Check out The Crew 2’s gameplay in action

So what’s it going to be like playing The Crew 2? If you said “a lot like playing The Crew,” well… all right, you’re cynical, but you have a point. If you said “drive car around,” you’re even more cynical, and this time you’re only partly right. You will also be driving boats and piloting planes, and you’ll be hopping between them freely while not racing. And you can even see the races unfold before you in the latest preview video.

The video is just below and shows the boat, car, and plane races all taking place, although the narration during the video makes it clear you won’t be limited to a race settings for these various vehicles. Check the whole thing out just below, and consider what you’ll want to do in the 2000 square miles of recreated America in the game. Including going on a cross-country joyride in a plane, if that’s your thing. (It’ll be harder in a boat.)

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Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood early access is live

The time has come, everyone. Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is now available for play on PlayStation 4 and PC, assuming you pre-ordered and registered your early access code. You can log in right now and explore everything! Or you can sit at work and know there will be a queue and everyone will have Red Mage to 70 by the time you get home. One or the other.

And yes, there is a queue. At the time of this writing, an issue is also affecting instanced content, preventing certain job quests or content in the Duty Finder from being accessed, but the development team is hard at work correcting the issues. So expect issues, but also expect work on them. It’s almost like an expansion launch or something.

Of course, if you are stuck at work, you can enjoy a video tour of the expansion dungeons just past the break. And don’t worry, it’ll still be here in a little bit. There are only, like, five level-capped Red Mages so far. That’s hardly any.

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E3 2017: Capcom announces Monster Hunter World for consoles and PC

First, the bad news: Monster Hunter World is not an MMO version of the long-running franchise. But it is a new installment bringing in everything that’s long been celebrated about the series, with the same skill-based gameplay and the same core loop of hunting enormous beasts for materials. It’s also a chance for you to play with friends, as the game will support online drop-in drop-out co-op play, so you can jump in from the comfort of your own home to help your friends hunt down creatures.

It’s also going to be a multiplatform release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The console versions are planned to release first in 2018 followed by the PC version later, but if you’d like to treat this seamless open-world game as something of an MMO-like experience, the platform options will support that. Check out the trailer for the new title just below.

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Secret World Legends covers blades and hammer weapon specialties

Over the past day, Secret World Legends has broadcast (taste and see) two more weapon specialty videos for the upcoming reboot. So what mechanics are in store for blades and hammers?

Hammers are all about building and spending rage, which is acquired any time a hammer user attacks or is attacked. When a rage meter fills up, a player becomes enraged and can do super-charged attacks that do extra damage and throws out additional effects.

Meanwhile, blades occasionally generate chi when used. Five doses of chi transforms your blade into a spirit blade, doing extra damage for a short period of time. Chi can continue to be accrued while in spirit blade form.

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Check out footage of Blade & Soul’s Maestro in action

If you were hoping for some reason that the Maestro in Blade & Soul would be all about conducting a stirring symphony, that’s definitely not the case. In fact, judging from the new bits of footage from Steparu, the only instrumental section the Maestro is familiar with is percussion. Because of gunshots, see. The Maestro shoots guns. That’s the joke.

Let’s move on.

There’s a new CG trailer for the class available below as well as a look at the class in action in the game’s training room on the Korean servers. It’s enough to give you a good idea of what it’s going to look like when you’re gunning things down in the actual game, so if you’re curious about that or just want to watch a whole lot of things get shot, jump on down and check it out.

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Path of Exile streamlines its microtransaction system

You get a lot of stuff for free in Path of Exile. If not for the fact that the game appears to still be a financial success, it could be argued that it might even be too much for free. For those of you who have dropped some money on the game’s microtransactions, though, the latest update is all about making your life a bit easier with a new inventory and equipment slots for microtransaction items, so you should have a much easier time swapping and sorting your various cosmetic effects.

Players who aren’t into cosmetic effects can also take advantage of this weekend’s stash tab sale, offering discounts on every different type of stash tab to make storage that much easier. Players can also still grab purple footsteps, portals, and weapon effects by signing up for Twitch Prime. You can check out the new microtransaction system and the Twitch Prime cosmetics in the videos just below.

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Crossout’s open beta (and soft launch) is here today

It’s time for everyone to build their own post-apocalyptic death cars and drive them about a wasteland whilst shooting at one another. Yes, Crossout has moved into its open beta phase after one last server wipe, and that means all players can congregate to build impressive machines of doom and pit them against one another. If your favorite part of Mad Max: Fury Road was watching vehicles fight one another… well, here’s an entire game of that. You’re welcome.

Players who have been testing the game up to this point will also receive some free swag along the way, since the developers appreciate the patience and feedback of said testers. But everyone can dive in, start building, and start shooting. You can even watch the so-called “launch trailer” just below, which just through its title seems to support the idea that this is really a soft launch for the game.

