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Genre: Asian Fantasy MMORPG
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Platform: PC

Betawatch: The Repopulation changes hands (January 20, 2017)

The good news for fans of The Repopulation is that the game is coming back online. The bad news is... well, it's completely changed hands, with Idea Fabrik (owners of the Hero Engine) taking the game and making it their own. Will it be as good as it could have been? Will it release and be stable? We just don't know right now. But it's coming back. The owners are also starting just by bringing the alpha back online, lest you expect a whole new game out of the gate.

And there's more beta news! Oh, boy, is there ever more beta news.

And yes, there's a list, and it's just below. Did we miss something in there? Let us know down in the comments. Do you want to share your opinions on this week's beta news? Do so in the comments. Sharing feelings about betas? That's what the comment section is for, folks, don't let us stop you.

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Revelation Online offers players bonus currency for buying currency now

The third closed beta for Revelation Online is running, and you can test out the game's cash shop right now if you're in the testing. But maybe you'd like to spend some money on the game while it's testing? Aside from buying a Founder's Pack, or possibly in addition to it. Because the game wants you to spend a bit more money, and it's enticing you to do so by... giving you money.

It's a very simple promotion at the core. Spend money for cash shop currency now while the game is in beta, and you can spend it freely within the cash shop in this test phase. Since the servers will be wiped, all of that money will be refunded to you after this test, but 15% extra on top of what you would normally get. So you get the money back and more besides, which is a pretty good deal if there's stuff you already know you want to buy when the game goes live.


Revelation Online's third closed beta has begun

As promised, the third round of Revelation Online's closed beta begins in the west today.

"The third phase of testing will last until February 2 and will allow players to explore up to level 69 and prepare for new future experiences. Players can expect new high level challenges in previously available dungeons, brand-new raids, as well as new quests and events. In addition, plenty of new Player versus Player challenges have been added. Fight for dominance in the Arena or gather guild members to join in on the Faction and Territory Wars."

If you haven't managed to snag a beta key yet, access can be bought directly through the founder packs; the cheapest one is currently $17.99. Stay tuned for this weekend's streaming, as we'll have a few more keys to hand out to our viewers then.

There's a brand-new trailer, too, because of course there is. Watch below!

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Snap up a Revelation Online CBT3 key from and MOP

The third round of Revelation Online's closed beta is almost upon us: It opens up tomorrow and runs through February 2nd, complete with a level bump to 69, three new dungeons, three new missions, the new Faerie Funland map, two new events, badges, updates to scour dungeons, and six new PvP modes.

Old freebie beta keys won't get you in, but new ones will. Guess what we've got? Yep, courtesy of Click the Mo button below (and prove you're not a robot) to grab one of these keys!

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Revelation Online details the fine points of aptitude

You'll earn experience by doing a lot of things in Revelation Online, but don't you wish that you could earn more experience for doing the same things? That's where Aptitude comes in. Aptitude is a constantly renewing resource, with characters receiving a certain amount of Aptitude on a daily basis, allowing for additional experience gains so long as there's more Aptitude in reserve to be used.

What if you can't log in for a bit? Well, your Aptitude continues to accumulate, and any "overflow" accumulated is stored by an NPC who will sell you that banked Aptitude, up to a daily limit. You can also purchase even more beyond the daily limit, but that will cost you. So you can catch up if you're unable to log in for a little while or you can just enjoy the daily fruits of your login labor. (For a very generous definition of "labor" here.)


Revelation Online introduces new gear for CBT3

Do you pride yourself on not needing any stinking badges? Turns out you're wrong; the actual line is that you don't have to show someone any stinking badges. And when it comes to Revelation Online, you most definitely need some badges, as that's one of the new types of gear being introduced in the game's third closed beta test. Badges increase primary stats and can be upgraded by combining lower-leveled badges into higher ones. There's no word on their aromatic component, but since you get them from both PvP and PvE dungeons, it can be assumed that they may be a bit stinky.

The third closed beta also introduces Talismans, unlocked by completing the hard mode for Tower of Pain. Players will have a dedicated equipment slot for Talismans, which can be shaped, augmented, improved, and transmuted into new forms. It will require higher-level play, but it will also mean a reasonable power boost, so it should be well worth the effort in the long run. Both of these new gear types will be added into the third closed beta when it starts up on January 19th.


Revelation Online has a buffet of PvP activities for CBT3

When Revelation Online goes into its third closed beta test on January 19th, it will keep things spicy with a special focus on the game's PvP modes. PvP-inclined players can gorge themselves silly on a particular mode or simply sample the buffet of options that are to come in CBT3.

