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Flameseeker Chronicles: Getting to grips with Guild Wars 2’s Path of Fire mounts

ArenaNet dedicated last week to all things mounts, so it stands to reason that I’d simply have to provide you with a run-down of the flashy new expansion inclusions for Guild Wars 2: Path of FireRather than filling a perceived travel efficiency gap, the steeds created for PoF include a fairly extensive suite of travelling tools that help set them apart from the run-of-the-mill mounts in more traditional MMOs. These mounts are built to feel weighty and move realistically, changing how the player interacts with the virtual environment and allowing for more freeform map designs than ever before.

In this edition of Flameseeker Chronicles, I’m going to discuss all things mounts and dig into the development rationale behind them. I’ll weigh in with my thoughts on how the mounts might impact future map development and change how we approach travelling in Tyria as well.
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Lord of the Rings Online lets players collect stable-masters

There’s a lot of ground to cover in Lord of the Rings Online. Players have made their ways across large stretches of Middle-Earth, and that can mean that even just sorting all of the places you’ve been can be a strain by itself. Hence why the developers have made player collections of stable-masters a feature, allowing exploratory players to have a quick guide about all the places that have been discovered and those yet to be found.

The Collection feature will allow players to search by region for particular stable-masters, see connecting routes between discovered masters, and plot out which of the 150-odd stable-masters have been discovered by a given character. There’s also the option of instant travel to undiscovered masters for older content, thus ensuring that players can just quickly pick up any long-forgotten masters on the corner of the map. A recent small patch cleared up a few issues with this feature and other quality-of-life concerns, to boot; all the reason you’d need to build your own collection of places you’ve been.


WoW Factor: Flying ruined everything and shouldn’t be removed

Allowing flying mounts in World of Warcraft was a terrible mistake that should never have been corrected.

For those not up on their history, here’s the deal: Flying mounts were first added in The Burning Crusade, better known as “the first time Blizzard actually launched a WoW expansion.” At the time, they were pretty darn cool, and while a few people voiced concerns about them, most of the playerbase was focused on the idea that we could freaking fly. That seems legit; I know far too many of my superhero characters were given the ability to fly just because, you know, flying.

Warlords of Draenor does not allow flying mounts right now. It might never allow flying mounts in Draenor. The designers have said that flying mounts were a mistake and probably should never have been added to the game, which I entirely agree with. But I also think we’re at the point that questioning whether or not they were a mistake is beside the point. They’re a mistake that’s been made, and they should have been in WoD at launch, same as several other features.

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