Crowfall walks you through the life of your character


Today Crowfall treated its fans to a whopper of a dev diary detailing the path of progression that a character will take from a mewing newbie to a seasoned veteran.

The process starts in character creation, where players will pick not only an archetype but various advantages and disadvantages (with disadvantages granting more points for additional advantages). Once the character has advanced enough, it can select an irreversable promotion class to further specialize. It’s also at this point that a player can make a one-time change of advantages and disadvantages.

Additional specialization for characters will be through disciples, which come from equippable runestones. These grant a package of abilities and skills, including getting access to alchemy or becoming a werewolf. While there are only a few promotion classes per archetype, there will be many disciplines available. Runestones will be looted, crafted, and awarded from campaigns.

[Source: Character progression]
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