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Genre: Asian Fantasy MMORPG
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Platform: PC

Revelation Online adds in a new level cap and new bosses in the Uprising update

It’s time to get better than you ever thought possible in the latest Revelation Online patch. Heck, better than it was possible to get, even; the patch raises the game’s level cap to 79, allowing you to reach new heights of power even as you push your way through a new dungeon floor in the Mech Citadel on its Scour Dungeon version. There’s also the new Altar of Swords dungeon, the new Azure Dragon Guild tournament, easier soul grid unlocks… lots of nifty stuff, in short.

The patch also contains some fun flying sword mounts for being among the first to clear this new content, so if you’ve got a crew ready to take on these challenges you could be richly rewarded. (If you’d rather fly under your own power, we do still have dragon wings.) Combine that with a 24-hour sale in the game’s store, and you should be able to get at least a few nice rewards for yourself with the patch launch.

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Revelation Online offers tips on battling carp and laying carpets

Has Revelation Online’s fishing system reeled you in yet? Does it captivate your life hook, line, and sinker? Do you live for that moment when you can shout, “Oh my cod, I caught the big one!” Are you wishing that there was a minimum sentencing of three years hard time for dad jokes?

The fantasy MMO recently published a pair of guides to its various leisure systems, starting with fishing. There’s a little more to fishing than waiting for your line to bob, so understanding the fundamentals is the difference between tasty success and stinky failure. Also, you could be sucked into a “fish battle” and find yourself floundering in the moment.

Perhaps you’re looking at putting the final, perfect touches on your in-game apartment and could use a few pointers. There’s a very small guide for that as well with a helpful tip if you accidentally mess up so badly that you need to replace a furnishing from the start.


Cloud Pirates is sunsetting at the end of September

Aw, damnit. is giving up on its Allods-themed Cloud Pirates MOBA already. The company doesn’t say why, but given the successes of its other titles, we’re guessing it’s more about playerbase size in a bloated MOBA market than the company’s overall revenues, an assumption backed up by its low numbers on Steam.

“We are sad to announce that Cloud Pirates will be closing the servers on September 29,” says the studio. “It’s been wonderful sailing the turbulent skies with you, Captains, and we’d like to thank you for all your support.”

Beginning today and lasting until serverdown on September 29th, players will see doubled experience gain, virtually free in-game and cash-shop items, and free Steam DLC. You can also claim refunds on everything you bought since July 12th, convert your cash-shop currency to some of’s other games (Skyforge, Armored Warfare, and Revelation Online), and enjoy the game’s latest patch, which rolls out today in farewell and contains custom matches, a new progressive PvE mode, and cash-shop currency as rewards for daily matches.

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Revelation Online’s premium service looks cheap and useful

It’s kind of assumed these days that all free-to-play MMOs are really games with hybrid business models that include a monthly subscription option. Revelation Online isn’t going to break with the pack on this, as the game offers a “premium service” option if players want to jump ahead of the F2P pack.

Players can sample a week of premium service for just $2 to see if they want more. So what does it include? Quite a lot, including a 10% XP boost for mob kills, daily gifts such as currency and world shouts, and being able to restore crafting energy while offline. There’s also a slightly more expensive option that gives both premium time and a choice of “boost” packages (battle, progress, or explorer).

Revelation Online recently added player housing and shared some pretty exciting plans for this fall, including the reveal of the Assassin class.


Revelation Online preps level cap increase and raid for September, Assassin class for November

Don’t assume that just because you’re on top of things in Revelation Online, it’s going to last that way forever. There’s an upheaval planned for next month to shake things up and give high-end players more to do.

September’s UpRising content patch will jack up the level cap to 79 and add in a brand-new raid, the Altar of Swords. The team is promoting this as the first “top-tier raid” that offers both a five- and ten-player mode as well as three difficulty levels.

The raid sounds quite foreboding: “The Altar of Swords seethes with an almost palpable aura of hatred and ordinary mortals find it stifling. According to the legend, the soul of Monethir — founder of the Blademaster School — still roams the Altar of Swords, waiting to pass on his sword techniques to those who prove themselves worthy.”

So what can top that? How about the upcoming Assassin class, which is scheduled to arrive in the game this November. However, the team is bringing it to Gamescom for attendees to experience.

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Revelation Online outlines the lore-hunting Scene Chronicle feature

Are you fascinated by the lore of the various locations in Revelation Online? In the event that you don’t care about that at all, are you a big fan of getting to pick up valuable items and fame just by filling in some check marks? The Scene Chronicle feature caters to both sorts of players, giving you a chance to look behind the scenes of the game’s area lore while also giving you plenty of fame and potential other rewards along the way.

