the flower of knighthood

The Flower of Knighthood has launched a $600,000 Kickstarter, is still discussing female toons

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about The Flower of Knighthood, a hyper-realistic MMORPG set in the European Middle Ages. And I do mean realistic: There’s no hitpoint system; instead, the Eaglance team used mo-cap tech to record real weapon moves, which’ll be employed in an armor penetration system to determine damage. The devs are touting an authentic craft system in which “you will accurately repeat all actions of 15th-century blacksmiths, carpenters, leatherworkers, tailors and other craftsmen,” a detailed trade system, an original UI, and “massive PvP and PvP battles” with 1000 people per side. It’s also got a skill-by-use leveling system, but you’ll lose skills you don’t use day by day.

If that sounds fun to you, you’ll want to know that the game’s Kickstarter has officially launched this week.

“We’ve decided to launch a Kickstarter campaign because game investors think about maximization of their profit first. You can see a lot of games that become a ‘competition of purses’. We want to make a competition of skill. The main idea of our monetization system is that you can’t buy anything that will give advantage in fighting to the player. For us this project is our face.”

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The Flower of Knighthood plucks a medieval hardcore MMO

When you hear the word “hardcore MMO,” immediately your mind must go to floral arrangements, no? Well it will now, thanks to the debut of The Flower of Knighthood on the MMORPG scene.

Aiming to be the most accurate medieval MMO on the market, The Flower of Knighthood (FK for short) offers fans “a deeply engaging and exciting taste of the late-medieval world, allowing them to explore its landscapes, settlements and everyday activities. Reconstructions of buildings, objects and materials are based on extensive research in archaeological reports and historical documents and illustrations.”

While nominally an MMORPG, FK won’t use hit points, random computations, magic, or teleports. There will be, however, massive battles, photorealistic graphics, and a period-perfect crafting system. Right now the game is in a pre-alpha state.

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