Star Trek Online players request in-game Spock memorial

Saddened by the passing of Star Trek legend Leonard Nimoy this morning, players of Cryptic StudiosStar Trek Online MMORPG have petitioned the game’s creators for a memorial to Spock.

Amidst threads grieving for the loss of an actor dear to the franchise, player horseshoestables posted,

Today I hope [Nimoy’s] family finds condolence in knowing how much [he] touched so many across many generations with the love of Star Trek. […] I am asking that Star Trek Online create a new mission for all characters across all factions that is dedicated to Mr. Nimoy and, sadly, brings a close to Spock’s life in the Trek Universe. I know that it is a costly endeavor, but believe it is only fitting and respectful, given that the man did a great deal of voice overs for this great game and has been a source of inspiration from youth to philosophers. Please consider this request and may Mr. Spock find peace in the ending of his long life.

Other players have requested a memorial “floating outside of Vulcan spacedock.”

We’ll keep you posted on how Cryptic and PWE respond (and we’re pretty darn sure they will if they can, legally). Similar requests made by World of Warcraft players after the death of WoW fan and actor Robin Williams last year were met with an in-game tribute from Blizzard.

Update: The official STO Twitter account just posted, “Join your fellow STO players as we unite on Vulcan to mourn the passing of a legend on many worlds, & pay our respects.”

Update #2: Cryptic and PWE have posted the following message to fans.

The Star Trek Online team is saddened to hear of the passing of Star Trek icon Leonard Nimoy.

As an actor, Mr. Nimoy helped define Trek from its first days. Spock was simultaneously an outsider and a member of the inner circle, an alien and the most human of all. As a writer and director, he shaped some of the Enterprise’s most memorable adventures. Outside of Star Trek, he was a teacher, a poet, an artist and a father.

We were honored to have Mr. Nimoy as part of Star Trek Online. He helped us announce the development of STO at the Las Vegas convention in 2009, and returned to portray Spock again in the game itself. The few hours we were able to spend talking to him about Star Trek, its meaning and the impact Trek has had on its fans are something we will always treasure.

Today we honor Mr. Nimoy’s legacy and extend our condolences to his family, his friends and his fans.

To absent friends …

A Massively OP reader named Robin has kindly sent us this image of the in-game vigil.

LLAP, Spock.

[Source: Obituary, STO forums, STO Twitter]
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