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Official Site: Secret World Legends
Studio: Funcom
Launch Date: July/August 2017
Genre: Modern Horror Hybrid Themepark (replacement for The Secret World)
Business Model: Hybrid B2P (Optional Sub, Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

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The Stream Team: Cavorting across Secret World Legends’ Kingsmouth

When you start your Secret World adventures over, you get to return to Kingsmouth. And that can be a good thing because some of the best characters are in Kingsmouth! Massively OP’s MJ will get to hobnob with Boone, Andy, Edgar, Moose, and Norma again. If only she could get used to the assault rifle’s grenades! Tune in live at 9:00 p.m. to relive life in…

What: Secret World Legends
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 9:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, June 29th, 2017

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Chaos Theory: Week one impressions of Secret World Legends

It’s been a week since Funcom threw open the doors of Secret World Legends’ headstart to everyone and removed the NDA. That’s seven days of choosing factions, meeting handlers, blasting zombies, dodging traps, upgrading weapons, and learning about the Filth — and getting to share those experiences! And share I shall.

So what do I think of the “new” game after a week of non-testing play added atop my beta adventures? Knowing that I am quite the fan of the original, some folks might expect me to sing unending praises of everything. For that same reason, others might expect me to decry that this version has obliterated what I held dear. In truth, this Chaos Theory will be neither extreme (sorry if that disappoints!). In Secret World Legends, there are some things I really like, some things I will tolerate for the good of the game, and then there are those things I do not like.

How would I answer the burning questions on many folks’ minds: How much has the game changed, are those changes actually worth it, and is SWL worth playing (again)? My short answer is that’s a very personal decision depending on your personal  tastes. But since the game is free-to-play, why not give it a go? I think it is definitely worth it.

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Secret World Legends explains customer service limitations

If you’ve been running into key issues while playing or attempting to pay for Secret World Legends, you might not have been pursuing the correct channel to resolve your problem.

Earlier this week, Funcom’s customer service manager posted a letter to the SWL community explaining that the “high volume” of service requests have forced the team to limit responses in the name of efficiency. Players can only use live chat for “urgent payment issues,” while in-game petitions will only be answered if they deal with stuck characters or buggy missions.

It sounds as though all other petitions will be ignored, at least for the time being: “If you are unhappy with a sprint you bought two days ago, we will not be able to assist you with this in a petition. At this time, we simply can’t spare the resources to reallocate your Aurum and Marks of Favor.”

Players with issues not involving payment, stuck characters, or bugged missions are encouraged to use the studio’s help site for a resolution.


Secret World Legends prepares to re-open currency exchange following rampant duping

With Secret Worlds Legends relaunch last past weekend, one of the tentpoles of the new free-to-play business model came under attack almost immediately thanks to an exploit in the currency exchange. Funcom disabled the exchange to head off the crisis and announced that it was going to ban those who duped the premium currency.

The team has finally worked out a fix, and some time today the currency exchange is expected to be brought back online. “[Tuesday’s] patch includes backend fixes that have been implemented for the currency exchange,” the studio said. “We are planning to re-open this feature as soon as we finish implementing some additional server changes, and estimate the marketplace to be back online tomorrow (June 28th).  Thank you all for your patience!”

A few other hotfixes over the past two days include a minimum price on the auction house to post items, a few animation tweaks, and corrections to wrong rewards being handed out in level 50 dungeons.

Source: Patch notes


Global Chat: Secret World Legends edition

Over the past week, many MMO bloggers returned to the conspiracy-laden regions of Secret World Legends to see if they could answer the million-dollar question: Is this reboot and relaunch any good?

Today, we’re going to devote the full column to some of these impressions, starting with Ayren Sojourner, who identifies several problems with the launch of the game as a returning fan.

“I get that they want to walk new players through all the possible side-quest types. But man… I get thrown into a cutscene, then into a graveyard, then into some fragmented raid-something-something that I was familiar with, but would have been extremely confused by if I were a totally new player. Then more cutscenes. Then London. And now that Tokyo scenario that TSW used to start with. I’m still not out of cutscenes,” she wrote.

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Watch Secret World Legends’ official launch trailer

If you’re a The Secret World fan who hadn’t already given Secret Worlds Legends a shot — and given this weekend’s exploits and downtime, we wouldn’t blame you — today is your day to get in there, as the first of the game’s two planned formal launches begins today. (The second, on Steam, is later this summer on July 31st.) Do note that this version of the game is indeed free-to-play.

Funcom has released a new trailer to go with the launch; we’ve tucked that down below. If you’re still on the fence, consider both Larry’s and MJ’s very different first impressions of the game to push you over.

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Funcom is working on a ‘tactical turn-based strategy’ game

Funcom is apparently keeping itself busy with a new partnership and game. The company’s investor relations site has a brief press release with the announcement:

“Funcom N.V. has entered into an agreement with Bearded Dragon International LTD regarding the development and publishing of a new game. The game is in the ‘tactical turn-based strategy’ genre and is planned to be released during 2018. Initial platform will be PC, with consoles to be evaluated after the PC launch. More information about the game will be revealed when PR and Marketing activities are initiated prior to release. This activity is part of Funcom’s strategy of releasing multiple game titles per year, providing significant activities more often and building a larger portfolio of products.”

