Champions Online brings out the vehicle-centered Circus Malvanum event

The heart and soul of Champions Online is either playing a superhero and taking out dastardly villains or flying vehicles around. The event hitting the game’s live servers right now is focusing more on the latter; help Jo finish her flying steam bike to earn it as a special vehicle and take part in the Circus Malvanum air race! You’ve got until May 31st to take part, or until November 16th, 2017. (The official page lists both dates, but we’re pretty sure the one from last year is a typo.)

If you think steam bikes are lame, flying or no, you can opt to just buy your way into the vehicle side of the game for slightly less cash; all vehicles are 20% off. That is, off the purchase price, not someone taking a hacksaw and chopping off a fifth of a given vehicle. Although that could mean a convertible.


Grab a key for Wild Terra ahead of the holiday weekend courtesy of Juvty and MOP

Itching for something to play this Memorial Day weekend? How about Wild Terra? The isometric sandbox recently celebrated the first anniversary of its release with an infographic, which we’ve included below; at the tail end of it, the devs are teasing a big summer update on the way.

Juvty Worlds has granted Massively OP 300 keys for the entire B2P game for our readers; click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to grab a copy for yourself!

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With 17M registered players, Trion’s voxelbox Trove launches in Japan

Trion Worlds is in an expansionist mood of late. Earlier this week, we learned Atlas Reactor was porting to Steam in China. Today, the MMO studio announced it has launched Trove in Japan as a free-to-play title on the PlayStation 4.

“Trion Worlds is proud to announce that Trove, its hit voxel MMO game, has released in Japan. Published in the country by DMM Games, Trove is available now on PlayStation 4 digitally and at retail stores. […] Prior to releasing in Japan, Trove launched in China in late 2017 to great success, with the expansion into the region pushing it past the 17 million player mark, with that number poised only to grow as the game releases to Japanese audiences.”

Over on our shores, Trove players are anticipating the summer launch of the Geode expansion and its battle royale mode.

“The Japanese version of Trove will be updated on the same schedule as other regions, so players in Japan can expect regular updates and exciting content at launch and beyond,” Trion says.

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H1Z1 launches open beta for PS4, is swarmed with over 200K concurrent players

It’s been a long time coming, but H1Z1 finally hit open beta on the PlayStation 4 last night. If you forgot the game was coming to PS4, you’d be forgiven; the announcement was overshadowed last month by an apparent legal mess and major layoffs at Daybreak that reportedly hit H1Z1 hard.

Worth noting is that this version of H1Z1 has been tailored for console, with some basic mechanics, like the crafting system and inventory management, removed entirely.

H1Z1 has been redesigned specifically for PlayStation 4 players, with a larger weapon arsenal – six new weapons – and fully reworked UI among the new features. Matches are fast and frantic. The encroaching ring of toxic gas moves quickly while the new weapon progression system keeps players engaged with frequent, increasingly lucrative airdrops. H1Z1’s control system has been overhauled for maximum speed and mayhem on PS4. With a familiar radial weapon menu, players can quickly switch between their two weapons of choice: guns and grenades. The grab-and-go equipment system also makes it easier for players to collect loot on the run.”

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Survival MMORPG Next Day Survival has launched on Steam

Conan Exiles isn’t the only survival game that knows how to leave early access and actually launch! Next Day: Survival has done the same thing as of today.

We first peeked at the game last summer, when it hit early access touting its storyline, questing, “sophisticated crafting system,” car restoration system, reputation, factions, and multiple game modes, including pure PvE and a single-player mode.

“The action of the MMORPG survival Next Day takes place on a fictional post-Soviet territory, mostly covered in toxic smog. Your main goal is to survive, level up your character, interact with the world, other player and non-player characters. Along the game, your character earns reputation, which ultimately enables it to join various survivors’ factions, each of which has their pros and cons.”

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 171: Bless you, my subscriber

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin delve into the future of Lord of the Rings Online, debate when a sub isn’t a sub, head on into Summerset, fly high with Worlds Adrift, and more!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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Atlas Reactor arrives in China via Steam

Atlas Reactor really needs to be given some credit for striking out in a different direction when the rest of the PvP scene was shamelessly copycatting League of Legends and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The turn-based strategy game had more in common with Advance Wars and chess than your typical MOBA and remains rather unique in the genre space.

Well now the Chinese can experience that unique flavor, as Trion Worlds announced that Atlas Reactor has arrived in that country and is available through Steam. The free-to-play game is the second (after Trove) that Trion launched in the region and brings the full game up through the current start of Season Six.

Atlas Reactor’s exciting and competitive take on the turn-based strategy genre as well as its compelling cast of characters make it a great fit for China,” said CEO Scott Hartsman. “Chinese players have fully embraced Trove and have been asking for a fully localized version of Atlas Reactor as well, and we couldn’t be happier to bring it to them.”

Source: Trion Worlds


Bless Online’s monthly subscription puts some countries at a financial disadvantage

The controversial business model of the upcoming Bless Online continues to perplex and disturb potential players. Neowiz posted a list of nine items that will be sold in the game’s store, and very quickly players figured out that no apparent effort had been made to regionalize the prices.

