Pearl Abyss might be hiring for a Black Desert Southeast Asia localization

It’s always tricky to suss out unannounced plans for a developer from nothing more than job postings, but that’s never stopped anyone before. Pearl Abyss, the developer behind Black Desert, is looking for a Southeast Asia Business PM right now. The ideal candidate will have knowledge of at least one regional language, prompting a question of whether or not the company is planning to expand the game into the region with official servers for Southeast Asia.

Obviously, nothing has yet been announced, up to and including a question of whether or not the hire would be relocated or if it would be a remote position. But there’s also nothing saying that the company won’t open a new branch office in the region to oversee a localized version. At the moment, all that can be said for certain is that a watchful eye has been turned upon Southeast Asia, and if you live in that region… well, you may have a localized version of the game soon.

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WoW Factor: Where do we go after WoW Legion?

So at the risk of being dinged for spoiling the current World of Warcraft expansion, let me say this: Azeroth is not going to be destroyed or completely overtaken by the Burning Legion. That’s a given. The threat certainly feels real, and I hope more than anything that when our victory comes it feels like a natural outgrowth of the story rather than an arbitrary “well, the story says you win right now so the Burning Legion just got dumb,” but it’s pretty much a given that we’re going to win out in the end. The basic premise of the game doesn’t work otherwise.

The question, of course, is where we go next.

A lot of people have been speculating whether Legion is meant to be the final expansion for the game for precisely that reason, and while I think that’s obviously wrong on the face of it (it’d be silly to turn down that money, after all), the point stands that from a narrative perspective, this is it. This is the big confrontation that has been built up since Warcraft III, and if you have no doubt that there will be a next expansion, it still raises the question of “where does it go?”

Let’s explore the possibilities.

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City of Titans shows off the creations of the Builder

Making a city is hard work. This is true even if you’re working on City of Titans and your main focus is upon making a city which is sufficiently plausible as a superhero playground. The latest development post talks about how the team is making that task a bit more doable with the help of a Builder, a specialized tool that allows the team to quickly assemble buildings throughout the city to look hand-assembled rather than just making generic blank boxes.

Since the game’s city is in New England, laying out the streets correctly (i.e. according to insane logic from hundreds of years ago that subsequently got paved) and making sure the shape of everything looks right is already a time-consuming process. The game opts for the faster method of making the buildings by having a stock set of “building parts” which can be combined into a structure, which would normally still require a fair amount of time for a given modeler to turn those parts into a plausible building. However, the Builder can be fed information and simply produce a viable building in moments. Check out some video of building creation just below.

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Funcom is now region-locking Conan Exiles’ official servers

If you’re a fan of playing survival sandboxes with your friends around the world, better scrape together some pennies to invest in a private server: Conan Exiles has implemented region locks.

“We have decided to East/West region lock the official servers for three reasons,” Community Manager Jens Erik told Steam players at the tail end of last week. “The language barrier and the different playstyles is proving jarring for a lot of players. Also, the vastly different time zones between regions made offline raiding an unavoidable issue for a lot of players who would wake up to all their stuff being completely ruined.”

The locks appear to affect both PvP and PvE servers, in spite of the fact that PvE servers aren’t subject to the same timezone exploitation issues.

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The Daily Grind: Which MMO expansion has the blandest setting?

Expansions are not all created equally. World of Warcraft went from the surreal alien landscapes of Outland and the frozen tundra of Northrend to… the old world, but with some parts of it on fire. Final Fantasy XI gave us near east fantasy and savage jungle, but it also gave us the exact same old zones in the past. The first expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic was set on a planet made of stone pillars where everyone was super shocked that the pillars were collapsing.

None of this necessarily reflects the quality of these expansions, of course, but the expansion setting is what you use to first get a feel for an expansion. It’s the time to go someplace totally different from the rest of the world, something that some games are often very skilled at accomplishing (none of the original Guild Wars expansion areas failed to feel different, for example). So today, we ask you: Which MMO expansion has the blandest setting? Which expansion has made you look at the exciting new lands you’ll be exploring and given you reason to yawn instead of marvel?

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Shroud of the Avatar details polish coming to upcoming patches

The team behind Shroud of the Avatar has been quick to point out that having the game go persistent is not the same as being done making big changes to the game. For example, while Xenos received a bit of a polish pass right before the game went persistent, the team still wasn’t happy with the state of the area. So another set of improvements is on the way for the game’s next major patch, and you can catch up on the work in progress with the latest development update.

Players can also get caught up on the state of the open PvP region, Blood Bay, although whether you can’t wait to go or you can’t wait to stay far away is up to your play preferences. There’s also the usual assortment of community spotlights and player news, so check out the full update for all of the goings-on surrounding the game. It is, after all, forever in motion, even with persistence.

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Albion Online posts a video guide to the Faye update

In most games, you’d expect a patch named Faye to involve either helping or fighting someone named Faye. Not so with Albion Online; that’s just what the patch is named, and while you might encounter a player named Faye while wandering in the new forest biome, we assure you that it’s purely a coincidence. If you did, however, you could applaud or salute that player with the patch’s new emote system; you’d also be able to see her approaching with the new offscreen nametags, giving players time to respond to incoming players.

