RIFT players have clocked 45,817 years of gameplay


There’s nothing like a good anniversary to brings out the infographic-making in developers, and so it is with RIFT’s fourth birthday. Trion Worlds posted a lengthy list of stats for the game today as well as a few giveaway codes (that are most certainly used up by now).

For instance, did you know that collectively, RIFT players have logged 45,817 years of game time? Or that the least popular race is Dwarf (9%)? Or that the most popular calling is the Rogue (28%)? Or that the most rare pet is a Loner hermit crab, with only 28 copies in-game? If nothing else, this infographic proves that the Defiant faction is the underdog by a whopping 8%.

You can check out the full infographic after the break.

[Source: RIFT]

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