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Revelation Online promotes mentoring with the Journeyman Alliance

We all know that playing a new MMO can be a challenge. Heck, sometimes it’s even a nigh-on impossible one; you have a lot of things to keep in mind all at once, and you get a lot more out of doing things and screwing up than just hearing about them. That seems to be part of the motivation behind establishing the new Journeyman Alliance in Revelation Online, a chance for players at level 49 and above to form a bond with a newer player and serve as a mentor and a guide.

Players will need to complete a quest chain to become a mentor, then find someone to be mentored, and clear challenges together as a team on a daily basis. Success improves your status with the faction, eventually allowing your mentored companion to become a mentor as well, proof that you have in fact taught someone what needs to be known. If you like in-game rewards for helping out new players, it seems like something you may very well enjoy.


Revelation Online announces housing and archaeology systems

Either Revelation Online was jealous of Twin Saga or houses on the backs of giant turtles is a thing in Asia, but the MMO is introducing its own version of mobile housing with the Safe Haven update on July 26th.

Once players reach level 40, they’ll be able to purchase an apartment of their very own that is located on the back a massive tortoise that’s cruising around the world at a top land speed of 0.01 MPH. Aspiring interior decorators can deck out their new pad with 160 different objects and invite friends in to check it out.

As if that’s not enough, the update will also include a brand-new archaeology system that will let characters “unravel mysteries of various renowned landmarks in the world of Nuanor.” Presumably it will also send characters to ancient temples where they’ll have to outrun boulders and throw Indy the whip.

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Check out Revelation Online’s Eternal Chasm dungeon

Revelation Online has a new dev blog up today on the Eternal Chasm, one of its level 59+ multiple-mode instanced dungeons.

“Shinji – after the events of Darkfall – is particularly interested in what resides within this decrepit cave, believing the Eternal Chasm contains clues regarding the fate of his own father. Whether to aid your prince in his investigation, or to simply test your mettle against a huge array of threats and environments, the mouth of the chasm is eager to swallow all visitors and cast them down into madness. This vast map, ripe for exploration, is littered with nodes that render adventurers into a dream-like state, eliciting visions of what lies ahead. From fiery pits and voracious volcanos, to spine-chilling snow lands and sea-faring shenanigans, the Eternal Chasm is teeming with promising rewards and devious challenges to test yourself against, ever increasing in difficulty as you progress.”

Skill Cultivation Books, Equipment Blueprints, Duskcloud Nyx Treasures, and purple gear top the list of loot inside the dungeon. says only two of the dungeons modes are unlocked at the moment; three more will be opened up in later patches.

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The MOP Up: Gamescom’s big opening by Angela Merkel (June 25, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

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Revelation Online takes a tour of Ersich Forest

We promise the population of Revelation Online that Ersich Forest is, in fact, a lovely and benevolent area. Sure, it seems nice on the surface, but most players have probably been hard-wired to expect that means the worst. Some horrible fanged nasty is going to kill them there, obviously, that’s what always happens. But not here. Yes, there are monsters, but locals consider even the Muskhorns roaming the area to be a good thing.

No, really, there’s nothing horrible hidden here. Stop looking at us like that.

Yes, there is a powerful deity called the Lady of the Forest, but – no, stop running away! She’s benevolent and she wants players to help her keep the forest safe. There are even wishing trees! It really is just a nice place without something horrible lurking beneath the surface. Really. Stop waiting for the trick, sometimes places can just be genuinely nice.


Revelation Online explores the motivation of the Pirate Crew faction

Pirates! It’s pretty easy to understand the motivation of pirates most of the time; pirates want to get stuff by taking it from other people. The Pirate Crew faction in Revelation Online is a bit different, though. Sure, they’re happy to take things from other people and thus become the new owners, but they’re primarily interested in hunting for treasures that haven’t already been claimed. Thus, they’re currently investigating the mystery and treasure behind the Deathly Atoll.

Don’t worry, it’s just a name. It’s really more of an island.

There’s obviously plenty of stuff on the aforementioned Deathly Atoll that is, well, deathly. It’ll kill you. The bright side, of course, is that there’s also plenty of treasure scattered throughout, which is also fine motivation for the pirates and like-minded adventurers to check things out. You can examine the full rundown on the official site if that sounds like something you’d be happy to take part in.


Bring an airtank to Revelation Online’s Sunken Galleon dungeon

Arrrr, E3 be the week pirates be centerstage for some reason, and Revelation Online just won’t be left out of the fun. has released a deep-dive into one of the Scour Dungeons first introduced this past spring: The Sunken Galleon. Did we mention it’s going to provoke your phobia of drowning?

