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Destiny 2’s PS4 exclusives won’t arrive on Xbone and PC until 2018

If the fact that Destiny 2’s PC edition is being held back seven weeks following the release of the console versions sticks in your craw, then you probably don’t want to read the rest of this post.

In its attempt to give PC players a paper cut and pour lemon juice in it, Bungie confirmed on Twitter that several PlayStation 4 exclusives won’t hit computers (or Xbox One) until 2018. These exclusives include the Lake of Shadows strike, Terra Concord Titan armor, Tesseract Trace IV Warlock armor, Icarus Drifter Hunter armor, the City Apex ship, the Borealis rifle, and the Retribution PvP map.

PC and Xbone players can see what they’ll be missing out on this year after the break.

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Armored Warfare launches its Tanks Reloaded balance patch and previews its immediate followup

It’s been a while since Armored Warfare first discussed its upcoming “Balance 2.0” adjustments for the game’s mechanics, but the first pass has been added to the game with patch 0.19. The patch adjusts tank gameplay extensively while simultaneously adding 26 new tanks to play. But that’s not all the patch includes; there’s also a new PvP map, two new PvE missions, a new Skirmish mode, and a new Global Operations match. That’d be enough for a patch even without all of the balance changes.

Also, that isn’t the end of the story; the game is already previewing its next major update, which will include more balance changes, a new Garage interface, another new PvE mission, and new UI elements. So the big stuff just keeps rolling along. You can check out a trailer for the most recent patch just below, and you already know what to look forward to after you’ve finished up with that.

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Hyperspace Beacon: SWTOR’s 2016 Report Card

It’s that time of year again where we reflect on the year gone by and consider Star Wars: The Old Republic as a whole. Pretty much since the game launched five years ago, I’ve calculated my judgment for the game not as a single score but as a group of scores based on the taxonomy created by Dr. Richard Bartle that focuses on player motivation and how to appeal to them.

I’m not going to pretend that this is the perfect way to judge the game because it would leave out important things like the cash shop and the single-player elements like storytelling. However, it does look at the motivations of gamers and analyzes their general gaming style. Bartle divides gamer motivations into socializers, achievers, killers, and explorers. Of course, player specific motivations will encompass a spectrum of these four. But just as with most psychological categorization, gamers will lean heavy in one or two areas and less so in the others. If you’re interested in where you lean, there is a test you can take to find out. (The original GamerDNA test is gone.) However, it will be completely obvious where you lean as soon as you read my individual descriptions.

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World of Warcraft is revamping its Blade’s Edge Arena PvP map

Blizzard is wrapping up a gift for its World of Warcraft PvP community: a revamped arena map that’s ready to be sullied and defiled by blood and death.

“The next map we’re doing is Blade’s Edge Arena,” said Senior PvP Designer Brian Holinka,”which is pretty visually rough compared to the rest of the game right now, but we’re taking that same approach. Exact same collision, exact same gameplay. The difference between the visuals is tremendous. Can’t wait for people to see it.”

Blade’s Edge Arena was one of the first arena maps added to the game and was added all the way back in The Burning Crusade. You can listen to the full announcement below.

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Guild Wars 2: Eternal Coliseum PvP and the original Ring of Fire

Who’s ready for Guild Wars 2 to open up a whole new landmass for us tomorrow? Yep, the Ring of Fire maps — well, Ember Bay, at least — release with the Rising Flames episode launching tomorrow.

What if you’re not really into the storyline? What if you just want to crush faces and break skulls? That’s where the Eternal Coliseum, the new PvP map, comes in. Dulfy reports that it’s a basic three-point capture map with two artifacts per side. The best part is the piped in laugh reel, or the dark equivalent, in the form of crowds that roar whenever good (and bad!) things happen in the zone. Even the NPCs hope you lose!

