Read the scoop on Neverwinter’s newest zones

There’s a lot to take in with Neverwinter’s upcoming Elemental Evil module, including two brand-new zones to the game: Drowned Shore and Reclamation Rock. In a dev diary posted last week, the team delivered the back story on both of these areas and gave players some hints on what to expect when the update goes live.

The Drowned Shore used to be a restful outpost for the Neverwinter Guards, but that was before a devastating tidal wave and subsequent invasion by all sorts of sea monsters. The Harper Xalliana will be among those who will encourage players to take a stand against this aquatic evil.

Meanwhile, Reclamation Rock is a fortress that towers over Helm’s Hold and is party to the nefarious Cult of the Black Earth. Cryptic promises that the area will be home to several classic Dungeons & Dragons monsters right out of the monster manual.

[Source: Dev blog]
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