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Revelation Online’s Iceborn update melts on your PC today

Revelation Online‘s Iceborn update is live in the game today as promised. The big draw is the faction war for level 40+ characters, along with what has dubbed “Inner Demon Trials,” which are not an existential test but are in fact small-group portal dungeons. Yeah, strange demon portals, what could go wrong?

“The update introduces a full-scale Guild versus Guild tournament, a new ice cold battleground and exciting new trials for adventurers to test themselves in. Situated at the top of the world, the Snowpine Peak Battleground unfolds a new chapter in the faction war between two known races in Nuanor. The feathered Wingar and the furry Ursids are at each other’s throat and it is up to each player to select a faction and jump in to determine the outcome!”

Get caught up with the launch trailer, which we’ve tucked down below.

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Revelation Online launches Iceborn patch and faction war next week

Revelation Online is pushing out a big update next week. Iceborn asks players to “partake in a region-wide faction war, putting aside [their] differences and choosing one of two sides to fight for.” So pretty much like real life, with better graphics and giant ice bears.

“Deep within the blustery land of Snowpine Reach, a bitter rivalry between the Wingar and the Ursids threatens to spill across the zone, putting all manner of innocent people at risk of death or injury if the situation isn’t placated. It is now up to heroes like you end the stalemate by assisting one of these two rivals in decimating their enemies. While having either race free to intimidate the Snowpine Peak region as a whole may not be optimal, it is preferable to having both factions battling across the land and leaving devastation in their wake.”

Faction selection begins at level 40; at that point, you can hop into the battlegrounds twice per week to earn points for your side with a bit of old-school Alterac Valley flavor.

The whole shebang launches on May 23rd.

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Revelation Online promises German and French versions by this fall

Parlez-vous français? Du sprichst Deutsch? If so, a place is being made for you in Revelation Online.

The fantasy MMO announced today that French and German localization is on its way for Q3 2017. Up to this point, Revelation Online has only featured an English version, but it looks as though the team wants to break down language barriers and possibly expand the game’s audience.

“Our QA & Localization teams have already begun testing FR & DE clients via closed servers, giving them a polish and focusing on all the finishing touches required for a quality experience,” the studio posted. “We would also like to give you a small insight of what localization is and how it works. While translating the in-game text is a large localization effort, the project affects many areas of the game that all need to align, this can include: altering art assets, expanding the UI, programing, among other things.”


Revelation Online adds Snowpine Reach to its travelogues has a pair of new dev blogs out this week. The first focuses on Snowpine Reach, a snowy Alpine zone in the northeast corner of Nuanor, and yeah, screenshots like these are why you play Revelation Online.

“Snowpine Reach is cold enough to dampen the spirits of those unused to such chilling environments, thus those who stay there must quickly learn how to craft the warmest clothes using the hides and furs of local wildlife,” says the studio. “Given Snowpine Reach is also the staging ground for one of the most bitter rivalries in Nuanor, staying warm isn’t the only factor one must adapt to when trying to survive.” That’s because the baddies are also trying to kill you, as are the factions — at least until you pick a side.

The other piece covers the lore behind Shinji. Poor, poor, Shinji, doomed to be the king of everything. Have a look — pretty, yeah?

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Revelation Online invites you to visit the Immortal Annex

The Immortal Annex in Revelation Online is a place of boundless learning, a faction devoted simply to studying, researching, learning, and never actually going out to get a job. It’s an undeclared college major’s dream locale, and it’s also the latest spot being highlighted by the game as the place to go. Not just for Rush Week and the weekly keggers, but for huge amounts of untapped knowledge and the usual mechanics of raising your esteem with a faction.

Secret skills are available to those who take the time necessary to really study the lore lining its halls, while the area has attracted several merchants who happily sell powerful gewgaws to anyone with the Annex’s best interests at heart. It’s a neat place to be if you want to learn more, and so perhaps you’re overdue for a trip back to school. And hey, if you’re already in your seventh year of an undeclared major and still think pizza is the ultimate breakfast food, it’ll feel like coming home. Maybe.


Revelation Online invites players to climb the Tower of Pain

There is a place in Revelation Online they call the Tower of Pain. And it’s been the ruin of many an adventuring group, mostly because you’re going into something called the Tower of Pain. What do you think is going to happen in there? Foot rubs?

It’s not foot rubs. It’s pain. The guardians of this tower sealed their very essence into the tower to prevent people from reaching the pinnacle on the eighth floor. The doors to the dang thing only open once every thousand years. And yet you’re probably still going to go in there, because… well, it’s an MMO, there’s a tower full of stuff, that’s what you do.

Of course, the climb up the Tower of Pain will not be the same every time, so you can look forward to shifting layouts and guardians depending on how you clear your way up the tower. You can also look forward to hurting. Again, we cannot stress this enough, it is called the Tower of Pain.


Fight for peace in Revelation Online’s newest dungeon

Let’s be honest: When you jump into a dungeon in an MMO, are you ever that concerned with the reasons for doing so past “shiny lewts ahead?” Usually it’s some bad guy who needs putting down for some reason or the other, but how about fighting for the most noble reason of all, peace?

