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Official Site: The Elder Scrolls Online
Studio: ZeniMax Online Studios/Bethesda Softworks
Launch Date: April 4, 2014
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
Business Model: Buy-to-play on PC as of March 17, 2015
Platform: PC, Mac; Xbox One and PS4 as of June 9, 2015

Massively OP Podcast Episode 29: Pathfinder fading

When an MMO studio virtually closes overnight, what can that mean for the game in question? This week, Bree and Justin tackle the sad news of Pathfinder Online, WildStar’s free-to-play date, and a possible new MMO studio!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

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The MOP Up: Blizzard belongs in a museum!

The MMO industry moves along at the speed of information, and sometimes we’re deluged with so much news here at Massively Overpowered that some of it gets backlogged. That’s why there’s The MOP Up: a weekly compilation of smaller MMO stories and videos that you won’t want to miss. See any good MMO news? Hit us up through our tips line!

This week we’ll look at the incredible account of a gamer who donated hundreds of items of Blizzard memorabilia to a museum, marvel at castle sieges in Archlord 2, give you a heads-up on SWTOR’s expansion, and more!

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The Daily Grind: Do you subscribe to F2P or B2P MMOs?

The other day when I was writing up a post on Elder Scrolls Online’s new DLC, I noted that while the content cost a good chunk of change to most folks, those who subscribed were given the DLC as part of their package. That seemed reasonable to me.

Most free-to-play and even some buy-to-play MMOs offer a subscription option for extra goodies and a one-price-gets-all deal. Plus, studios are never ones to turn up their noses at additional revenue streams. It made me wonder, though, how many people sub up in these games.

Do you subscribe to a game that you could otherwise get for free? Why do you do it? Do you feel that what you get is worth the monthly cost?

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 28: PAX Primal

This week the news has been dominated by the last great convention of the summer, PAX Prime, and Justin and Bree have their hands full with the flood of new information. What are the biggest takeaways from this year’s show? Find out in this episode!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

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Elder Scrolls Online posts Imperial City tour, goes on sale

Yesterday we reported that Elder Scrolls Online had unleashed its first DLC pack, The Imperial City, for PC players. Today, ZeniMax has posted a large guide on what players can expect to find and enjoy in the new content.

The article walks players through how to purchase and access the Imperial City along with a long list of the new changes and features. Creative Director Rich Lambert also hinted at future quarterly DLC packs to come: “The Imperial City DLC game pack isn’t the end… it’s just the beginning. Orsinium is just around the corner — we also have tons of other new stuff and quality of life updates in the works.”

If you haven’t picked up the game yet, Elder Scrolls Online is currently on sale at Steam for 33% off.


Elder Scrolls Online unlocks the doors to the Imperial City

ZeniMax is turning the key and opening up the gates to the iconic Imperial City in Elder Scrolls Online today.

Players who enter the Imperial City will find themselves in the thick of a brutal PvP warzone, although there are several PvE instances for groups (or powerful soloers) to conquer. The patch also adds two dozen item sets, two new crafting motifs, inventory upgrades, more achievements, more collectibles, and an increase in the veteran rank cap to 16. When players log in today, they’ll discover that their skill points have been reset due to all of the various changes.

The Imperial City update marks the first DLC pack following ESO’s buy-to-play transition earlier this year. Subbed players will enjoy the DLC for free, while everyone else will need to pony up 2,500 crowns to enter the city. The DLC is live today for the PC and will be coming to consoles in mid-September.


Guild Chat: Finding MMO fun without your guildmates

Good news, everyone: I’m back with an unexpected edition of Guild Chat for you! Observant Massively Overpowered readers might have noticed that I rotate this column with MMO Mechanics and it should, in fact, be the latter’s turn this time. However, I had a great reader submission fly its way into my inbox very shortly after publishing the last Guild Chat and just couldn’t leave it waiting around gathering e-dust for a month. Get comfortable and pop your reading glasses on, dearies: This time around, we’re discussing the loss of great guildmates to IRL commitments and how to recapture the spark of the guild that once was great.