“Given the lack of snorkels and scuba-gear, you’ll simply have to hold your nose and dive into this decrepit den of danger, mystery and seaweed if you wish to reap the rewards contained within,” teases the studio. “Once a huge pirate ship that was rumored to have been decimated during a chance encounter with a vicious Kraken, this long-forgotten vessel houses the spirits of an equally forgotten crew – twisted and vengeful after being left at the mercy of the heartless sea, their screams forever unheard as a vile curse rotted their flesh and broke their minds. Only these poor souls know what really happened to the galleon, though they aren’t exactly the talkative types.”

You’ll be beating up toadlings, pufferfish, and pirate ghosts for treasure, “such as HP recovery items that would serve any spelunker well during their daily toil” or, you know, when you’re drowning in a video game. Check out the new images!

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Revelation Online offers a quick tour of Sidus Ur

Most of the world of Revelation Online is not safe to explore. It’s a dangerous place, and there’s battle at every turn. But Sidus Ur is one of the few places that manages to keep battle almost entirely confined to outside of the city walls. Sure, there are people murdering critters in the city, but that’s still better than you’re going to find on the other side of the walls, so it might as well be peaceful.

There’s also the daily pirate quest in which a whole lot of people fight over hoarded treasure, but again, that’s a minority. Hardly ever happens. It’s safe enough.

If you don’t want to fight people over pirate bounty or just kill local wildlife, you’ll find a peaceful city full of vendors and resources. You can also get a daily blessing from the Wishing Tree, giving you even more reason to hop to the city and stock up before heading back outside to greater dangers.


Revelation Online details all manner of guild-exclusive activities

If you want to treat your guild in Revelation Online as nothing more than a chat channel, you’re missing out on a lot of different guild-based activities. Also, guild base activities. A new post on the official site talks about all of the things guilds can do together, like taking advantage of having several members around the guild base to randomly spawn one of several bosses for players to defeat. Fighting off several bosses allows the guild to summon (and hopefully defeat) a vicious dragon once per week, which yields even greater rewards.

Guild members can also take part in a merchant operation to convert guild currency into actual profit, with rewards shared between the member and the guild as a whole. You can also take part in specialized races, treasure hunts, and pair-matching games to provide greater benefit to your guild as a whole. So there are plenty of good reasons to do more than just treat the guild as another chat channel; there are more rewards for doing more stuff as a group.


Revelation Online server merges are incoming (with a new server launch, too!)

Revelation Online is preparing for server merges next week, but they might not be for the reason you think.

The team announced that eight US and EU servers are scheduled to be merged down into four (two for each region) on Wednesday, June 14th. While your first thought might be declining server populations (which isn’t unreasonable and may also be true), says that the merges are taking place because new improvements to the tech is allowing for much higher capacity than before. It also sounds as though the team wants to get its ducks in a row before rolling out French and German localization on these servers.

Now here’s the bizarre twist: At the same time as the server merges, Revelation Online will also be flipping the switch on a new North American server named Divine Overlook. “This server will allow new and old players alike to start a fresh new journey into Nuanor by having a clean slate when it comes to economy, seal-breaks to tackle, along with everything else Revelation Online has to offer,” the team said.

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Revelation Online resets all server-first achievements, throws daily login campaign

Can you get another chance to be first if someone else has already grabbed that title? Apparently, Revelation Online thinks you can, thanks to a big red reset button that its team is about to press.

On Wednesday, June 14th, Revelation Online will reset all server first achievements across all shards in all regions, allowing players to once again race to be first. Even though they’ll be second. But it’s the title that matters, right? Since there are special titles and loot that can’t be acquired elsewhere, it’s an opportunity for all players to make a dash for the prize. The team said that if the event goes well, server first resets might become an occasional thing that happens.

A less stressful event that’s also going on is a daily login event that starts today and runs through June 21st. There will be special free rewards handed out each day for simply logging in, and if you accumulate at least six days during this period, you’ll be treated to a beta return gift box. The faithful that rack up 12 days logged in will also get some spiffy weapon skins.

Source: Server-first reset, daily login event. Thanks Kinya!


The MOP Up: Revelation Online’s monthly challenges (June 4, 2017)

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. Seen any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

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Revelation Online’s Iceborn update melts on your PC today

Revelation Online‘s Iceborn update is live in the game today as promised. The big draw is the faction war for level 40+ characters, along with what has dubbed “Inner Demon Trials,” which are not an existential test but are in fact small-group portal dungeons. Yeah, strange demon portals, what could go wrong?

“The update introduces a full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament, a new ice cold battleground and exciting new trials for adventurers to test themselves in. Situated at the top of the world, the Snowpine Peak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in the faction war between two known races in Nuanor. The feathered Wingar and the furry Ursids are at each other’s throat and it is up to each player to select a faction and jump in to determine the outcome!”

Get caught up with the launch trailer, which we’ve tucked down below.

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