record of lodoss war online

There’s no official English website for this game as of December 2015.

Record of Lodoss War Online is launching in 2016

Record of Lodoss War Online is old-school. It's meant to be old-school. The IP that it's referencing is old-school, its gameplay mechanics and graphics are meant to be old-school, the long stretches of radio silence regarding the title are old-school. Also generally unwelcome by fans. So there's reason to be happy that the game will apparently be launching at some point in 2016.

The launch will be in Korea, although the title was originally meant for Japanese players, and there's no word on any sort of localization. Only time will tell if it does well enough to be considered, although one can't imagine that potential publishers are tripping over themselves for an old-school title based on an anime series from two decades ago. Perhaps we can hope!

Source: RocketNews