Revelation Online’s newest dungeon, The Grand Bulwark, is the ugly fallout of a peace process that’s taking place between the game’s humans and the Northern Wolves Tribes. According to a lore blog explaining the instance, while the tribes are finally willing to sue for peace, a radical faction has splintered off and holed itself up in a fortress. If peace is to happen, players need to go in and clean house.

The Grand Bulwark comes in two varieties: the five-player slaughter mode and a 10-player raid. “No matter which mode you prefer, it is up to you to put this endless cycle of death to an end by any means necessary!” the team said.


Revelation Online explains soul grid system, has Chinese anime series coming soon

Revelation Online doesn’t seem to be running out of game systems to explain to players, although it’s certainly a positive thing that the team is being faithful in putting out guide after guide for new and prospective players. This past week’s guide covered the soul grid, a “very important” system that is apparently easy to miss — but shouldn’t be overlooked, as it provides characters with much-needed stat boosts.

The MMO’s prominent status and popularity in its home country of China has led to the development of an anime series, which is scheduled to start its broadcast run on April 26th. According to MMO Culture, the series’ story involves two powerful siblings who have had a falling out amid life choices and are only now starting to come back together.

Check out the anime series trailer after the break and let us know what you think is going on in any of these scenes in the comments (why is that old man so mad?).

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Revelation Online’s Faerie Funland amusement park is open for business in Stardust

After a long day of annihilating species and running FedEx quests for ungrateful NPCs, one needs a stress-relieving break. For this, Revelation Online invites players to come visit its brand-new Faerie’s Funland theme park.

Faerie’s Funland is only open two days a week and is structured like a large board game. Players will navigate the park and engage in mini-games to earn all sorts of prizes, such as cosmetics and golden earrings.

The amusement park isn’t the only feature that came with yesterday’s Stardust update. The game also opened up Starshatter Island, a PvP zone designed for large-scale (up to 400 players) guild vs. guild battles. The island opens once a day and auto-levels all participants to 79 so that as many people as possible can participate.

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Revelation Online deals with infestation of adorable and cuddly raccoon-people

If there is a species of land animal that MMOs haven’t made into a weird or adorable NPC race, developers haven’t met them yet. Case in point, Revelation Online’s Volopine, which are party-loving raccoon-people that exist as a non-playable faction.

The Volopine spend most of their time getting ready for a daily festival and a night’s worth of fireworks. That level of dedication to partying down requires a lot of help, which is where adventurers fit into their society. The raccoons are interesting in other ways, as they apparently specialize in illusion and transformation magic.

Apparently there is a significant difference between the sexes: “Volopine males look similar to raccoons on two legs, while the females look very much human in comparison, bar the giveaway detail that is their raccoon ears.” Because God forbid you make a female character in a video game look anything less than a date-worthy prospect for lonely and imaginative players.


Revelation Online spills more details on the Faerie’s Funland in-game themepark

If you’re a real-life amusement park junkie as I am, you’re probably looking forward to Revelation Online’s next patch with interest, even if you aren’t playing it yet. That’s because the Stardust update features as its centerpiece Faerie’s Funland, a massive in-game amusement park, although like World of Warcraft’s Blackmoon Fair, it’s not open all the time, so you’ll have to plan your play strategically.

“In essence, Faerie Funland is a place where people from all around Nuanor can take part in various mini-games, either for huge prizes, experience, gear and various other loot, or simply to blow off steam. Given it is only open twice a week, visitors learn to savour it as a break away from the other tasks and dangers of the world, yet it would be foolish to take it too lightly – one of the prizes in Faerie’s Funland happen to be one of the most sought-after relics in all of Nuanor, the best golden-tier earring in Revelation Online!”

Check out’s full dev blog for more details, including how you’ll need to talk to a raccoon before you can enter. Don’t look at me; I just work here. The update launches April 12th.

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Revelation Online sells new collector packs, preps Stardust patch for April 12

Can you believe that Revelation Online has been out for a full month now? It’s probably as good a time as any for the studio to look at alternative ways to earn a buck from freeloading players, which is probably why it has introduced new collector packs to the MMO.

To head off what you are thinking, no, these are not lockboxes. Instead, the collector packs are essentially bundles containing titles, cosmetics, and months of premium game time. They range from $22 to $70 in price and offer up some desirable items such as the inventor’s outfit (now with more underboob), “dazzling” wings, a dreamy Moondrinker mount, and extra boosts for your progression. The $70 pack is actually made up of the previous two packs combined at a discount price.

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Stardust adds an amusement park inside Revelation Online

If you weren’t sure before that Revelation Online’s open beta is really a soft launch, does the fact that the game is getting a massive new update convince you?

It’s called Stardust, which is adorable, and in fact I thought it might be an early April Fools’ Day joke based on the pics alone until I read the text. It’s not a joke, but it is for fun!

“This update includes the new Guild vs. Guild map Starshatter Island, the long-awaited Faerie’s Funland map, localization refinements and various gameplay enhancements. Revelation’s new Funland is an amusement park that offers leisure activities and is the magical place where players can become part of a living board game in which the tiles represent various games within the game. Roll the dice, complete the minigames and challenges and walk away with the latest rewards!”

FFXIV’s Golden Saucer, anyone? is dubbing the new content as endgame content and saying it’s coming “soon.” Check out the trailer below!

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