Meanwhile, if you missed out on classic Guild Wars or just want a retour, WoodenPotatoes has a long video out running through the entirety of the questlines and maps there. We’ve come a long way, and you’ll note a decided lack of skulls. Well, maybe a couple of skulls. Also, spoilers. Check it out below!

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Thoughts on Guild Wars 2’s Ring of Fire episode reveal

We’ve been promised a whole list of newness for Episode 2 of Guild Wars 2‘s latest Living World season, which will be with us by the end of the month, so I wanted to dedicate this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles to outlining what we can expect on September 20th. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new episode in two weeks time, and I’m very curious as to where the story will pull us to, especially after such a big reveal at the end of episode 1.

Exploring the unknown

The new zone will be another jog down memory lane for Guild Wars players since it is set within the Ring of Fire island chain that we all know from the Prophecies campaign. My mind is blown by the return: The new zone’s being set in an entire region that we’ve never set foot on in GW2 is exceedingly brave considering that other offerings are extensions of somewhere that we already have some sort of foothold in. Even Heart of Maguuma, which I always think of as quite an extensive, technically impressive region, was familiar to us by extension from the other Maguuman areas.

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World of Fishing angles for new players with today’s Steam F2P launch

World of Fishing is live on Steam today as a free-to-play MMO. (There’s optional DLC for sale at just over 7 bucks right now.) This is a weird planet we live on.

“To celebrate the launch, publisher InselGames adds new content and improvements to the game. Veteran fisherman will be happy to have the level cap raised from 60 to 80 and with three brand-new maps – Bali, Cape Town and Fish Farm (PvP map) – there are new fishing spots to discover and new fish to be caught. In addition new items like baits, rods and boats have been added to the game, accompanied by three new item categories, introducing belts as well as arm and back equipment, making this the perfect moment to join the World of Fishing.”

InselGames does note that players on Steam on on the regular client will be playing on the same server, but you cannot log into Steam using your original account (or vice versa). We’ve got the launch trailer down below!

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Guild Wars 2 launches Ring of Fire-themed episode September 20

Well, it’s not Cantha or Elona, but it’s almost as good: Guild Wars 2’s next seasonal episode will be set in the Ring of Fire island chain that served as the capstone to classic Guild Wars’ Prophecies campaign.

ArenaNet told PAX-goers to expect a whole new map filled with heart quests and dailies called Ember Bay, a new thermal propulsion mastery skill, a new jumping puzzle, new gear, new bosses, the Mursaat Fortress, and a new 5v5 PvP map. As to the new PvP map, Anet’s Joshua Davis told Reddit that “it will be similar to Revenge of the Capricorn. It will go into unranked rotation on release day, but we’ll hold-off on putting it into ranked until we see how it plays on Live servers. This gives us some time to make any tweaks that might be needed. You’ll be able to see an in-depth preview of the map on Sept 17 during the World Championship.”

The whole shebang launches September 20th. Video fiends, we recommend checking out MMO Reporter’s preview!

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Armored Warfare briefs commanders on its new Frontline map

A new PvP map is coming to Armored Warfare in Update 0.17, and its design might throw a monkey wrench into the plans of seasoned commanders. The Frontline map is a more wide-open area lacking natural paths, leading to a less predictable flow of battle.

The update has a lot more in store for fans than just Frontline. Players will engage in a PvE mission to protect a satellite on a tropical island, enjoy an enlarged Snakebite map, and test drive the new light armor AFV and the AMX 10 RCR tank destroyer.

Even the basics of shooting will come under scrutiny: “We have continued to improve and optimized AW’s weapon firing model in many aspects, with the goal of making it easier for players to hit targets more consistently while firing on the move. As part of these changes, we’ve fixed shot direction desync issues between the client and server which can happen occasionally when firing while your vehicle is still moving.”

Check out the trailer for Frontline below!

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Riders of Icarus outlines its new PvP map, guild alliances, Manastone mode

Hot on the heels of the launch of Riders of Icarus Blight of Frost Keep update, Nexon and WeMade made another big announcement for the game: broadly expanded PvP is on the way. Last week we learned about the guild alliance system on which PvP will be built; this week, we’ve been treated to a dev blog that outlines how and where the PvP itself will be carried out.