In a new dev diary, the team lists the options that the beta test will provide. These include fighting for treasure on the aptly named Pirate Island, going into the 3v3 ranked arena, registering for a 1v1 death match, or taking part in the game's large-scale battles with faction wars and territory wars.

Even a simple merchant can be drawn into the PvP scene by attempting to turn a profit on the road: "Remember to watch out as other players can attack your cart, so you may want to take backroads and longer routes to get to your destination to avoid being ambushed. Make sure you have some guildmates with you to protect you on your trade runs, or you could end up losing all of your goods in attacks from other players."


Betawatch: Project Gorgon gears up with high-level content (January 13, 2017)

Is it fair to call Project Gorgon a spiritual successor to Asheron's Call? I'm going to go with yes, which means that this year is the year for the game to launch. And that's the goal, too; the game is adding in more levels and more high-level content for players to explore before the launch later this year. Let's go gaga for Gorgon, yes?

Of course, there's other beta news too. But that one deserved a header nod. Everyone else can sit here in list format, like so:

Did we get a list past the break? We did! It may contain a whole bunch of betas, or it might contain the ingredient list for almond-and-cranberry scones. If it's the betas, do let us know if something is missing or inaccurate down in the comments; if it's the scones thing, just cook some nice scones for your friends and family.

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How Revelation Online will deliver PvP on a larger scale

Just because you're into PvP in MMOs doesn't mean that you want the same experience as all of the other PvPers. Revelation Online knows this, which is why it's providing both small-scale (battlegrounds, arenas), open-world, and large-scale (guild wars, castle sieges) PvP options.

Today the devs opened up about how large-scale conflicts will work in the game. Guild wars (no relation) allow groups to challenge each other to battles across the game world. When this mode is active, guards won't attack guilds that are fighting each other in towns.

For more defensive action, there is always castle sieges. Guilds can control one of 12 locations across the map and attempt to keep hold of their claim while others seek to wrest it from their control. The team said that potential battles may include up to "several thousand players" and will pay out with special rewards for those who emerge victorious.


Revelation Online details closed beta 3's PvE content

Debuting in the third round of Revelation Online's western beta that kicks off next week is a big chunk of new PvE content. has detailed what to expect in a new dev diary on the official site.

First, we know there are three dungeons coming with multiple difficulties and level requirements: Grand Bulwark, Mech Citadel, and Tower of Pain, the last of which is a race to the top of a seven-floor edifice for "glory and fancy cosmetics." Oh, MMOs.

Second, you can expect updates to existing dungeons: Misty Hollow gets a level 60 raid version, Trial of Four Kings gets another solo version for level 65, and Scour Dungeon will be smacked with another two floors of trials.

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Revelation Online plots third closed beta, offers new trailer has announced a third round of western beta for Revelation Online. CBT3 will begin January 19th and run until the wee hours of February 2nd.

Of note, this round of play will include a level bump to 69, three new dungeons, three new missions, the new Faerie Funland map, two new events, badges, updates to scour dungeons, and six new PvP modes.

Keys from the first and second round of beta won't get you into this round, unfortunately -- the studio is pushing folks toward founder packs, which include access. There won't, however, be a character wipe going into CBT3.

In the meantime, check out the brand-new Spiritshaper trailer below.

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Betawatch: Crowfall claims 2017 (January 6, 2017)

Here we are, in 2017! It seems a lot like 2016 and things are still kind of awful. On the bright side, David Bowie hasn't died again. Also, Crowfall has proudly proclaimed that this will be its year. So far, the year has consisted of answering player questions and passing a crowdfunding goal, but it probably will include more than that. The year is young.

Other beta news? Yes, there's been a little bit while developers get back from the holidays.

Of course, there's a list down below. Same list as last year, really, we haven't had enough time for any huge shakeups. If something is on there which ought not to be, though, please do let us know down in the comments.

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Revelation Online details the basic of its PvP options

In Revelation Online, Saturday night is all right for fighting, as is Sunday night through Friday night. There are lots of ways to fight other players, in other words. A new post on the official site details the most basic routes to PvP, starting with just beating the crap out of other people in the open world. To prevent indiscriminate murder, the game penalizes attacking another player who doesn't fight back with the Killer mark, which makes you open season for other players to assault you without penalty.

Players can also take part in arenas and battlegrounds, with the former available in 3v3 and the latter hosting 10v10, 20v20, and 30v30 modes. The battlegrounds will also contain PvE elements, and both types will be available in 10-level increments past level 40. If your first thought about getting to play a new MMO is about how you can kill your fellow players, you'll be happy to know that you have a variety of options to choose between.


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