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EVE Online’s patch today changes PLEX and adds new Blood Raider ships and shipyards

The bad news for EVE Online fans is that the game is going to require extended downtime today. There’s nothing to be done about it; it’s just a thing that has to happen. Why? Because the big 119.5 patch is going live. That means the game is rolling out PLEX changes to make PLEX into a currency while also no longer making PLEX a valuable physical item to blow up on a regular basis.

Of course, this patch contains more besides, as there’s the first iteration of new AI systems with Blood Raider shipyards and visual improvements to suns throughout the game. Players will also be able to display fleet emblems on station, enjoy new models for the Pacifier and Enforcer, and obtain new Blood Raider capital ships. You can check out the full patch notes to find out what you’ll be doing once the servers come back up; you’ll have plenty of time to think about it.

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Ashes of Creation passes the 8,000 backer mark

It’s fun times when a Kickstarter is doing so well that the number of backers alone can unlock stretch goals. Ashes of Creation has passed the 8,000-backer mark, and that means a new weapon skin unlocked for Kickstarter backers specifically. The next goal is a whole armor set at 9,500 backers, which is going to take a little while to hit… but considering the Kickstarter is already closing in on 200% funded, it’s definitely on track.

The game also hit 100,000 accounts registered over the weekend, so it would seem that either there’s plenty of interest to make 9,500 backers a possibility or some people are very fond of creating sockpuppet accounts. If you want to catch a bit more of the game in action, you can check below for the most recent video from the development team; otherwise, you can just sit back and watch as the game’s numbers for both total funding and total backers continue to slowly rise.

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Neverwinter shows off the features of the Great Hall

Ah, the Great Hall! It’s the place in Neverwinter where your guild hatches all of its greatest schemes, gathers and laughs about victories won, and otherwise enjoys the togetherness of being a guild. Really, the only reason you don’t already have great memories of the Great Hall is because it doesn’t actually exist in the game at the moment. It will, however, when the next major Neverwinter patch arrives. It’s an addition to your guild’s Stronhold that’s just… there, giving you a chance to decorate, congregate, commiserate, and celebrate.

Players will have the option of placing several decorations within the Great Hall, although the core layout remains the same; the decoration locales will be specified with glowing markers on the ground. There’s a definite aesthetic to the whole thing, which the most recent art dispatch explains was a deliberate effort to create a unified look while offering options for players to customize decorations. If you prefer to hear about new features in video form, there’s also a video rundown available just below.

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Chronicles of Elyria answers player questions in a two-hour video

The Chronicles of Elyria team hosted a public community Q&A session, and players had questions. And those questions… well, they were answered. Extensively. The resultant stream was just shy of two hours long, which means by all rights it should have its own trailers and a cast poster. And now you can watch the whole thing just past the break.

You will probably not wish to do so if you are at work, however. Your boss will probably notice two hours of video.

Of course, as you might expect from a lengthy video, the topics range far and wide, from PvP penalties to combat systems to elaborate conspiracy theories regarding the shooter on the grassy knoll. (All right, that last one’s a fib.) Strap in, grab some popcorn, and if you want to do some voiceover work for the trailer you’re workshopping in your head… well, don’t tell us.

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Elite: Dangerous begins testing the 2.3 Commanders beta

Avatars! Multicrew ships! Balance changes! Nouns with exclamation points! Yes, the latest Elite: Dangerous patch has a whole lot of stuff contained therein, and players can start testing all of that stuff now with the patch in its first testing phase. It still is very much the first phase, too, as elements like multicrew functionality haven’t yet been implemented; the patch notes for the test include all of the details on multicrew ships, but also notes that they’re not in there yet.

Of course, there’s lots of stuff is there, even beyond commander functionality; there are new ship nameplates, bug fixes, mission and engineering adjustments, everything you’d expect from one of the game’s large patches. So while you can’t bring your friends along just yet, you should find plenty to do if you’re testing the patch.

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Final Fantasy XIV gives us a peek at Othard and the Samurai

If you missed the keynote from Final Fantasy XIV’s European fan festival on Saturday, you missed out on a lot of big information. The biggest revelation from our full coverage is that the expansion isn’t just sending players into the Xelphatol region toward Ala Mhigo; it’s also bringing people across the ocean and into the continent of Othard, home of Doma, the Azim Steppes that served as the home of the Xaela, and the nation of Hingashi.

You also missed a look at the design aesthetics of the upcoming port city (Kugane) that will serve as a major hub, the stills of the Samurai job, and the new world map. Fortunately, you can now take a look at all of that with a new set of screenshots available just below. You can also catch the full trailer for the expansion; if you’d rather read up on our reactions to the revelations in Frankfurt, we’ve got you covered there as well.

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