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Official Site: TERA (aka TERA: Rising aka The Exiled Realm of Arborea)
Studio: En Masse Entertainment/Bluehole Studio
Launch Date: May 1, 2012 (January 25, 2011 in Korea)
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: F2P (Cash Shop)
Platform: PC

TERA hauls out scarves for the end of its anniversary month

TERA is busy wrapping up its month-long sixth anniversary, and its final week contains a few changes and events for players to enjoy.

These events include the conclusion of the Claw & Order community murder mystery, more anniversary items in the shops, double quest rewards all week long, increased drops from select dungeons, bonus reward items from battlegrounds, and free scarves if you’re able to track down and pester an En Masse Entertainment employee in the game. Scarves! Just the thing for those brisk summer months!

The studio is also running a contest through the end of the month: “Starting Monday, May 21st until Thursday, May 31st at 10 a.m. PDT, players can exchange 5 Anniversary tokens for an in-game Contest Entry Receipt to enter their account into the Anniversary Conclusion contest.” Three winners will be chosen per server and granted prizes like six months of subscription time and the choice of any item from the store.

Source: TERA


TERA launches the Gilded Mask update and new Attack on Titan collaboration

You might think that because TERA is busy knee-deep in its anniversary celebration all month it can’t put out another patch. Surprise! Not only can the game put out another patch, it can also put out a collaboration event! It contains multitudes.

Players who take on the new Red Refuge dungeon will discover a familiar face hiding behind an ominous mask, with a possibility to get one of these masks as a new piece of armor. The dungeon also has story implications for the Valkyon Federation and player affiliations as a whole. Plus, you can pick up new divine costumes that are ready to be dyed, along with both angel and devil wings for those who want to tweak their appearances thusly.

Not into the whole divine look? Well, the collaboration with Attack on Titan has also started, offering players a chance to dress up appropriately whilst taking on titanic monsters (sort of a long-running theme in TERA). Check out the trailer for that just below.

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TERA’s console versions cruise to two million players in month one

One month. Two million players. Three cheers for TERA!

En Masse Entertainment certainly is crowing about its accomplishments this week after TERA’s console editions had crossed the two million player mark by the end of its first month. The launch on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One looks to be a significant success for the studio, injecting new interest in this middle-aged MMORPG.

To celebrate this occasion, En Masse is giving out TERA PS Plus Packs to PlayStation 4 Plus members through June 12th. The pack contains a Shadowmare spectral horse mount, a blue baseball hat, and 15 days of elite status.

Source: Press release


TERA Claw & Order exclusive: A suspect admits to attempted kidnapping and extortion, but not murder

Attention all sleuths and gumshoes! A mystery tipster shoved this dossier under our door last night. It appears to be a transcript of a “confidential” conversation between law enforcement and a woman claiming to be the illegitimate daughter of the Lockheart family, and we suspect investigators assigned to TERA’s murder case will want to add this to their own files and whiteboards. “Jannae” claims she was part of a plot to swindle the family that forsook her – but someone murdered her sister the heiress before the thugs could kidnap her. She says she wasn’t part of the murder, though. Do you believe her?


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TERA’s third anniversary week features more doubled rewards and new employees with scarves

The only way to prove to future generations that you were present for TERA’s sixth anniversary is by acquiring an anniversary scarf. Never mind why you need to prove that for future generations; the important thing is that you need the scarf, and you’ll have a fresh set of chances to get that scarf as the third week of the anniversary celebration starts up. Employees will be on different servers at different times all week, and hunting them down is the key to proper adornment!

For the already bescarfed, there’s another near-full week of doubled experience and funds from Guild Missions along with special dungeon and battleground rewards this weekend. Heck, you can enjoy all of that even if you haven’t yet gotten your scarf. It’s nice to see the anniversary celebration rolling on for another week, unless you’re afraid of scarves and have no way of getting one. Then perhaps it feels like salt in the wound.


Hands-on with Bless Reborn at Neowiz’s San Francisco media reveal

As you probably have heard, there was a Bless influencer event this week, with a couple of media and a smattering of MMO streamers in attendance. The leak of the price points happened soon before we went in, but none of the people in attendance, devs or streamers, really seemed fazed by it. Most people seemed ready to have a good time.

For someone like me, who was initially blown away by Bless circa 2011, the game had fallen off my radar, especially after the game’s rocky trip to Russia and initial Korean release. The western build-up for me has felt like a big PR push, with the pricing model dangled like a feature that people actually should be excited about. Basic questions like, “How does endgame work?” were easier to find on Reddit, Steam, and fansites than any of the PR I was reading. I was concerned, to say the least, but things like “tame almost any mob!” and “100v100” battles intrigued me. Though nothing I saw is probably going to change any core fans’ mind, it may be useful to those on the fence.

