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Official Site: Star Citizen
Studio: Cloud Imperium Games Corporation/Roberts Space Industries
Launch Date: N/A
Genre: Sci-fi Sandbox
Business Model: B2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

The MOP Up: Ultima Online’s new home

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll visit Ultima Online’s new digs, celebrate Star Citizen’s third birthday, listen to a sample of Destiny’s new soundtrack, gorge ourselves silly on videos, and more!

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Star Citizen changes forum permissions to combat harassment

Star Citizen is cracking down on forum abuse by instituting a new set of restrictions that went into effect yesterday.

CIG changed permissions so that only players who have financially supported the project or who have been gifted a game package can post across the entire forum. Those who do not meet these criteria can still read most of the forums and post in the new “recruiting station” subforum.

“As the project progresses we’re attracting more and more spam and harassment-only accounts, and this action will considerably curb that phenomenon, as well as alleviate much of the resource strain on our volunteer moderators and staff, and ultimately allow us to better serve the members of our community,” Community Manager Jared Huckaby explained.

Source: Official forums. Thanks to Cotic for the tip!


Not So Massively: Grey Goo’s $75k tournament, Nexon’s LawBreakers

Valve announced that Dota 2‘s Reborn update will be released to the live servers in the next few weeks. Online RTS Grey Goo launched a tournament series that will run from now until January and boasts a total of $75,000 in prizes to be won. Dungeon Defenders II officially moved from pre-alpha to alpha with its “Alpha and Beyond” update. Heroes of the Storm restricted its Hero League queue system to solo and duo players, a move that has worked well in other MOBAs.

Gears of War designer Cliff Bleszinski announced that his studio is working on a new competitive online fps called LawBreakers set in a low-gravity world. League of Legends released Patch 5.17 following a hotfix to rebalance its newly crowned Juggernaut characters. Path of Exile quadrupled the drop rate of rare and super rare unique items in patch 2.0.3. SMITE added headless disruptive tank character Xing Tian to its growing roster of Chinese gods. And Star Citizen delved into this month’s progress while a fansite has put together all the information we know on the game’s release schedule.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Star Citizen gets weekly and monthly reports, free DragonCon trial

If you’re attending DragonCon this weekend, you might see various Star Citizen developers chatting up gamers and sharing their perspectives on various dev panels. You might also snag a game code on the show floor, which you can redeem for free access to Star Citizen’s pre-alpha Arena Commander dogfighting module.

Per the announcement and activation instructions on the RSI website, the codes are good through September 14th. Pew pew!

In other Star Citizen news, CIG published its monthly studio report for August as well as its weekly look at progress on the Star Marine FPS module.

Source: Announcement; thanks fastcart!


Stick and Rudder: Star Citizen is starting to come together

Last Tuesday I woke in the wee hours of the morning to install Star Citizen’s 1.2 patch. I wasn’t battling insomnia or anything like that; on the contrary, I set my alarm and made sure to start the mammoth download so that it would be finished when I rolled out of bed for real.

Why not Monday or even last week when the patch released? Because I fall under Comcast’s internet monopoly, and one of the many reasons Comcast sucks is the 300 GB limit on my “unlimited” plan. Since Star Citizen’s social module is a whopping 30 GB download, I had to wait until Tuesday and the start of September to avoid a fee!

After my epic overnight download was complete, I spent a couple of hours playing around in the newly released social module. Even though it’s clearly a pre-alpha rough cut, I feel that Star Citizen is starting to come together.

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RSI’s attorney responds to Smart’s Star Citizen demands

The strange saga of Derek Smart’s quixotic campaign against Star Citizen continues. The game developer sicced his lawyer on RSI last month, delivering a series of legal demands that include a public audit of the company paid for by Smart and the resignation of Chris Roberts. While RSI declined to post its response by its lawyers, the studio did anticipate that Smart would make it public anyway.

Sure enough, Smart posted what he claims is the gist of the response on his blog, arguing that the letter was meant to “intimidate and silence” him. He also confirmed that his “investigators” are continuing to compile information that will be sent to the feds.

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Here’s a helpful summary of Star Citizen’s release schedule

The best laid plans of mice and men don’t hold a candle to those creating a virtual universe from scratch. The shifting dates and missed development targets of Star Citizen have been of some concern and confusion this year, especially considering that the game is being released piecemeal instead of all of once.

To help set things straight, Star Citizen fan site Imperial News has done the footwork to compile all information pertaining to the release schedule going forward. The article also draws in rumors and developer quotes to provide as accurate a picture of the future as possible.