The feature allows you to select from the various cities to pick out both the best spots of treasure hunting and the most interesting locales, while those not yet unlocked will require you to interact with NPCs (and the guide will helpfully point you in the right direction). Successfully filling in entries will award fame for the respective region as well as things like leaderboards and possible items. So go head on your quests, whether you want to learn more about the realm or just pick up some easy fame. We won’t judge either way.


Revelation Online’s housing moves in mysterious ways

Not all MMO player housing is built to the same blueprints, and Revelation Online’s system has a few quirks that sets it apart.

One of these is the fact that players’ apartments will change floors and locations every week, allegedly to encourage the community to mingle and make new neighbors. Add to this the fact that the inn hosting these apartments resides on the top of a turtle, and we’re going Inception with the concept of mobile housing.

To help players navigate some of the intricacies of the game’s housing, the team posted a starting guide with a few tips. Players can upgrade the size of their room as funds become available, and if they happen to be married in-game, their spouses can come in and rearrange all of the furniture without specific permission. Just like real life!

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Revelation Online adds apartments with the Safe Haven update

You work hard in Revelation Online, and you deserve a nice place to relax after all that hard work. The game is deploying its Safe Haven patch today to provide you with exactly that by deploying apartments to the game, giving you the chance to own and decorate an apartment in one of three sizes (small, medium, or larger). Obviously, bigger apartments are more expensive, but they offer you more space to decorate and enjoy, so mark for yourself if it’s worth the money.

You can unlock your apartment once you’re level 49, with keys available so that five of your friends can come and go freely. Once within the apartment, of course, you’ll be the one who gets to decorate the whole thing however you like. So you’ll have to wait out the maintenance today, but once that’s over it’s an apartment for you; check out the trailer just below to whet your appetite.

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Revelation Online opens the doors for player housing

Time to move into your very own house in Revelation Online — or at least, an apartment situated in a large building that’s riding on the back of an even larger tortoise!

Once players hit level 49, they’ll be able to head over to Tortoise Inn to buy their own slice of personal space in the game and get to decorating. There are small, medium, and large apartments from which to choose, and each can be equipped with all sorts of decorative and interactive objects.

Today’s Safe Haven update also activates the new archaeology system, introduces the events panel, allows crafters to start making their own furniture, and hints at “housing events” to come in the near future. Refresh yourself on Revelation’s housing system and take a tour of your future home after the break!

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Revelation Online gets its own infobase courtesy of a fan

Item databases are always fun and useful for fans of a given MMO, and now Revelation Online has one. The Revelation Online Database doesn’t have a particularly creative name, but it does have a descriptive one, and it does have a useful listing of all of the game’s items in an easily searchable format. And it’s gotten a spotlight on the official site, so that’s all good.

The spotlight also includes a brief interview with the creator and maintainer, Kiriak. He mentions that he plays a Gunslinger at the moment (although in previous games he’s usually gone for sword-wielding characters) and enjoys that he sees Revelation Online as less RNG-oriented than many other games of its type. So it’s a database and a spotlight on the person behind the database. Good news all around!


Revelation Online promotes mentoring with the Journeyman Alliance

We all know that playing a new MMO can be a challenge. Heck, sometimes it’s even a nigh-on impossible one; you have a lot of things to keep in mind all at once, and you get a lot more out of doing things and screwing up than just hearing about them. That seems to be part of the motivation behind establishing the new Journeyman Alliance in Revelation Online, a chance for players at level 49 and above to form a bond with a newer player and serve as a mentor and a guide.

Players will need to complete a quest chain to become a mentor, then find someone to be mentored, and clear challenges together as a team on a daily basis. Success improves your status with the faction, eventually allowing your mentored companion to become a mentor as well, proof that you have in fact taught someone what needs to be known. If you like in-game rewards for helping out new players, it seems like something you may very well enjoy.


Revelation Online announces housing and archaeology systems

Either Revelation Online was jealous of Twin Saga or houses on the backs of giant turtles is a thing in Asia, but the MMO is introducing its own version of mobile housing with the Safe Haven update on July 26th.

Once players reach level 40, they’ll be able to purchase an apartment of their very own that is located on the back a massive tortoise that’s cruising around the world at a top land speed of 0.01 MPH. Aspiring interior decorators can deck out their new pad with 160 different objects and invite friends in to check it out.

As if that’s not enough, the update will also include a brand-new archaeology system that will let characters “unravel mysteries of various renowned landmarks in the world of Nuanor.” Presumably it will also send characters to ancient temples where they’ll have to outrun boulders and throw Indy the whip.

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