Gigantic will be published on Windows 10 and Xbox One

Big time.

In a news sure to relieve the gamers unsure whether a MOBA would come along specifically designed to work with Windows 10, Motiga has announced that its upcoming title Gigantic is going to be published on both Windows 10 and the Xbox One. While you don’t need to make use of Windows 10 at present to play the game’s test client, it will be required in the future. Since there’s the whole “free upgrade” thing for Windows 10, this is not quite the hurdle it could be.

But what if you don’t want console players on your MOBA? Well, you might be taking your choice of game-making box a bit too seriously, but the game will also include the option to just match you with people on the same platform. The full details of the arrangement can be read in the official announcement, and there’s also a trailer past the break for those who want a bit of the game’s distinctive art to go along with the big news.

[Source: Official site]

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