Daybreak’s John Smedley: EverQuest Next is going to be ‘more than ok’


Worried about this week’s mass firings of Daybreak employees and wondering what might happen to both Landmark and EverQuest Next? The studio has a few words of reassurance for you on that front.

“[EverQuest Next] has the largest development team at SOE. It is going to be more than OK,” Daybreak President John Smedley tweeted yesterday. In another response, Smedley said, “The EverQuest franchise is our lifeblood and we treat it with the respect it deserves.”

Landmark Senior Producer Terry Michaels chimed in on the forums with an update concerning the situation. “I wanted to apologize for any anxiety this may have caused, but for the sake of everyone involved, it was simply the right way to handle it,” he posted. “While we don’t have all of the details of how this is going to affect our schedules, timetables or the Blueprint yet, we wanted to make sure you know we’re still here, we’re still listening to all your great feedback and we’re working to get you those answers just as soon as we can!”

Michaels also asked for patience while the team regroups: “EverQuest Next and Landmark are games that involve lots of very large plans, so please bear with us as we take the time to review and reorganize the schedules. As soon as we have something we feel comfortable with, we’ll be updating the entire team — which still includes all of you, of course — with our new plans and with details about how things will be rolling out in the near future.”

[Source: Twitter #1, #2, Landmark forums]
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