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TERA Online invites you to solve a murder mystery

A High Elf teenager has been brutally stabbed to death — and the TERA police are on the job. The only problem is that this case may be bigger than what they can handle, which is why they’re enlisting the help of the entire game community to figure out whodunnit.

That’s right, TERA is throwing a murder mystery event, and everyone is invited! Claw and Order (pause for groans) kicks off a month-long interactive murder mystery in which the community will be combing through new daily developments and searching for the truth both inside and outside of the game [our bad – it’s just outside the game!]. This is seriously cool.

“To make things even more fun, EME employees will be monitoring the discord discussions closely, sharing secrets and mulling over clues with players all throughout this special community event,” En Masse Entertainment said. “So whether you play TERA on PC, Playstation 4, or Xbox One, dust off your thinking caps and get ready for some serious sleuthing.”

Get started by scoping out the crime scene below. Good luck!

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TERA kicks off more anniversary celebrations plus opens Corsairs’ Stronghold PvP battleground on console

The entire month of May has been claimed for TERA’s anniversary celebration. It’s too powerful to let the anniversary events end. So you’ll have to just start in on the second week of celebratory activities, starting with a mystery event teasing on May 9th and ongoing dungeon events. There’s also no shortage of events being run through the whole anniversary, although several of those have changed their rewards for the second week; check the information when you log in.

Players can also look on specific servers for employees handing out free scarves, and every Tuesday puts you into turbo mode with 80% reduced skill cooldowns and vastly improved resource regeneration. Check out all of the stuff arriving for the second week on the official site, and just keep on celebrating until there’s no more celebration to be had. The events keep coming, after all.

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TERA collaborates to make an Attack on Titan crossover

The European, Russian, and eastern versions of TERA are in for a special treat, as the game is incorporating a crossover with the popular anime series Attack on Titan. The crossover, which was made in conjunction with Kodansha, adds time-limited costumes and special “BAMs” to fight.

The costumes will require some luck (and probably a lot of money) to get, as they are only available through the gacha system. The event is currently running with no word whether or not it will make its way over to the North American servers.

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The Stream Team: TERA turns six

By golly, it’s birthday time! TERA turns six years old today, and Massively OP’s MJ is on hand to celebrate. And celebrate she will: There are many festivities going on for this years anniversary, Can she find and En Masse employee and procure a special scarf? Or will she be waylaid by Ultra Hyper Fire Turbo Time? Tune in live at 3:00 p.m. to wish TERA a happy birthday with us.

What: TERA
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 3:00 p.m. EDT on Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

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TERA outlines its content plans for consoles post-launch

If you have a console from the current hardware generation, you can play TERA on it right now. But there’s also a lot of content for the game that’s accumulated over the years, and fortunately for console players, En Masse Entertainment is wasting no time in bringing a whole lot of it right to the game. All of May will be filled with new content, starting with the Lilith’s Keep dungeon for level 65 players.

From there, the game will introduce the new 20v20 Corsair’s Stronghold PvP map, then 10 days of doubled experience followed by the launch of the Ruinous Manor dungeon. It’s plenty of stuff to do to get you caught up with the game, and there’s still a lot of ground left to cover. Just jump on in and start enjoying all that the game has to offer players, and know that there’s plenty more where that came from.

Massively OP will be streaming from the anniversary celebration in-game later today, so join us around 3 p.m. EDT on OPTV!

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The Daily Grind: What has been the best MMO expansion or update of 2018 so far?

We are about to put four months of 2018 in the can, and during that time there has been quite a lot of movement in the MMO field with a few launches, reboots, and plenty of updates.

So far this year, Trove busted out its Heroes expansion, Skyforge added a new class with Overgrowth, TERA made the jump to consoles, and RIFT tried its hand at a progression server. That’s just scratching the surface, because it seems like every week we see several major updates come through.

Looking at the four-month start to this year, what would you say is the best MMO expansion or update so far? Yes, there is plenty coming, but what about content that’s already been released?


TERA prepares a month of events for its six-year anniversary

Can you believe that TERA has been around for six years now? That’s not old enough to pass any sort of legal milestones (and thank goodness, because we do not want six-year-olds driving cars), but it’s still a nice long time. To celebrate, the game is hosting events all through May. Not once or twice, but every single week of May, from start to finish, with different events on every single day.

Thankfully, all of this is in calendar format, so you can easily tell what events are running from the start of the week until the end. It’s plenty of different things for players to do, with special anniversary footsteps available every day and an anniversary scarf available for those who hunt down employees of En Masse Entertainment in-game. So get ready to celebrate the anniversary for an entire month, and plan on having lots of different things to do during that month. What a way to party for six years, huh?


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