Kickstarter Overpowered: Week one summary


As of today, we’ve been running the Massively Overpowered Kickstarter campaign for just one week. We can’t believe the outpouring of support you’ve given us already; it propelled us to move even faster and get the site up much sooner than we originally anticipated. Thank you all so very much. Just three weeks to go!

Here’s how the week unfolded:

Friday, February 6th: We pushed “go” on our Kickstarter campaign at 10:30ish in the morning, hearts in our throats. I am not sure I can explain the terror we all felt.

Saturday, February 7th: Terror had turned to amazement; we were already well past halfway to our baseline goal thanks to the efforts of our fellow MMO players. Eliot even sang us a song, and we added our first stretch goal.

Sunday, February 8th: In less than 48 hours, you’d cleared our $50k hurdle and fully funded our KS. Yeah, we’re no flaming kittens, but still — how awesome is this?

Monday, February 9th: We introduced you to Mo, our accidental mascot. He’s the cutest.

Tuesday, February 10th: Panic! We’d run into snags on the site. We were working like madmen. No time for sleep!

Wednesday, February 11th: The preliminary website went live just before 9 a.m. with our very first podcast and Daily Grind post. And we were off and running with the news!

Then this happened on our very first day live. Darnit.

Thursday, February 12: Bree can no longer remember what it was like to succeed at inbox zero. It was something she did a long time ago. Before the Dark Times. Before… the Empire.

Friday, February 13th: Ding, 60!

We’re still pushing toward our $75k stretch goal (to send writers to several distant cons in 2015), and we have three weeks to achieve it, so we aren’t done yet! We understand that not everyone can contribute, and that’s OK. We’re not rich either! There are plenty of ways you can help even if you can’t afford to pledge. Whitelist us, comment on our work, and spread the news that we’re back to your friends and followers. Every bit helps.

We’re literally running on love right now; we won’t see a penny for quite a bit after the Kickstarter ends. But this has been so worth it. Thank you, all of you, for making a full-fledged MOP possible!

-Team Mo

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