SWTOR teases its new expansion, Cartel Market updates, and more coming by year’s end

With all the April Fool’s updates and misinformation that were flying around this weekend, it was a little difficult to tell what was a prank and what was real, especially after developers saying they were not going to do “traditional expansions.” That said, during an interview with influencer SWTOR Central, Community Manager Eric Musco and Creative Director Charles Boyd confirmed that they are currently working on an expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, but not much more was said about that other than one quote from Boyd:

“We’ve got the story in 5.9 coming out in May, and that’s going to conclude the whole Theron traitor story arc and put a capper on the Eternal Throne-related activities, for the most part, in terms of being the focus of the story. And we’re definitely going to be getting back to a Republic-vs.-Empire-core storyline — getting back to that war — revitalizing it into the core original SWTOR conflict.”

However, it’s not quite time to jump up and down, yet. After Boyd said that during the interview, Musco inserted, “We’re still figuring out what the expansion really is,” hinting that most of the pieces aren’t really settled, yet.

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Hyperspace Beacon: The 10 best places to find SWTOR content outside the game

Just this week, a long-running Star Wars: The Old Republic fan-made website mentioned that it was shutting down, one among many that have come and gone since the launch of SWTOR. I was just mentioning the other day to a friend how Darth Hater pretty much faded into nothing and how many of the old fan-shows and websites no longer exist. It seems to be a rare thing for creators to make content since the launch of the game, and it’s even rarer for them to have created it before the game launched.

And now SWTOR-RP is shutting down, one of the last sites to have been reporting on SWTOR for over seven years. I know this because I was one of the three founders, and now the three of us remaining have decided it’s time to move on and let the site go.

So where does a SWTOR fan get content now? Are there still fansites that report on the latest news coming from BioWare Austin? I can hear Massively OP readers now: “Larry, your content is great and all, but I need more than a thousand words in Hyperspace Beacon every week.” And I hear you; I need more than that, too. So that’s why I’ve compiled another list of 10 podcasts, YouTube channels, and websites where I get my SWTOR information.

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Hyperspace Beacon: Four fantastic SWTOR YouTubers you should follow

With Star Wars: The Old Republic approaching its fifth anniversary, the players creating fresh content have shifted. Even the column you’re reading right now has changed. Although I’m still here, the location of the column has changed several times. The bottom line is that as a game ages, things change, and many people who might be coming back to the game after a long absences will likely not know where to find the information that they need to properly get back into the game.

For guides and other instructional material, I usually recommend the written word because you can more easily fall back on it and images can be added for clarity. However, I also know that people learn differently. For some having a wall of text is more harmful than helpful. So today I would like to focus on YouTube. There are some great YouTube channels that produce playthroughs and other entertainment-focused amusements, but today, I’d like to focus on informative YouTube channels, such as ones that produce guides. Here are my top four favorite SWTOR YouTubers — and a look at what they do.

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Massively Opinionated: How long will SWTOR remain relevant?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has been a controversial game since its launch late in 2011. Many fans felt burned after that first rocky year. But here it is 2015, and the game is still going strong… for now.

In this week’s Massively Opinionated vidcast, our host Larry Everett invited three prominent members of the SWTOR community to debate just how well the game is doing and how long it will continue to be relevant. Joining Larry is Heather from Corellian Run Radio, Alexander Kostadinov aka Vulkk, and Redna from It’s a Trap! Podcast.
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