H1Z1 eyes battle royale season pass


Would you pay for a season pass to H1Z1’s popular battle royale content? And if so, how much would you shell out for it?

Daybreak President John Smedley was publicly musing about this idea on Twitter yesterday. “Seriously considering doing a season pass for BR. What would the right price be for a season pass?” he asked. In a follow-up tweet Smedley added, “H1Z1 is not just a game. We view it as a platform for other games. Battle royale is just the start.”

The battle royale mode throws players into an intense PvP match where the world boundaries begin to close in with the help of toxic gas. Some players decided to recently rebel against the setup by staging a hilarious mass “stop the violence” campaign even as their toxic doom approached. You can see how that ended in a video after the jump.


[Source: Twitter #1, #2, #3, Kotaku]
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