Crowfall devs: ‘We see crafters as a full-time playstyle’


Crowfall‘s Kickstarter campaign has crossed the 12,000 backer mark and hit yet another stretch goal. This means that the team will be giving an All-Father housing statue to everyone who backs the game. At 13,000 backers, ArtCraft will grant every backer a free month of VIP come launch.

The studio also updated its crafting FAQ to expain how crafting skills are acquired, how decay will benefit the economy, how “junk” crafted items will be disposed of in a vendorless world, and how alting will be discouraged. “We see crafters as a full-time playstyle,” write the devs. “They fill a valuable role as much as a tank or damage dealer does. In addition to being able to enjoy the “meta-game” of inter-World trading between Worlds, Crafters also have a specific niche role — every faction/guild will need to recruit them to turn resources into valuable equipment within the Campaigns.”

Can’t get enough of Crowfall talk? YouTuber and video game developer Markee Dragon has a 52-minute interview with ArtCraft’s Gordon Walton and Thomas Blair that you can totally watch below. You don’t need permission from your parents or anything.

[Source: Markee Dragon, crafting updateKickstarter. Thanks to Lheaih for the tip! Bree Royce contributed to this report.]
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