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Earlier this month, we welcomed the first of hopefully many sponsors to the Massively Overpowered website: NewEgg. Folks in the US especially know NewEgg as a major online retailer for tech stuff, primarily PC hardware and software — basically, they sell all the stuff you can’t find in your local brick-and-mortar and then some. We’re happy to have them as an advertiser and sponsor because they are directly relevant to our interests as MMORPG players; pretty much all of us buy PC parts and accessories. (I personally bought a four-fan laptop cooling pad from NewEgg a few months back because the shops in Philly didn’t have anything powerful enough in stock, so there you go. Working great for playing GW2 on the sofa with all the settings turned up to 11!)

NewEgg didn’t ask us to do this, but we wanted to point the sponsorship out to you folks anyway since it’s a really great fit for us, and it’s already working. Our sales manager told me yesterday that we’ve already seen affiliate sales revenue thanks to a couple of purchases you — yes, you, our lovely readers! — made on NewEgg after clicking through from ads on MOP. So to the dude or dudette who bought that GTX 970 and the Witcher bundle by way of our site, /salute! Everybody wins: You get stuff you were going to buy anyway, we get a revenue trickle, and our sponsors figure out what stuff you like so they can post ads that don’t suck. We’d much rather have that than “Come Play, My Lord” ads if you know what I mean.

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