This is especially concerning when it comes to the monthly subscription-that’s-not-a-subscription, which is fixed at $15 USD. That means that players in some other countries where the exchange rate is worse will be paying more — a lot more — for the monthly benefits.

“Seems like they didn’t regionalize the prices,” one player wrote. “Hoping that they do it cause it’s gonna be very expensive for third-world countries like mine, even the cheapest pack and the one-month premium [sub] is already expensive without regionalized prices.”

At the time of this writing, the Steam thread discussing the prices has exploded to 205 posts so far without any word from Neowiz.

Source: Steam. Thanks Miki!


The Daily Grind: Do you feel an obligation to ‘finish’ the MMOs you start, even if it feels like ‘homework’?

A quote from legendary filmmaker Guillermo del Toro I saw on Twitter the other day is fast on the way to becoming my mantra. io9 transcribed a Q&A del Toro had with an audience there to hear about his book; someone asked him about the video games he played (apparently he’s making games now too). He listed off a ton of games from multiple genres, but apparently, he doesn’t care to finish everything.

“He plays a ton of games, though he doesn’t finish anything he doesn’t like — and this holds true for books, film, whatever. ‘If it doesn’t engage me, I leave it,’ he said. ‘I do not do homework with my life.'”

Oh hell yes. This! This! I freaking hate games that feel like homework, and MMOs can be egregious offenders. Consequently, I’ve tried a lot of the stuff I’ve bought on Steam, but I no longer feel an obligation to finish anything. If it wants me badly enough, it’ll keep me, I have no doubt. Of course, you can’t really “finish” an MMORPG, but there’s probably a point at which you can get close enough to feel as if you’ve done it all, so I think it can still apply. So: Do you feel an obligation to “finish” the MMOs you start? Bonus question: Can you think of a specific MMO or moment that felt like “homework”?

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Echo of Soul classic servers end their western run Wednesday, but you can still play the game

Hope you got everything done you wanted to in Echo of Soul because the fantasy MMORPG is winding down its classic servers this Wednesday, May 23rd.

According to Aeria Games, Echo of Soul’s North American and European classic servers have been more trouble than they were worth: “While these servers have served us well, due to technical issues regarding the support of classic it is time to close the doors. We would like to thank the Echo of Soul community for standing by and making memories with us in this version.”

Don’t despair, because you can totally continue to play Echo of Soul. On the same day that it announced the classic shutdown, it also encouraged players to migrate over to its more action-packed Pheonix servers. “We would like to invite all users from classic to expand their horizons and join us in Phoenix with new maps, events, and a welcome package offer for those newly joining,” Aeria said.

Source: Steam


Wild Buster will reboot as Champions of Titan under new owners to get back on Steam

Back in February, Valve took action on MMO studio Insel Games, which published hybrid MMOs Wild Buster and Guardians of Ember, booting the company off Steam having determined that the company had tampered with reviews by coercing employees to buy and positively review the game. While Insel Games denied any wrongdoing, its games have been accessible to new players only through its official website for the past few months. For Wild Buster in particular, updates had been scant.

Now, an update has finally arrived. Insel Games told the Steam community that Wild Buster had “failed to attract enough players to provide a sustainable service and a big enough community to enjoy the game.” Rather than shut down the game, however, Insel Games says it’s transferring publishing rights to IDC Games, which will relaunch the game as Champions of Titan with new accounts and a server wipe. Not coincidentally, this will also allow the companies to get the game back on Steam.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tackles frame rate drops, looks at the next mobile patch

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds dropped a patch earlier this week, but don’t get too excited: It was mostly bug fixes and balance adjustments for the battle royale game. Players can check out a new gear customization tab that offers the ability to switch parachute skins. And an aviator crate is now being sold

The studio said that low frame rates is a priority for the team: “We’ve seen a lot of concern from many of you about overall performance. Addressing FPS drops is our top priority, and we hope to have more updates to address performance improvements soon. For now, the team will be trying out fixes throughout this patch cycle.”

And if you’re following the mobile experience of PUBG, check out details on Patch 0.5.0 after the jump – the game’s just hit 10 million daily users.

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Wild West Online previews ‘relatively big redesign of the game’ and the PvP system a week after launch

If you suspected, as I did, that Wild West Online might not get much in the way of updates after its bizarrely hasty launch, prepare to be relieved as a new update is on the way to allay those fears. In fact, it’s being called a “relatively big redesign of the game.” What’s going into it? It’s not set in stone yet, but 612 Games has some ideas, and a lot of those ideas are going to appeal to PvE-centric players who don’t really want to get shot.

That begins with the faction system, which is apparently once again the subject of proposed changes. “You will still be fighting for McFarlane or Steele when capturing Towns, but you won’t need to choose your faction on character creation. It’ll be a more fluid system. Town Captures will be balanced – we’re basically borrowing base balancing/gameplay from Battlefield 1 on this,” the studio says. “Players who want to do activities beside PvP will be able to do that relatively safe. […] So basically there’ll be no killing on sight or grieving of players leaving the safety of the towns. All towns will be safe zones unless of course, the town is actively under siege by Factions.”

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