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Albion Online launches Lancelot with fishing and guild updates, grants everyone a week of sub play

Albion Online’s Lancelot update, its third major release since launch, is officially live this morning. The star of the update, as we’ve previously covered, is the new fishing system. “Cast a line into Albion’s rivers, lakes and oceans to gather fish, then cook them into meals, enhance other foods, or sell them in the Marketplace,” Sandbox Interactive says. “Different biomes and settings offer different types of fish, as do freshwater and saltwater. Explore an all-new Destiny Board path and discover new fishing gear. Seek out rare fish that offer increased bonuses and hunt for sunken treasures all across Albion.”

The update also includes a big overhall for the guild UI and other quality-of-life guild features, new hellgates, new artifact armor, combat tweaks, improved game performance, roaming mobs, a new expedition, and the launch of the second GvG season.

Current and lapsed players will be happy to know that logging in between now and March 19th will nab you seven free days of premium sub time, so go have a looksee.

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Albion Online’s upcoming fishing system hopes to reel in casuals and hardcores alike

Fishing has become a hot topic in MMOs this week, thanks to the likes of RuneScape and Albion Online. The latter will see the implementation of fishing in next week’s Lancelot update.

“With the new fishing system, Sandbox Interactive hopes to achieve three major goals: to add a fun new activity for all players, to integrate this activity into Albion’s economy and create interesting economic choices, [and] to implement a relatively simple feature which nonetheless adds depth for players,” the studio’s PR explains. “For example, there is a new Destiny Board path available for fishing, a fishing journal is available for the player’s house, and adventurers can even defeat a massive boss fish and craft it into a trophy.”

In Albion’s latest dev video, Game Director Robin Henkys calls the system the game’s “first major economic addition” since its launch last summer. It’s basically a wind-down mechanic for when you’re retiring from a hard day’s work wrecking faces, as one does, but the idea was to make it engrossing enough to stand on its own too. You can listen to his whole talk in the video below.

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Albion Online’s Lancelot update charges forward with fishing

The latest update to Albion Online finally adds the PvP gameplay the game was always meant to be about. What, you’re saying PvP was always there? No, you misunderstand; the game didn’t want to have a focus on player vs. player, it was meant to be player vs. pisces. Yes, fishing is arriving with the game’s Lancelot update, and it features all the full-loot gameplay you could ask for. Engage in a battle of wits with a tube of meat using a rusty hook on a cord, then look everything the fish is carrying (e.g., meat).

We can rest reasonably assured, however, that the new tier 3 artifact armor that’s coming with this update will not be tied to effectively fighting with fish. Nor will the new luxury goods or mini-hellgates be connected with fish. Those are just other nice features coming along with the patch when it launches on March 12th. And hey, who knows, maybe those hellgates actually do lead to great fishing spots. Kill people over fishing! Why not, right?

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Albion Online’s world gets deeper with roaming mobs and luxury goods

Don’t get too comfortable in Albion Online, because the developers are about to change one of the fundamental rules of the game.

Instead of just keeping mobs tied to specific areas, the devs are creating a new type of “roaming mob” for the Lancelot update. As their name suggests, these creatures and NPCs will go on journeys across the game world and keep players on their toes.

Another new feature in the works is the addition of luxury goods. These goods encompass 18 antiques that players can loot and then resold for varying prices in cities. The downside? The weight of these items makes fast travel impossible while carrying them, requiring players to hoof it in person.

Finally, Albion Online has kicked off a new referral season with a trio of new interesting rewards: a Recruiter’s Impala, the Ogronios Banner, and the Recruiter’s Moabird.

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Albion Online explains the new guild roles and guild UI options

The developers of Albion Online know that the guild system in the game needs work. Heck, it needed work for a while, but it was itself just so much work that it had to wait for a little while. But with the game’s next patch, that work is being fully realized, so you can enjoy all of the new features within the guild setup. This includes multiple tabs for guild vaults and a full transaction history for the guild vault, so you can both know who’s taking what and make it easier to divide up resource access.

How can you divide that? With the new role system. In essence, the new system doesn’t assign permissions by rank, but by role, and you can then assign individual members as many roles as seem appropriate. So if you have one bank tab with lots of combat gear and one with lots of crafting material, Attackers might have access to the former tab and Crafters might have access to the latter tab. A player with both roles could access both. Check out the explanation in the video just below, and look forward to these new guild features with the game’s upcoming Lancelot patch.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 154: A Prime experiment

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin hit up a week of huge MMO news, including Camelot Unchained’s investments, RIFT’s new subscription server, Devilian’s demise, and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Albion Online kicks off its mobile testing on Apple devices

One of the big selling points for Albion Online right out of the gate was the promise of a game that could be played on pretty much any device in the same world. PC, Linux, mobile devices… same thing, across the board. That goal is getting closer to being a reality with the game’s new closed beta on iOS platforms. If you’ve got the game and either an iPad or an iPhone, you can jump in and start playing.