Funcom is best known to MMO players for its long-running The Secret World, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online, as well as sunsetted MMO LEGO Minifigures Online and early access survival sandbox Conan Exiles. AOC and AO were seemingly maintenance-moded earlier this year, while The Secret World has been back-burnered in favor of Secret World Legends, which has formally launched today.

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Secret World Legends bans weekend currency exploiters

Yesterday’s Secret World Legends downtime turns out to have been a serious one indeed. Players began noticing that the price of Aurum on the Exchange was fluctuating oddly over the weekend, and Funcom confirmed the issue last night and indeed rolled back everyone’s Aurum totals.

“We discovered an error that caused the Exchange to break which made quite an impact on the game,” Funcom writes. “When you log in you will find that your character’s Aurum has been reverted to the amount it was at before this occurred. Any valid purchase of Aurum made after this point will also be applied. Marks of Favour / Cache Keys will be also be reset for some players that used the Exchange after it was broken.”

Don’t think you’re getting off easy if you exploited the crap out of this one.

“We have also banned a large number of players that took advantage of the broken Exchange. The Auction House and the Exchange are temporarily disabled to give us more time to test the fixes to them. We hope to have both features back and working very soon!”

Compensation is planned for those affected by the downtime, though the details aren’t clear just yet.

Source: Official site. Thanks, TheDonDude!


Secret World Legends opens to all, offers vets 3 character slots

Who needs a restricted headstart? Apparently not Secret World Legends. The reboot was initially opening its doors early to only The Secret World owners, but that quickly changed; during the dev livestream it was announced that the headstart was now open to everyone! That means anyone can go to the official site and hop into this free-to-play game. (The Steam launch, however, is still set for July.)

In a move that will please veteran players, Funcom also announced that TSW owners will be granted two additional character slots in SWL, to make a total of three slots for free. This works well for those who were having trouble choosing a faction.

The newly released Producer’s Letter also gives players instructions for linking their TSW accounts to their Secret World Legends accounts in order to have their cosmetics transfer over. In order for the Legacy transfer to be successful, players must log into SWL with their TSW credentials, and the two accounts must be linked by “some time in August 2017” when the service will expire.

Source: SWL dev livestreamProducer’s Letter. Cheers Enamel and Balsbigbrother!


PSA: How to play or restore your original Secret World install

Anyone who tried to log into his or her Secret World client after the launch of the reboot yesterday found that Secret World Legends client overwrote the original game. If that happened to you, don’t panic! We have a fairly easy fix from support that we’ve personally tested, and it works like a charm. Here’s how you can repair and safely launch your TSW client:

  • Save the LocalConfig.xml file from your TSW account page (under download button)
  • Replace the LocalConfig.xml in your TSW file with the one you saved.
  • Launch the game with the PatcherSetup.exe in the TSW folder  — not the default ClientPatcher.exe.
  • Enjoy!

Cheers, John!


The Stream Team: The headstart launch of Secret World Legends

Secret World Legends‘ NDA has finally dropped — probably because it has just launched its headstart for The Secret World owners! And as a long-time fan, you know Massively OP’s MJ is going to be deep in the game all day, so come join us live at 4:00 p.m. to take a look at the TSW reborn. Will it be all you hoped?

What: Secret World Legends
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 4:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, June 23rd, 2017

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Secret World Legends patron benefits revealed

Folks have been waiting a while for the lowdown on the Secret World Legends patron benefits, and Creative Director Romain Amiel just shared some tidbits with us. The benefits for subscribing to the reboot include some items The Secret World players are familiar with (bonuses to earning currency, free anima leaps, reduced mission cool down timers, and bonus XP) as well as some new additions that are specific to SWL (increased healing potion capacity, free auction house delivery, the ability to trade directly other patrons, a free daily cache key, and daily bonus keys for dungeons, scenarios, and lairs). There’s also a 50% discount for buying healing potions.

For those who purchased the Grandmaster lifetime account, that will guarantee that you’ll be a patron for life in SWL. However, there will be no way for any players — new or old — to purchase this going forward. As for the price on patron, we don’t have particulars yet, but we’ll share those details as soon as we get them.

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Hands-on with Secret World Legends: A second chance for a first impression

I would like to start this article by saying that there are a lot of things to like about Secret World Legends, but for me, those good things — despite their being some of my favorite things about RPGs and MMOs — make it hard to overlook what I consider the flaws of the game.

Although there were always weird bits to The Secret World’s storytelling, like the silent protagonist, I’ve long considered it to be some of the best storytelling in MMORPGs. With the launch of Secret World Legends, that has not changed. In fact, I would say that as an introduction to the game, it’s improved. The weak point to the game has always been the combat. There were some very confusing things about it, which have been fixed, and there were some aesthetic issues, which have not been fixed.

I am very torn about how to approach my impressions of the game. I want to come at it as someone who hasn’t played it before because it’s being sold as something new. But at the same time, I have played the game, and I know exactly why I never played it for more than a week at a time. I approached the game from two different perspectives: Would this impress someone who has never played it, and will returning players who didn’t stick with it over the last couple of years be interested enough in the changes to come back?

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