The Crew unveils the Speed Live update

Car I'm driving? I bought it.

Would you like to take part in a race that’s all about eliminating your opponents just through skillful driving? The most recent update for The Crew adds the new Elimination format to PvP races, reminiscent of a similarly named mode from Split/Second. Each player starts with a certain number of lives, and there’s a timer ticking down; when the timer hits zero, the player in last place loses a life and another countdown starts. You’ll be taking down your opponents, but you’ll be doing so just by staying in first.

The update also adds in new tuning options for six cars and several new faction missions for players who don’t feel like trying out the PvP race option. There’s also a new pack of DLC available with three new cars for those who feel the current crop of vehicles just isn’t robust enough. Check on past the break for the update trailer.

[Source: Ubisoft press release, Via: VG24/7]
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