The patch also features new background music, mounts staying close when you hop off to gather resources, and new guard towers set up across the land to take out outlaw players around the world. You can check out the update in action in the video just below. If you’re eager to roam around in the forest looking for bears and foxes, then get ready for the update on November 23rd. (No word on whether players named Faye are more likely to show up in the forest.)

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RIFT’s Starfall Prophecy open beta begins October 13; Trion shows off Ashenfell

Update! Trion has just announced that Starfall Prophecy’s open beta will begin in just a week on October 13th!

Looking for a vacation spot for your antics in RIFT: Starfall Prophecy? Why not visit sunny Ashenfell? We’re assured that there is quite a lot of sun there, although it’s obscured by the choking ash of a volcanic detonations. It’s a warm place (because of all the lava) filled with beaches (on the shores of lava) and delightfully antiquated buildings (abandoned because they were covered in lava), and you’ll enjoy conversing with the natives (dragons imprisoned in lava). What better spot exists for a vacation?

Of course, if you want your vacation to include a bit of questing, you’ll find hordes of Flaming Squirrels (don’t worry, that’s just a name) and Nightmares (also just a name indicating what sort of opponent it is) as you head toward the domain of Duke Arcarax. From there, you’ll meet all manner of interesting inhabitants, many of whom will be too busy fighting one another to even notice you! And at the end of the day, you can retire to the resort at Thedeor’s Spear, the one place in the entire region where life can grow and where several souls gather to assist the dangerous expeditions into the realm. Can you think of a more restful vacation?


WoW Factor: Assessing the zones of WoW Legion’s Broken Isles

I’ve now made my way through all of the zones in World of Warcraft: Legion twice. There’s something to be written about that, which I think is at once a success and a failing of design. Zones never become irrelevant or boring, but alts never get to bypass zones or do things differently, just in a different order. And it’s always ending with Suramar. But as relevant as all of that may be, it’s not what I want to talk about this week.

Whenever I’m in a new expansion, part of what I think about are the individual zones. Especially for this expansion, the individual zones matter a lot. You’re going back to them regularly, exploring, taking on new world quests, exploring more lore, and so forth. We’ve got only five new zones in this expansion, but they’re large and they’re important. So let’s step back and look at the zones of the Broken Isles, moving around in a logical and vaguely clockwork fashion. It makes sense to me, anyhow.

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ArcheAge adds new events and adjusts regional event timers

If you’ve ever had a friend living in Europe while you live in the midwest US, you know that there’s a really big time difference between the regions. ArcheAge‘s daily event schedule has been adjusted to account for those differences; as requested by fans, daily events will now run at different times for North America and the EU servers, allowing events to be going on at prime time in both regions rather than one or the other (or neither). It’s a long-requested feature that’s finally in the game.

The patch also adds two new limited-time events, tasking players with catching fish on Mirage Isle and defeating enemies in Mistmerrow. Defeating enemies with fish is not really a viable path, but you’re welcome to give it a shot. Players can also take part in the public testing of the skill queue system. It’s not a major shot in the arm of content, but some better event scheduling and more events to participate in should be more than enough reason for a little celebration.


Skyforge kicks off anniversary log-in event, quest, and sales

Skyforge is prepping for its first year of operation since it soft launched into open beta. “Together, you have welcomed updates, rejoiced at changes, pioneered new territories, won contests, and supported us when faced with sudden technical difficulties. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you interest in the game, for sticking with us, and helping make the world of Skyforge better,” says. “We will do everything to ensure that you can continue to watch the game evolve, influence changes, participate in game events, and most importantly, socialize & fight thrilling battles together!”

That “everything” includes multiple campaigns beginning today and running through July 27th: a log-in event, a treasure hunting quest that results in a costume and glider code, and cash shop sales for formerly extinct items.

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Black Desert Online launches the Valencia Part One update

Ready to head into the desert in Black Desert Online? If not, why not? Few other titles are so explicit about where you’re going, after all; it’s not like the game is Shiny Happy Forest With Ample Water Online. So you’re going into the big old desert with the first part of the Valencia update, which expands the size of the world by about 30%. Yes, that means a whole lot of desert. Pack a water bottle or two.

The update also brings new weapons and armor, new mount types, new quests, and all sorts of new and exciting threats to distress your character along the road. There’s a trailer for the update just below if you can’t log in and play around in the desert right now.

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Albion Online previews the resources and environment of the steppes

Do you need to grab some hide in Albion Online? Then you should probably head out to the steppes, a biome with a new preview on the game’s official site. The steppes are filled with hide-bearing animals, from the few scraps you can pry from the marmots to the resilient hide of a truly ancient mammoth at the highest tiers. And the best part is that the steppes are completely safe! By which we of course mean that there’s danger aplenty as you move from the safest (green) part of the biome into the most dangerous (dead) portion.

Aside from dealing with residents like the snarling cougars and the omnipresent Heretic faction, players will also be dealing with the Morgana faction in the more dangerous regions of the steppes. There’s also some fiber to be found in the area, although ore is in short supply. Check out the full preview if you’re ready to head on over and brave the dangers for a nice bid of hide.


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