City of Titans shows old test environment before scrapping it


New games don’t spring into being overnight; they take lots of work and incremental steps to a finished product. That goes double for a small indie team, which is why it’s perfectly OK to get excited over seeing City of Titans’ test environment, even in a primitive state.

City of Titans’ art team posted a new dev diary last week, showing off the old test environment before it got shut down to make way for the new one. The team is particularly excited to display details from trash on the ground to the reflections in puddles and on shiny surfaces.

“Everything we, and hopefully you, make, can be color changeable, even the materials and textures, so be prepared for a brave new world of customization options,” the devs teased. The post stresses that these pictures aren’t the game proper but a “tribute” to what will come.

[Source: Official site. Thanks to Byron for the tip!]
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