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The latest EverQuest, EverQuest II expansions can now be bought with Daybreak Cash

Good news for those who have been holding out on buying the latest EverQuest and EverQuest II expansions: You now can pick them up using Daybreak Cash if for some reason you had a surplus of the store currency.

All three editions of both EverQuest: The Broken Mirror and EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra can be purchased with store currency. The prices start at 3,499 DBC for the standard editions and shoot up to 13,999 for the premium packages.

The Broken Mirror was EverQuest’s 22nd expansion, while Terrors of Thalumbra was the 12th outing for EverQuest II. Both came out in November of last year.


EverQuesting: Music makes EverQuest II’s Terrors of Thalumbra complete

Music has been on my mind a lot lately. OK, so it is always on my mind! From skipping down the streets belting out showtunes, cartoon theme songs, and parodies of other assorted songs (now you know what I did last weekend!) to signing on livestreams, my mind is always aswirl with music. So when EverQuest II Audio Manager/Composer Mark MacBride made his Terrors of Thalumbra tracks available on soundcloud, I knew I had to go and give them a listen.

As much as I appreciate the art in a game — as much as I love the vistas, the beautiful backdrops, and the intricate details — it’s music that can truly be the heart of a game experience. It’s the music that truly brings out feelings and emotions that connect you to your surroundings; the right music can add things to the picture that your eye can’t see. There is a reason the saying is “the sights and sounds…” The two really do work in concert (OK, pun may have been intended). Music’s ability to elicit images in the mind through sound alone is powerful, and coupling that with visuals is just a one-two punch of immersion. Without one, your experience with the other is lessened. That’s precisely how I feel about these musical tracks. After sitting back and just listening, I realized that as much as I really enjoy the art in EQII’s new zone, it’s these tracks that bring it all to life.

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EverQuesting: EverQuest, EverQuest II, Landmark, and EverQuest Next in 2015

When it comes to the EverQuest franchise, looking back at 2015 is a much different experience than looking back at 2014 was. That previous year ended on such a high note of hope and anticipation; players (including me) were excited about what was to come. This year, however, is closing out with an air of melancholy, apprehension, and — for some — resignation.

That’s not to say that everything has been all bad. Despite what some may have you believe, the titles haven’t been careening non-stop down the slippery slope of doom. In fact, EverQuest and EverQuest II might even be ending the year on an upswing thanks to their unexpected expansions. Unfortunately, the two newest children of the family, Landmark, and EverQuest Next, enjoy no such buoyancy in the final quarter. They have sadly faded into the shadows.

How to sum up 2015? Concern, controversy, and content come to mind.

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EverQuest II’s underrealm opens as Terrors of Thalumbra launches

Terrors of Thalumbra joins the pantheon of EverQuest II expansions today; the fantasy game’s 12th expansion is now live and enticing the denizens of Norrath underground. ToT offers max-level characters a new underground zone for exploring and questing, new signature quest lines for both adventurers and crafters, new creatures, a large contested zone, and a host of new dungeons to dive into (six advanced solo, 13 heroic, three x4 raids, and one x2 raid). The expansion also has content for those below level 100, including level-agnostic dungeons (scaling from levels 20 to 94), a revamped deity system, new best-in-slot relics, and a whole new item infusion upgrade system.

If you want to get a peek at the lay of the land, check out the trailer and gallery below as well as our two beta tours. Then keep an eye out for our first impression’s piece later this week! And if you need a few more levels before you can take advantage of the new content, join The Stream Team on OPTV tonight at 8:00 p.m. for an XP extravaganza.

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Exploring EverQuest II’s Terrors of Thalumbra raids

The next expansion for EverQuest II will include not one raid, not two raids, but four raids for players to take apart. If you can hardly wait to see what those raids will look like, you can check out the game’s new raid preview on the official site, which shows off the quartet from the entry level to the apex. In the first raid, players will be fighting against constructs in a laboratory that only requires two groups, but the threat level quickly moves up.

Second-tier raiding pits players against the forces fighting for control of Maldura, third-tier raiding takes place in a completely flyable raid zone in the Stygian Threshold, and the fourth-tier raid sends players against the Abominations in force. There are also new raid trophies on the way, giving players a visible mark of their accomplishments. Check out the full preview for a few more lore tidbits.


Take a walk on the abomination side in EverQuest II’s Kralet Penumbra

The various residents of EverQuest II‘s Terrors of Thalumbra expansion are not necessarily pleasing to the eye. That having been said, the Abominations of Kralet Penumbra are a step beyond usual creepiness, as evidenced by the fact that the other residents can’t pronounce the name the species has for itself and decided that “Abominations” was close enough. Chitinous masters of the arcane arts — the race is actually pretty friendly once you get to know them.

Just kidding. They’re horrors from the deep that want to destroy everything from the surface, naturally.

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EverQuest II previews the Stygian Threshold

Those familiar with EverQuest II might expect that an area with a permanent portal into the Underfoot plane would be a kind of unpleasant spot to hang out. The preview of the Stygian Threshold says that those people are completely right. It’s a very unpleasant spot to hang out, and thus player characters will need to flock there because this genre generally works around players finding unwelcoming spots and staying there anyway.

