Guild Wars 2’s Revenant is powered by legends of the past


Ever since hearing about Guild Wars 2’s ninth and newest class at PAX South, we’ve been dying to know more about the Revenant. Well, today is a glorious day indeed, as the team has issued a dev diary to talk all about this “Master of the Mists.”

While not every skill or weapon is revealed, the diary does outline what will make the Revenant special. It’s a heavy armor-wearing class (with a medium health pool) that will choose both a passive and an active “legend” to configure most of its hotbar. The Revenant’s weapons include the axe, mace, and hammer, although all of these are used with a twist (for example, the class can throw the hammer, Thor-style).

The Revenant uses energy as a resource mechanic, draining and rebuilding it upon skill use. In a nod to the original Guild Wars, some skills will cause energy regeneration to freeze or even reverse. The class also features taunts and the ability to slow enemies’ attacks.

There’s a lot more to discover about the Revenant, so if this sounds like a future class for you, definitely give the post a read!

[Source: Dev diary]
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