thousands of players working together – or against each other – for ultimate world domination,” the studio says. “There’s a chaotic evil looming, and it’s up to players to save the realm from certain destruction. An expansive single player journey awaits, backed up by in-depth online social systems including guilds, world events, dungeons, boss rushes, and much more.”

If you’d like to take a look, good news: The game is moving from alpha to open beta today, and R2 has granted Massively OP keys for a bundle of goodies to pass along to you! The key will unlock a package including five gold ingots, two gold recruits, five level-two gem packs, and a mark of divinity, which ought to help you get started.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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PSA: Grab sci-fi squad game Red Solstice for free

How about a completely free multiplayer game to brighten up your Tuesday? Humble Bundle has you covered.

The games deal site is running a free promotion to hand out copies of 2015’s The Red Solstice (normally, the title retails for $20). The Red Solstice throws eight players together in co-op missions across a hostile Mars. You’ll want to move fast to grab this, because the free promotion will be over on Wednesday.

“We are thrilled to see so many players online once more,” the game’s devs said on Steam.

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Sea of Thieves’ official controller is pure pirate gold

Excited about Sea of Thieves coming to Xbox One and PC this March? Excited enough that you’re already putting together your pirate cosplay outfit for launch day and have a nearby kiddie pool filled with water to make any loved ones “walk the plank?” Well now you can fully accessorize with the pre-order of the official Sea of Thieves Xbox controller.

The controller will become available on February 15th and can be purchased for £64.99 or about $85. Sure, it’s pricey, but it does have a really neat glow-in-the-dark design (we particularly like the compass-style analog stick and the single gold “tooth” trigger) and is wireless. It can be used for both console and Windows 10 PCs.

Sure, it’s a bit of hardware fluff, but the existence of an official Sea of Thieves controller is yet another sign of how seriously Microsoft is taking the launch of this game by throwing its weight behind it. Smooth sailing ahead!

Source: Microsoft via Eurogamer


Get two free mechs just for playing a MechWarrior Online match today

If you want to expand your arsenal of mechs to use in MechWarrior Online, be sure to log in and play a match today, December 27th. For 36 hours players can qualify for this special holiday promotion by playing just a single match – win or lose. The rewards for doing so are 25 extra stocking stuffer clicks, 3 days of premium time, 3 million C-Bills, and 1250 MC (all delivered immediately) as well as 2 Free Hero Mechs with Mech Bays (a Roughneck Hero Mech and a Sun Spider Mech that will be delivered in March 2018). The promotion started at 7:00 p.m. EST on Tuesday, December 26th and will end at 7:00 a.m. EST on Thursday, December 28th.

To make sure you’ve qualified for the prizes and to redeem them, you’ll have to leave game and check on the official site. Be sure you click the “redeem” button if your holiday bonus challenge is completed so you don’t miss out!


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