While you adventure in the Stygian Threshold – and let’s be real, if you’re playing the game, you will be adventuring there – you can look forward to such lovely features as a lair established by Zaraxia, mother of spiders, which covers the area with acidic pools and snares of silk. A tribe of kobolds has also set up camp just outside of the portal, drawing strength from it and preparing for their passage into the Underfoot upon death. There’s content ranging from solo to entry-level raiding available in the area, but don’t expect it to be a comfortable vacation destination.


EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra scoots into beta testing

EverQuest II’s underground expansion has gone into beta testing in preparation for its launch next month.

Daybreak said that any player who pre-orders Terrors of Thalumbra will be eligible to jump onto the test server to see all of the changes and new zones. The studio also teased players with unspecified rewards for being part of the expansion testing crowd.

Terrors of Thalumbra will release on November 17th and costs between $35 and $150 depending on the edition purchased. Check out Massively OP’s guide about how to get ready for the expansion!

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EverQuest II shows off deities and infusions

There’s more to the next EverQuest II expansion than simply exploring new areas; players are going to have new systems to help along the way. New systems such as the power of the gods themselves. Yes, one of the new systems is all about strengthening your connection with your deity of choice and earning tithe experience and tithe points to activate and enhance miraculous improvements.

Players can also explore the new infusion system, which ties into earning influence with the deities. Items can be infused with additional stats and benefits; if players wish to alter or improve these infusions, they can pay money for a chance at upgrades or use influence with the gods for direct intervention. You can check out more details in the official preview.


Take a look at EverQuest II’s City of Maldura zone preview

Fantasy cities manage to have far more intense problems than real-world cities. Sure, there are plenty of real-world cities with crime problems, but how many of those cities have had to seal off entire portions of the city and let the criminals run rampant? Other than Detroit, that is. The point here is that the underground city Maldura has done exactly that in EverQuest II, and it’ll be up to players to help the residents get things back under control.

Of course, Maldura’s problems are less “criminal” and more “uncontrollable monstrosities known as the Immolated,” but that’s splitting hairs. The latest zone preview on the official site goes into more detail about the lore and the history players will encounter as they explore Maldura, while further development statements have clarified that the the city will have non-combat areas for players to explore as well. It’s just not an entirely combat-free city with its whole magical atrocity problem. You understand.


EverQuesting: Preparing for EQII’s Terrors of Thalumbra expansion

Time’s a-wasting! With just a month left to get ready for those terrors that await down in the subterranean world of Thalumbra, EverQuest II fans are running out of time to prepare themselves for this upcoming 12th expansion. If you find yourself in that predicament, never fear — that’s why EverQuesting is here! I know what it is like to just be moseying along, distracted by the plethora of activities in EQII, and then suddenly realize that you are not at all ready for Terrors of Thalumbra. Maybe you haven’t yet taken part in the prelude event. Maybe you aren’t quite of a level to enjoy the new content that will be coming. Or maybe you forgot to ask for the day off from work. I was just in that boat myself! The good news is that there is still time. I don’t want you to miss out on any of the hooplah, so I’ve assembled a list of to-dos to get you on the path to prepared.

Although the content in ToT is geared toward the level 100 adventurer or crafter, any level can participate in the activities leading up to the launch. And with double-XP for All-Access members going on until 3:00 p.m. EDT on Friday, October 16th, there’s an even better chance to bump your level higher.

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EverQuest II previews the Thalumbra region

The next expansion for EverQuest II is leading players into a tourist trap. Not in the sense that it’s filled with overpriced stores and sub-par restaurants, but in the sense that it will literally trap and perhaps destroy any tourists who enter it. Don’t believe that? Then take a look at the preview of the Thalumbra region in advance of the Terrors of Thalumbra expansion to see just how unwelcoming the place really is.

While the great underground kingdom is not universally inimical to the surface, the fact remains that it’s filled with things that tend to eat and/or destroy anyone from above, with luminescent fungi and bits of light proving to be potentially fatal in the overall darkness. Adventurers would do well to remember that it’s alien territory, with its own ecosystem and intelligent occupants, and it is not a realm for the squeamish. Or those afraid of the dark.


EverQuest II updates on the server merge situation

What’s going on with the EverQuest II server merges? Inquiring players want to know, which is why Daybreak has posted an update on the situation as it stands.

The first merge will consolidate the Crushbone, Butcherblock, and Oasis servers into Maj’Dul sometime on or after October 19th. Daybreak is planning additional merges prior to the Terrors of Thalumbra launch, which is scheduled for mid-November. Following all of the merges, the studio will allow players to freely transfer between the four remaining shards.

“We’re also working to time this with the launch of the Terrors of Thalumbra beta server,” Daybreak added. “While we’re still working on optimizing the server consolidation process to minimize downtime, there will be extended downtimes for servers that are merging. Hopefully you’ll choose to spend some time exploring Thalumbra with other beta testers during this time.”


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