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Not So Massively: HOTS’ ranking woes, LoL’s server move problems

League of Legends finished setting up its new North American server in Chicago, reducing ping times for east coast players but dramatically increasing them for those on the west coast, Hawaii, and Alaska. As Heroes of the Storm‘s competitive scene continues to grow, players are unhappy with the new matchmaking system that uses hidden stats and the new rank placement system that is giving inconsistent results. CounterStrike: Global Offensive broke League of Legends‘ record for the most Twitch viewing hours for a game in a single day, and players discovered a strange bug that could explain some of the game’s apparent hit registration problems.

Star Citizen released the first step in its persistent universe with the addition of its social module this week, and laid out its plans to expand the system with a new asteroid mining station social zone and working shop facilities. Diablo IIII released its highly anticipated patch 2.3.0, adding Kanai’s Cube to the game and overhauling crafting and rifts. And Armored Warfare announced its new base-building mechanic that gives each player his own military base that provides various passive bonuses.

Read on for detailed breakdowns of the stories above and other news from the wider world of online gaming in this week’s Not So Massively, and don’t forget to subscribe to the RSS feed for weekly updates!

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Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts on dedication, delays, and Derek Smart

In a new and very lengthy interview with Polygon, Chris Roberts fields a wide range of questions about the development and delays of Star Citizen. He points out to fans that he’s been working on the title non-stop for three years now and is proud of the progress and communication being put out by the team.

“I’m personally working harder than I ever worked in my life, including going back to the early days doing the first Wing Commander,” Roberts said. “I find it very challenging. It’s a bit like being a politician. Not only are you trying to develop a game and run multiple studios with a lot of different people, but we’re also being open and keeping the community informed of everything we do, while we have work that is out there and being improved upon all the time.”

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Guild Chat: Finding MMO fun without your guildmates

Good news, everyone: I’m back with an unexpected edition of Guild Chat for you! Observant Massively Overpowered readers might have noticed that I rotate this column with MMO Mechanics and it should, in fact, be the latter’s turn this time. However, I had a great reader submission fly its way into my inbox very shortly after publishing the last Guild Chat and just couldn’t leave it waiting around gathering e-dust for a month. Get comfortable and pop your reading glasses on, dearies: This time around, we’re discussing the loss of great guildmates to IRL commitments and how to recapture the spark of the guild that once was great.

To summarise, reader Rekoor has written in about how he misses the spark of enjoying an MMO with a group of people he truly “clicks” with. Real life and the usual drop-off and break taking we see in MMO communities has left Rekoor short on the quality in-game friends front, but his gaming time has become even more precious as his time is at a premium due to full time work and a young growing family. He now needs a way to capitalise on his gaming time without hurting his friends when they do get to pop on, which also means perhaps putting the final nail in his old guild’s coffin.

Keep on reading for Rekoor’s full submission and my advice to him below, and be sure to pop your two cents into the comments!

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Star Citizen’s social module is now playable

Star Citizen fans have a lot to chew on this weekend, as Cloud Imperium has released the game’s social module, a dev blog on electronic warfare, and the weekly Star Marine status update.

Design director Tony Zurovec has penned a lengthy intro to the social module, which allows you to choose from a handful of character configurations and “explore the first of many planetary landing zones” with up to 24 other players.

The electronic warfare blog outlines ship signatures, radar scanning, and both offensive and defensive EW in detail, while the Star Marine update hits the usual gameplay, art, audio, animation, and UI highlights as well as “the big merge” from staging to game-dev.

Sources: Social, EWStar Marine; thanks Gene and I-Spy!


Betawatch: August 28th, 2015

Project Gorgon‘s latest run on Kickstarter is over, and it was a pretty big success for the title, hitting almost $75,000 in funding. That means the game is moving forward with improvements, and it also means that players are going to need to start paying money to get into the test client. Hey, it had to happen eventually.

So what other beta news do we have before this weekend’s convention?

Plus we’ve got our usual list of games just past the break. Did we miss something? Is another game further along than we know? Let us know down in Ye Olde Commente Sectionne.

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Perfect Ten: Amazing MMO cosplay

I have nothing but deep respect for cosplayers because on two levels they are performing activities that I cannot. First of all, they put together incredible outfits that must take hours and hours of painstaking research and skill (not to mention money!) to assemble. And second, they go out in public and subject themselves to a nonstop barrage of stares and pictures.

As with any other geeky field, MMOs have attracted their fair share of cosplayers over the years. Today we’re going to look at 10 amazing outfits and the people who both put them together and wore them proudly.

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