Final Fantasy XIV won’t be going F2P any time soon

Would you love to play Final Fantasy XIV if only it didn’t cost per month? According to a new interview with producer Naoki Yoshida, you’ll be waiting a while. “If WoW ever goes completely free-to-play, maybe we’ll consider it,” Yoshida jokingly told via a translator.

He was asked whether or not Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming buy-to-play conversion has any bearing on FFXIV’s subscription model. “No, we do not feel that we are being influenced by that kind of model shift,” he said. “Especially with an MMORPG, it is a kind of a game as a service, where we are kind of almost in the service industry.”

Yoshida also mentions data that “shows over 80 percent of our players are satisfied with the subscription model and they feel very assured that it is constant.”

[Source:; thanks Scott!]
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