Camelot Unchained launches alpha, standalone builder


After a short delay to track down some bugs, Camelot Unchained’s alpha has begun for realsies.

“We are proud and happy to tell you that as of this writing, the alpha testing phase of Camelot Unchained has begun!” Mark Jacobs announced last night. “Starting tonight, we will begin regularly scheduled tests of our game.”

Jacobs said that on top of participating in the online alpha, testers will also get a “standalone building program” called C.U.B.E. with which to experiment, test, and create. “So, how’s that?” he wrote. “Not only are we opening alpha, but we are giving you a fun building tool that you can use without having to be in the main game! Testing an MMORPG only when the tests are being run? That’s so 20 years ago.”

[Source: Alpha announcement. Thanks to Tim, Dreda, and Amber for the tip!]
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