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Wurm Online roadmap outlines cooking, client, interface, and tutorial plans

Code Club has given Wurm Online players a rough outline today of what they can expect from the game over the next few months. In a roadmap posted to the official forums, Client Developer Budda says that the team is focusing on two projects: the new client renderer and the cooking update.

“The unstable client has most of the major bugs and crashes addressed at this point, and we really urge you all to try running it,” he writes. “There is currently a known bug which causes random disconnection issues, once that is fixed and barring any further large crash bugs or issues we will be moving the new renderer to the stable client and releasing client update 4.0, so please do take the time to run the unstable client and report any bugs. As stated the last time we did a push for testing of this client, not testing it out now on your system may affect your play if a previously unreported bug shows up when the client moves to stable and the current stable client is no longer available.”

The cooking update, which will be accompanied by additions to the Rift system, sounds much more fun and is expected to open for testing by the end of October, with a “tenative release date of mid November.”

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Wurm Unlimited is kicking ass on Steam

Wurm Unlimited is still hanging out in SteamSpy’s top 25 after one month of release. A press blurb from Code Club lead developer Rolf Jansson says that the fantasy sandbox also has the third highest playtime of all the games listed as well as an 82 percent positive review rate. He also reveals that Wurm is now available for both Linux and SteamOS.

“I’m extremely proud of the launch of Wurm Unlimited, and I think it is pretty amazing given that people actually run their own MMO engine,” Jansson writes. “This can feel slightly overwhelming with some technical challenges but we’ve made it as straight forward as possible: basically you click two buttons then locate your server in the LAN tab and connect.” He also says that Code Club is continuing development on both the Unlimited and the MMO versions of Wurm, with running water, sitting, and improved client performance next on the to-do list.

In other Wurm news, someone has made Tamriel inside Code Club’s game. It’s described as the “ultimate sandbox server,” though it’s worth noting that the makers haven’t modeled any cities from the Elder Scrolls series.

Source: Press release; Tamriel; thanks Milosanx!


Wurm Unlimited is on Steam, and at a discount

Are your wurms on Steam feeling distinctly limited? Then you should be happy to know that Wurm Unlimited is now available on Steam, giving you the opportunity to jump in and start making your mark on the world. Granted, that mark may involve leaving a smear on the ground after you’re slain by a pheasant, but the important part is that it’s your vaguely human-shaped smear.

To celebrate the launch and turn heads that may otherwise be unturned by Wurm Unlimited, the game is 10% off through October 28th, retailing for $26.99 instead of its standard $29.99. If you’ve long had your eyes on the fantasy sandbox but wanted it a bit cheaper or on a different platform, now’s your opportunity.

Source: Steam page


Tree of Life is available on Steam

If you wake up in the morning and find yourself just unable to get enough early access sandbox titles to whet your appetite, you’ll be happy to know that Tree of Life is coming to Steam as an early access title. What is it? Imagine Wurm Online, only Korean, and you’ll be at least halfway there.

Tree of Life plans to release in full by the end of the year, although early access players will get the game cheaper than post-launch players. In its unfinished state players are already able to roam across the world, build settlements, fight off monster sieges, and work together to build anywhere. Check out the Steam page if it sounds like your cup of tea.

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