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Official Site: Ship of Heroes
Studio: Heroic Games
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Superhero MMORPG
Business Model: N/A
Platform: PC

Make My MMO: Star Citizen's subber promo, Planet Nomads' early access, Project Gorgon's bards (March 25, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Star Citizen capped off a week of DirectX revelations and mega map explanations with a round of celebrations -- for its fifth year of subscriptions. Folks who join the game's dev subber program pick up a magazine, discounts, and extra test access; sub before April 17th while the promo is live, you get vending machine flair for your hangar. At least you'll have cold beverages while you wait for the game, right? (Thanks, Cotic!)

Elsewhere in space MMOs, congrats are due to Planet Nomads, which was Kickstarted last year and is now plotting an early access launch for April 18th.

And in epic news for fans of the best video game class of all time, Project Gorgon rolled out the bard support skills for testing this week. Don't think you're just going to pick up a lute and start strumming, either: "As you advance in Bard skill, you will also need to improve other skills, including performance, vocabulary, and poetry appreciation." Bring your thesaurus!

Meanwhile, ECO patched in some major upgrades to its economy, Starfighter is nearing half its goal with 20 days remaining (thanks Crow!), Ever, Jane's beta picked up horseback riding features, Camelot Unchained danced with its own bot army, City of Titans previewed its core archetypes, SOTA nabbed a new newsletter layout, and The Exiled's early access began its second season.

Read on for more on what's up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we've got our eye on.

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Ship of Heroes touts Unreal Engine 4 progress ahead of Kickstarter bid

Since our community has City of Heroes on the brain of late, let's recall that there are no less than five games inspired by the late superhero MMORPG on the way, each in a different state of development. One of the newest entries on that list is Ship of Heroes, possibly the most similar to the classic game, except for that whole "oh yeah and the city's on a spaceship" twist.

This morning, Ship of Heroes' Heroic Games posted a press release talking up its Unreal Engine 4 progress.

"Epic Games is excited that Ship of Heroes is being built using Unreal Engine 4," an Epic rep is quoted as saying. "Ship of Heroes is developing quickly and we look forward to having another MMO in the market based on our technology, and the community of artists and coders that utilize it."

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Ship of Heroes salutes City of Heroes in its network demo video

Ship of Heroes has a new video out today that is ostensibly a network demo showing off half a dozen remote developers spread across the country testing out 16 characters in the game. But what it's really signaling is a tribute to City of Heroes, the long-sunsetted inspiration MMO, as one by one the characters raise torches plainly in symbolic honor of those who protested in Atlas Park 33 back in 2012.

"We remember," reads the video caption.

"Each [dev] individually activated a power called 'Torch' which we coded for this test," says Heroic Games. "No server, login, connection or client problems occurred during the test. As far as we know, no other pre-Kickstarter MMORPG has published a network test of this kind before."

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Ship of Heroes will seek $400,000 in Kickstarter funding

Indie superhero MMO Ship of Heroes has just announced the details of its planned Kickstarter campaign, which was previously noted to begin on April 4th: The crowdfunding event will run five weeks and hopes to raise $400,000. Alpha is expected to begin late in 2017.

"The key point to realize is that if you want to play in the Beta, you need to back us in the Kickstarter," Heroic Games CEO Casey McGeever writes. "If you want to start even earlier and be part of the Alphas starting this year, then your chances go up depending upon how much you donate."

McGeever argues that his team has shown off more of the game at its one-year mark than most comparable games do and that Ship of Heroes is angling to become a "family-friendly gaming community" and "a destination game that one plays for years, rather than content that gets played once and is then abandoned."

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Make My MMO: Crowfall's crafting, RUiN's Kickstarter, Ashes of Creation's gameplay (March 4, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, we sent MOP's Matt Daniel into Crowfall, from which he emerged with many opinions on the state of the game's high-profile crafting and gathering systems. Economy folks should give it a read!

There are two MMO-related Kickstarters ending this week you may be interested in. Arena brawler RUiN is about 200 bucks from funding as I type this, so it's going to happen for sure. Caribbean Conquest's second go at Kickstarter, however, is likely to fall short; it's secured only about $2000 in pledges of its $30,000-ish goal with only a few days left.

What else is new? Worlds Adrift got a new website (thanks, Daras!), Project Gorgon rolled out a new patch, Albion Online released videos on its sound and music, Elite Dangerous began testing part of the Commanders patch, Camelot Unchained teased beta 1, and Ashes of Creation demoed its gameplay.

Finally, get thee over to Steam, where a trial of Shroud of the Avatar can currently be had entirely for free.

Read on for more on what's up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we've got our eye on.

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 106: Ready to relaunch

Call this episode "tangent city," because it doesn't take much to send Bree and Justin down conversational rabbit holes! From discussing why Champions Online failed to pick up City of Heroes' refugees to going on epic rants against gankboxes, you'll need a flow chart and a five-dimensional mind to follow all of the topics of today's show. Good luck!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Ship of Heroes demos combat ahead of April Kickstarter

Ship of Heroes studio Heroic Games is clearly conscious of the MMORPG playerbase's demand for gameplay videos before Kickstarter, which is likely why this week it's put out out a brand-new video showing off combat in the superhero MMO.

So how it's looking? Not too shabby for alpha, though it takes a bit to really get going and the demo character (signature hero Meltdown, built in the player-accessible character creator) is happily setting aliens (Nagdelians) on fire. Fire blasters are going to be happy, anyway. Heroic tells us that the video was shot inside the playable Apotheosis City and that the UI and targeting system are complete.

