EVE Online moves ahead with second phase of its nullsec revamp


EVE Online continues its concerted effort to improve nullsec space with the advent of phase two of the revamp. A pair of dev diaries today both looks back and looks ahead at the process.

In evaluating the first phase, the team reiterated its main goal: “Our hope is that by designing mechanics that allow a wider variety of organizations to claim their own space without requiring the support of massive powerblocks, more and more of our players will see opportunities to have fun in nullsec space.”

As CCP moves ahead with phase two, it will be introducing a key device called an Entosis Link to facilitate more interesting and dynamic battles. The Link is a module that can be used on stationary structures to activate, capture, reinforce, or disable them.

[Source: Dev diary 1, dev diary 2. Thanks to Manic for the tip!]
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