Camelot Unchained’s latest newsletter discusses decay, training


Camelot Unchained’s February (yes, February) newsletter has arrived with apologies from the team; it was working on that whole alpha launch thing. While CSE touches on its new audio engineer, alpha, and C.U.B.E. building competition, it’s Jenesee Grey’s crafting clarification that caught my eye, especially in light of yesterday’s Crowfall crafting-and-decay discussion.

When we say nothing lasts forever, we mean just that! As you use weapons and armor their durability will wane, based on the frequency and the way you use them. Are you attacking with a weapon that has a high fracture rate, and are you hitting it against heavy metal armor? It will likely wear down faster than if you were using it against a light armor wearer. When that happens, you will want to do some basic repairs on your low level armor/weapon yourself with popcorn crafting. When things need a more practiced touch or you have a special piece, you will want to take it to a dedicated Crafter instead.

Eventually, some things break beyond repair, but can still be salvaged into component parts to be reforged with new materials, as a part of something new in the circle of Crafting. *cue Lion King music* You can salvage other items in the building/crafting system as well, so think bigger than just fighting gear. In this way, we keep the economy moving forward and allow for continual interaction between Crafters and Fighters.

Gray also discusses the fighting system and ability component training, but there are submissions from other staff, including a long entry on archetypes, an art design walkthrough, and programming and lore bits. It’s a meaty dev submission, and it includes a photo of a half-naked guy pretending to be a frost giant, so now you pretty much have to go click on it.

[Source: Newsletter. Thanks, Matt!]
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