Video game journalist infects hundreds of EVE nerds with insidious virus

A gaming convention turned into the banal opening scene of a zombie outbreak movie this week as a number of players who attended EVE Vegas 2017 suddenly came down with the symptoms of a cold virus after the event. The airborne virus was brought to the event by an anonymous video game journalist — let’s call him Drendan Brain — and is believed to have originated in the United Kingdom, where it’s been sweeping rapidly across the country this month.

We reached out to Drendan Brain for comment, but his phone always went to a busy tone and his emails keep getting returned to me. The cold may also have been brought to the event by 19 other attendees from the UK, the EVE: Valkyrie team from the UK, or literally anyone going through any airport, but that wouldn’t make a snazzy headline. However the outbreak started, hundreds of EVE Online players were potentially exposed and many are now crawling into bed with some chicken soup and a cup of hot lemon. Get well soon, space bros!

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EVE Evolved: How much toxic, antisocial behaviour should MMOs tolerate?

The EVE Online community is aflame this week after alliance leader gigX was permanently banned for making threats of real-life violence against another player following possibly the biggest betrayal in EVE history. Some players don’t want to accept that gigX crossed a serious line and deserves his ban, and others have been asking why The Mittani’s similar actions in 2012 resulted in only a temporary ban. CCP’s official stance is that its policies have become stricter since 2012, but it’s still not entirely clear exactly where the line is drawn.

Another side to the debate is that the internet itself has evolved over EVE‘s 14-year lifespan, and a lot of toxic behaviour that was accepted or commonly overlooked on the early internet is now considered totally unacceptable. Many of us have grown from a bunch of anonymous actors playing roles in fantasy game worlds to real people sharing our lives and an online hobby with each other, and antisocial behaviour is an issue that all online games now need to take seriously. The lawless wild west of EVE‘s early years is gone, and I don’t think it’s ever coming back.

So what’s the deal? Does EVE Online tolerate less toxic behaviour today, has the internet started to outgrow its lawless roots, and what does it mean for the future of sandboxes?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic explains how the developers listen to community feedback

Feedback is important for every MMO, and that includes Star Wars: The Old Republic. But where does feedback come from? If the developers never ask you about your opinion specifically, how will they actually collect your feedback? Community manager Eric Musco chimed in on the forums explaining where the development team looks for feedback and how his job involves filtering and synthesizing that feedback from multiple sources, all of which serves different purposes and offers different inputs.

The official forums and Reddit, for example, offer the feedback of particular narrows slices of the game with a big time investment; Twitter, meanwhile, has much more breadth of feedback but less depth on individual issues. There are also focus groups and specific influential players courted by the development team just for feedback and information. Check out the full rundown if you’re curious about how the melange of feedback gets passed along to developers; this isn’t necessarily how every game does it, but it is how it happens for SWTOR.

Source: Official Site via Dulfy


EVE Evolved: Five EVE video shows to watch in 2017

Over the past several years, the way in which we receive gaming news and the types of gaming media we follow has changed pretty fundamentally. Today’s MMO gamers belong to dozens of micro-communities inside and outside their game, following multiple gaming channels and personalities on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch that have practically exploded in popularity.

Even a game as historically impenetrable as EVE Online has been swept up in this sea of change, with a huge number of video channels and livestreamers joining the game’s rich media history of live radio, blogs, and podcasts. New shows start up and close down every year, but a few have gathered impressive audiences and really stood the test of time.

In this edition of EVE Evolved, I look at five notable EVE Online YouTube shows and Twitch streamers you might want to keep an eye on going into 2017.

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Everything is probably fine behind the scenes of No Man’s Sky

No one could blame you for being just a little bit… apprehensive about the radio silence around No Man’s Sky. After a rather controversial launch wherein the whole multiplayer aspect of the game either didn’t work or was never really there (along with various other hullabaloo, but it’s the online part that we’re worried about), the game’s official communication channels have gone from “eagerly vociferous” to “completely silent.” But all is fine, according to a tweet by Hello Games sound engineer Paul Weir:

Whether or not this instills a deep sense of tranquility and resolution in your heart is doubtlessly predicated on how much you trust the statement; there’s no way that the sudden silence isn’t a bit unsettling. Of course, it’s quite possible that all is exactly as it seems and the team is just hard at work on the game’s next patch. Here’s hoping.


World of Warcraft asks players to hunt demons for Legion beta keys

We now know what World of Warcraft was teasing for players the other day. The bad news for those of you hoping for a pre-Legion event is that it’s not the pre-patch or a demon invasion. But the good news is that it might well give you a chance to jump in on fighting demons, as the event is all about hunting down demons as part of a bounty event. Capture a picture of the demons requested and you could win!

Players are asked to track several staff Twitter accounts, capture a screenshot of the given demon (dead or alive), and then tweet it back with a specific hashtag. The criteria for winning aren’t stated, so it’s possibly just a matter of luck, but making sure you’ve got a good screenshot couldn’t hurt. Winners will receive access to the Legion beta, giving you a chance to hunt even more demons. It’s win-win! Except for demons. Demons just lose out on all fronts here.


Cube World demos glider physics, maps, and new skills

Back in December, we reported that Cube World had resumed development after nearly a year and a half of nearly silent alpha (and a lot of bitter early buyers). Dev Wolfram von Funck has tweeted updates lightly since then, but April has seen a fresh flurry of activity and teasers.

Here’s a quick look at the new map:

Here is a short video of the new world map. 🌎 #cubeworld

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The next Paladins release may have a Global Agenda tie-in

Being a Hi-Rez Studios fan means looking back with a certain degree of wistfulness toward the games that didn’t quite have huge mainstream success. Global Agenda was the studio’s first game, and it certainly didn’t light the world on fire, resulting in its current state of limbo. But there’s hope on the horizon from a recent tweet about the next Paladins update:

What does that mean? Who can say? It could mean new game modes that might be familiar to Global Agenda fans, it could mean more jetpacks, it could mean Global Agenda-inspired armor, it could mean an entirely new persistent world complete with robots. It could be almost anything! But it definitely means that existing fans of the game should keep their eyes open for that next release.

Source: Twitter


David Georgeson and Jeremy Soule are working together on a mystery project

David Georgeson is best known, of late, for the work he did on both Landmark and EverQuest Next before departing Daybreak. Jeremy Soule is known for making amazing soundtracks for so many games that it’s impractical to list all of them in tags. Now, we know that they’re joining forces to develop orbital satellites to ensure their domination over the world… or just to make some great music for something.

So what are these two creative souls working on? We really don’t know. But if you’re familiar with the work of both people involved, there’s good reason to get excited about the prospect.

Source: Twitter


Cube World resumes active development

When voxel sandbox Trove hit the pavement running, I know I wasn’t alone when my first reaction was, “Damn, this looks like Cube World, only, you know, getting updated!” Now I might need to eat my words because Cube World is indeed under development again after a long hiatus. And I do mean long.

While the game’s website hasn’t had an update since June 2014 when alpha buyers were left a bit in the lurch, dev Wolfram von Funck started pushing out tweets about development two months ago and hasn’t let up. The most recent one arrived over the weekend:

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More layoffs for ZeniMax (Update: Confirmed)

The end of this post has been updated with confirmation from Bethsoft as of August 20th.

Comments by a gaming industry recruiter and tech consultant have sparked a Twitter rumor that ZeniMax, the conglom that backs Bethsoft and The Elder Scrolls Online sub-studio ZeniMax Online Studios, has suffered a round of layoffs today, potentially at its hub in Ireland, which primarily supports ESO.

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