The core PvP map is the time-travely Exarahn Badlands for levels 28 and up; it’ll be a largely free-for-all zone where only your guildies, allies, and party members will be off limits and rewards for quests and activities in the area will be increased commensurately (including rare mount spawns). There’s no penalty for dying in PvP, though, so you’re not going to lose much but time if you’re taken out. Inside the battlefield, you can also jump into a capture-the-flag-style mode called Manastone, which offers additional rewards.

For your own security, you and your guild can band together with two other guilds to form an alliance and then declare war on each other (but only in Exarahn). Low-rank guilds and unguilded players can instead sign up for militias and still get that PvP experience.

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Flameseeker Chronicles: Guild Wars 2’s new Living Story has launched

Wowee, is it ever a massive day in the life of my favourite MMO! If you log in right now, you’ll notice three greatly anticipated additions to Guild Wars 2 as you know it: Firstly, we’ve (finally!) got some more juicy story to pore over with the release of the first chapter of Living World Season 3, Out of the Shadows, and then we also have Revenge of the Capricorn, a pirate-themed new (but kinda not new… more on that later) PvP Conquest map, and Chaos Isles, a crazy new fractal in which nothing is as it should be.

I had the opportunity to try out some of this new content over the last few days and am ready to share my thoughts on what you can expect from this mahoosive content drop. I played through a little bit of the story (I didn’t want to go too far and run out of story before it even launches), battled the devs in Revenge of the Capricorn, and blasted through the Chaos Isles fractal to get a sense of how the new content feels.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’ll share my playtesting experiences with you to prime you for tackling the new content yourselves. This article won’t be terribly spoilerific since I was asked not to divulge too much in terms of the new plotlines, so don’t worry too much about having a gander before jumping in to play through for yourself. Anything questionable in terms of spoilers has been placed behind special tags for your reading convenience. This is a fairly beefy article, so you’ll still have plenty to read even if you choose not to open any of the spoilers at all!

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A sneak peek at Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3, Episode 1: Out of the Shadows

It’s been nearly a month since the end of E3, but today, ArenaNet has finally given the go-ahead for press to talk about what we were shown for Guild Wars 2’s Living World Season 3, Episode 1: Out of the Shadows. As long as you’re up to date on Season 2, there won’t be any spoilers here — just story teasers.

A few important bits before we dig in: The story-focused update picks up right where Heart of Thorns left off, it launches on July 26th, and you do need to own HoT and have a level 80 character to access it (you get a freebie 80 for buying HoT, you’ll recall). However, you don’t need to have actually completed HoT. Regardless of whether you own HoT, you’ll want to log in while each episode is active to “bank” it for your account to play through in the future.

Episodes will also be paired with feature releases again so that everyone’s happy for updates, not just people who got their preferred playstyle updated, which means PvP and fractal updates too. ArenaNet aims to update every two to three months after that; I’m told the studio feels the episodes have more “story” for players to experience than before and more of an arc to each episode. ArenaNet President Mike O’Brien explained the cadence last night:

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DCUO plans larger, slower releases, Suicide Squad map, and boosted characters

Daybreak has big plans for the development of DC Universe Online. Senior Community Relations Manager Ted Stone outlines what’s in store in a hefty dev post today.

For starters, beginning with Episode 27, DCUO will be shelving the monthly episode updates in favor of much larger content drops. “Large releases will allow us to eliminate some of the complexity surrounding monthly progression, ease some of that pressure you feel to get to and stay at the bleeding edge, and allow you to enjoy your achievements longer,” he writes. “That said, we will maintain some of the recent improvements, including multiple, varied storylines per Episode and Elite versions of content.” Episode 27 — Amazon Fury Part III — is therefore slated for late 2016 or early 2017.

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