You’ll need to have at least a starter or founder pack to take part in the closed beta, but assuming you do you can log in and, well… play. It’ll have all of the same features and options as the desktop client, it’ll just be on a mobile device. There are some light system requirements in terms of recommendation, so be sure to double-check your device before logging in and reporting bugs. But, you know, do log in and report bugs.


Albion Online characterizes layoffs as downsizing to ‘pre-release beta testing’ levels

Earlier this week, we got a tip claiming that the Albion Online team had been severely cut back before Christmas, perhaps as much as 50%, owing to poor performance. Turns out there were some layoffs, but not quite so many, and in fact the studio says it had ramped up studio numbers ahead of launch and is now downsizing to a live team. Moreover, the studio says its playerbase has “stabilized” and is still growing.

Here’s the full statement Sandbox Interactive issued to Massively OP this afternoon:

Albion Online saw a successful release in July 2017. To get ready for release, during beta testing, our team size almost doubled to more than 50 people. Now that release is behind us, we are reducing the team size to levels similar to those at the start of pre-release beta testing. 31 people in total, supported by talented freelancers, will constantly improve and expand the game. This goes hand in hand with our strategy to fully focus on the game’s original core vision: with the release of our Kay update in December, player numbers have stabilized at a high level and continue to grow. Our next update, Lancelot, will continue on this path and is set to release in March, with further updates to come according to our road map.”

Our sympathies go out to those affected.


Albion Online’s Christmas event is better late than never

Hey, why are you taking down those Christmas lights and hauling your browning tree to the curb? There’s still some life left in this holiday yet, even if it is technically over! Just look at Albion Online, which kicked off its Breath of Winter event today to keep players occupied during the rest of the month.

During this event, players can go on a “good deeds” quest chain to help the little NPCs of the realm and earn an essential item that will allow the creation of a Yule Ram mount.

There’s also an Icy Battleground for PvP, a quest to help Father Frost, and an extra-wintry version of the Three Sisters Expedition. Plenty of rewards await those who participate, including fancy winter finery, Christmas trees, and a placeable present chest.


The best Massively OP streams of 2017

As captain of our Stream Team, Massively OP’s MJ Guthrie and Larry Everett were joined by Andrew Ross this year to play zillions of games live, some old and some new, providing our community with an interactive look at some of the games in (and around) our genre. I’ve picked out my 10 favorites from the year, from sunsets and interviews to early access MMO sneak-peeks and even a group stream for the launch of one of the year’s biggest MMO expansions. Let’s dig in!

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Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2017

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP’s regular recap of what’s going on in crowdfunded MMOs, which we do specifically for those of you who are convinced Kickstarter is the absolute worst (it’s not) and that no crowdfunded MMOs ever launch (they do). Plus, somebody’s got to keep an eye on what your money’s up to! Tonight’s edition isn’t going to be our usual recap of the last couple of weeks, however; we’re going to look at the most important MMO crowdfunding news of the entire year. Lock up your wallets and let’s get to it.

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Albion Online sheds light on its roadmap for the next update

It’s not quite the end of the year just yet, but Albion Online has still taken the opportunity for an end-of-year look at the stuff that’s coming for the game’s next big update. First and foremost is fishing because it’s not really an MMO if you can’t sit by the shore and match wits with a fish, right? The game’s fishing will work differently than most of the gathering options, as there will be no nodes to harvest from, just bodies of water that may logically contain fish. Are there fish there? Try to fish and see if there are any in there.

Other major components being added are the addition of siege engines (with only a couple of engines planned for the initial offering and more for the future) and the imposter mechanic to let you slip in your own siphoning mages after killing an enemy mage. None of the things mentioned in the roadmap are sure components of the next update, but they’re all in the plans; check out the video down below for all of the details as the year winds down.

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Albion Online brings the Breath of Winter to the game on January 10th

So Albion Online does have an event for this year’s winter holiday season… it’s just starting on January 10th, 2018. Which makes it a little late for the big ones like Christmas, but it’ll still hit… whatever happens in mid-January? Look, let’s not focus on that part and focus instead on being sent all over the realm to do good deeds so that you can earn the bridle to craft a festive Yule Ram mount. That sounds more positive.

Of course, there’s also a new icy battleground and a new harder-than-usual version of the Three Sisters Expedition available for players to take on for further seasonal rewards, which also include cosmetic outfits and some conifers that look like… well, some sort of familiar tree. (You know the sort.) So you’ll have to wait a bit until after the usual holiday season to kick things off, but you’ll still have plenty of holiday fun to engage with just the same.


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