Schilling says Rhode Islanders don’t know the full story of 38 Studios


Curt Schilling talks a lot. Or should I say, he writes a lot, as you’ll see in his lengthy blog post that covers everything from his recent adventures in doxxing to the ongoing fallout from the 38 Studios debacle.

Schilling tells the taxpayers of Rhode Island that he doesn’t blame them for viewing him as chiefly responsible for the boondoggle that left them on the hook for $75 million. “You have every right to be pissed, I am,” he wrote. “When the full story is told I don’t think you’ll be any less angry, likely you’ll be more, but I do believe the direction of that anger will adjust itself.”

He goes on to say that he takes responsibility for the company’s downfall and views it as his first real failure.

[Source: Schilling’s blog via WPRI. Thanks, James.]
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