To summarise, reader Rekoor has written in about how he misses the spark of enjoying an MMO with a group of people he truly “clicks” with. Real life and the usual drop-off and break taking we see in MMO communities has left Rekoor short on the quality in-game friends front, but his gaming time has become even more precious as his time is at a premium due to full time work and a young growing family. He now needs a way to capitalise on his gaming time without hurting his friends when they do get to pop on, which also means perhaps putting the final nail in his old guild’s coffin.

Keep on reading for Rekoor’s full submission and my advice to him below, and be sure to pop your two cents into the comments!

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Massively Overthinking: MMOs that need VR

Man, our Kickstarter backers are fixated on virtual reality. It’s almost as if you guys are really tech-savvy and into gaming immersion or something!

Today’s Massively Overthinking question is indeed VR-related and comes to us from donor Dividion:

“Which released, first-person-playable MMO do you feel would benefit the most from implementing VR technology?”

So which MMO really, truly could benefit from VR, right now? Let’s do this!

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More layoffs for ZeniMax (Update: Confirmed)

The end of this post has been updated with confirmation from Bethsoft as of August 20th.

Comments by a gaming industry recruiter and tech consultant have sparked a Twitter rumor that ZeniMax, the conglom that backs Bethsoft and The Elder Scrolls Online sub-studio ZeniMax Online Studios, has suffered a round of layoffs today, potentially at its hub in Ireland, which primarily supports ESO.

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Player housing is coming to Elder Scrolls Online

While it might be a while coming, player housing has been confirmed as an upcoming feature for Elder Scrolls Online. Start picking out your wallpaper and crown molding now, people!

In a recent interview, Game Director Matt Firor said that ZeniMax is kicking around ideas for ESO’s version of housing: “Internally, the development team have different concepts that are currently checked — from simple over extensively to ‘impossible.’ In the end it will probably be a mix of all variants which pays particular attention to the fact that it has a very solid structure, which is also reminiscent of the housing from the single-player titles in the series.”

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The Daily Grind: How do you play Elder Scrolls Online?

I reinstalled Elder Scrolls Online this week, and I don’t know why. I mean, I like the game well enough, and did from day one even when people were inexplicably crucifying it left and right. But after my roleplay guild dissolved late last year, so did my desire to play ESO, at least for a time. Plus it’s not like I need another fantasy themepark, what with Lord of the Rings Online and EverQuest II already on my MMO plate.

But I couldn’t help it. I love the franchise and I guess it had just been too long since I’d wandered around Tamriel. Now, though, I’m not sure what to do. I guess I can solo my way through the other two factions or work on achievements, since there are a lot of those. Or I could go to Cyrodiil, as ESO’s group PvP was the most tolerable MMO PvP I’ve ever experienced. What say you, MOP readers and ESO fans? What’s your favorite thing to do in ESO?

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Global Chat: Guild Wars 2 needs to get its act together

Hunter’s Insight is a long-time fan and player of Guild Wars 2, but recently he had some pretty harsh words to say regarding the development team’s approach to the game, which he called “consistently inconsistent.”

ArenaNet is consistent in its inconsistency,” he wrote. “That is to say that they repeatedly and frustratingly introduce things and then never touch them again, never adjust them, never support them, never standardize how to acquire an item or worst of all they only briefly make them available and they’re never seen again. They set the groundwork for something, make a show of it, and then don’t follow through. It’s a combination of neglect and lack of foresight.”

His essay on the state of the game is only the tip of the iceberg of great MMO community blog posts this week. Keep on reading for Elder Scrolls Online first impressions, how MMO silliness is hurting the industry, and the great hotbar shrinkage of 2015.

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Bethesda is focused on Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online will be the Elder Scrolls title of record for the next little while, according to Dualshockers. The publication interviewed Bethesda VP of Marketing Pete Hines at last week’s Gamescom, and Hines intimated that the studio is completely focused on Fallout 4 and ESO, even though the previous installment of its tentpole franchise, 2011’s Skyrim, is nearly four years old.

Since ESO recently launched on consoles and is prepping for a major DLC at the end of August, Dualshockers concludes that it will be “the Elder Scrolls game Bethesda will be talking about for a while.” Hines told the website that it will be a “very long time” before Bethesda will discuss its post-Fallout 4 projects.

Source: Dualshockers


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