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Life is Feudal will add pygmies, but no consoles

When we interviewed Bitbox CEO Vladimir “Bobik” Piskunov last month, we learned quite a bit about Life is Feudal’s transition back into an MMO, from politics to trade to crafting minigames. As next month’s beta test draws closer, Piskunov has revealed a few more tidbits, this time regarding plans for PvE and the lack of plans for a console version.

What will PvE entail in a game that is heavily based on PvP? Piskunov’s answer is: pygmies! These native residents of the world will live mostly underground in caves and tunnels but will have some primitive villages on the surface that enterprising players may raid. As for consoles, Piskunov noted that there are no plans to port the game to either the XBox One or the PlayStation 4. However, the team might look into controller support for the desktop, which some players have apparently already managed to partially accomplish.

Source: WCCF Tech; thanks to Festano for the tip!


Life is Feudal transforms into an MMO with its March beta test

A long time ago, back in the stone ages of 2014, Bitbox did alpha testing for its upcoming MMO, Life is Feudal. It was an ambitious sandbox with terraforming, building, landownership, bartering, trade routes, diplomacy, and PvP. However, devs discovered (and disclosed to fans) that the small team just couldn’t afford to keep heading in the direction they wanted at the pace they desired. At that point, Life is Feudal: Your Own — a scaled-down, non-MMO, pocket version of the game — was born. With this, players were able to experience the various systems being developed for the game just on a smaller server.

But that did not mean the MMO version was forgotten, and those who have been waiting to dive into this game on a more massive scale will soon have that opportunity. I sat down with Vladimir “Bobik” Piskunov, CEO/CTO of Bitbox, to talk about the state of development for the MMO. And one of the first things I learned is that the closed beta is slated for March 2016.

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