"Meltdown utilizes six different powers in the video – four attacks and two self-buffs. The attacks are a ranged location AOE, a ranged targeted AOE, a single target attack, and a short range cone attack. Meltdown is able to buff his damage and later his health regeneration (useful in boss fights). [...] The [enemy] soldiers and lieutenant each demonstrate two ranged attacks with different damage levels, and the lieutenant additionally has a slow recharge power to call for reinforcements. [...] Meltdown defeats seven enemies in a fight lasting about 90 seconds, and he takes significant damage."

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Make My MMO: The Exiled arrives to mixed reviews on Steam (February 25, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, The Exiled was released to the wilds of Steam early access. Formerly called Das Tal, the buy-to-play indie sandbox attempted to raise funds through Kickstarter back in 2015 but pulled in only €33,000 of its €50,000 goal and resorted to website preorders instead, forging ahead to now. Reviews on Steam so far are mixed; once you subtract the confused trial players who seem surprised to see PvP in a PvP sandbox, the main complaints revolve around crafting grind and lag.

Meanwhile, Ship of Heroes teased its Kickstarter, Shroud of the Avatar released R39, Albion Online settled on a July release, Life is Feudal rolled out its second beta, Pantheon brought on more new employees (thanks, Reht!), Dual Universe planned a GDC community meetup, Star Citizen explored the Magnus system and released a new concept ship, HEX got a new publisher, and Elite: Dangerous did science and turned... beige.

Closer to home, games critic and veritable prince of Patreon Jim Sterling scored a victory for games journalism in the courts as a judge dismissed with prejudice a game developer's libel lawsuit against him. (Thanks to everyone who tipped this our way!)

Read on for more on what's up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we've got our eye on.

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Ship of Heroes plans April Kickstarter, alpha to run into next year

Are you watching the Ship of Heroes Kickstarter countdown? Have you set it to your main tab when you boot up your browser? Our eagle-eyed tipsters noticed the countdown timer early, but the Heroic Games team is ready to talk about it today.

April 4th is the Kickstarter launch day, says the team's new press release.

"The crowdfunding effort will run for about a month, and will include a creative variety of in-game rewards and recognition. Heroic Games has not yet announced the intended dollar goal for the Kickstarter campaign, but all donations will go directly toward the continued rapid development of Ship of Heroes."

After the Kickstarter, the Ship of Heroes studio will run multiple alpha tests this year and next, "then beta on a relatively quick schedule." Kickstarter donors will also have first crack at those alpha slots.

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Ship of Heroes posts a Kickstarter countdown on its main page

Whenever we here bring news about a new indie title, there's always at least one person asking in the comments about when the Kickstarter is starting. It's not even cynical at this point, just a predictable eventuality. Of course, usually the answer to that question is unclear, since most teams announce the Kickstarter date around the same time the Kickstarter actually starts. Ship of Heroes has opted instead to launch a Kickstarter countdown on its main page, so you can see exactly how long it will be before the game launches its Kickstarter project.

As of this writing, there's a bit over a month left on the countdown timer, although the lack of any official announcements about the timer may or may not indicate that it's an intentionally long period. I suppose we'll see in about 40 days after this writing, yes? It's something to mark your calendars for, at least.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Elderan for the tip!


Make My MMO: Camelot Unchained, Mekria, TUG, and more (February 11, 2017)

This week in MMO crowfunding was... well, it was a big week for gaming in general, and Kickstarted games rose to the challenge! In fact, we could barely pump out the news fast enough. Here's what went on this week:

  • Camelot Unchained continued work on "big ticket" development issues, like animation and effects and abilities for bots.
  • Mekria Online, which we introduced only last week, has already canceled its Kickstarter; the studio vows to return with more to show players next round.
  • Ashes of Creation released its first gameplay video, a "movie-like" version that'll see a UI-laden edition next week.
  • Gloria Victis introduced its new Glory system as well as the ability to burn down ALL THE THINGS. Seriously.
  • TUG's latest Kickstarter update tells backers that the team is working on gameplay prototyping and touted its recent investor presentation.
  • Ship of Heroes previewed one of its signature heroes, Dr. Ellen Strikewell.
  • Shards Online is prepping for its Steam launch with an impending wipe and NDA drop.
  • Valiance Online posted four new videos of the alpha client! We've tucked one down below.
  • Crowfall canceled its weekend playtest over studio concerns that the current version of the build isn't up to snuff.
  • Grim Dawn rolled out a massive new patch.
  • and Shroud of the Avatar rounds out my super-long list with a post-mortem Q&A -- video and text versions -- on its latest release.

I told you it was busy, and there's more down below! Read on for more on what's up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we've got our eye on.

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Make My MMO: Mekria, Caribbean Conquest, and RUiN hit Kickstarter (February 4, 2017)

It was a busy week for new MMO Kickstarters!

  • Mekria Online joins the Make My MMO watch list; it's a PvP-heavy MMO seeking $110,000.
  • RUiN joins up too, though as a PvP arena brawler, it's a bit on our fringes. It's already at half its goal with a month left to go. (Thanks, Zanetski!)
  • and Age of Sail MMO Caribbean Conquest is back online with its second Kickstarter (the first was canceled last year).

Read on for more on what's up with MMO crowdfunding over the last few weeks and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we've got our eye on!

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Ship of Heroes asks for early UI feedback

The UI matters a lot in an MMORPG -- at least if you're going to be staring at it pretty much constantly while you're playing the game. So what should the Ship of Heroes UI look like? Yes, "like the City of Heroes UI," the game is already there on that point. But what about colors and positioning? That's what the developers are asking with the latest dispatch from the development team.

Two different early versions of the UI are available for fans to examine, mostly differentiated with colors for health/resources and the style of the game's hotbars. Future would-be players are invited to offer feedback on the game's forums about which version looks better and which one no one should ever want to use, although it's hard to make many long-term decisions based solely on UI screenshots. You're supposed to hide the UI before you take screenshots, after all.

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