EVE Fanfest will be cold; EVE gets a new artbook


EVE Fanfest 2015 is coming in a little less than a week, and if you can’t attend in person, you do have the option to be there via the magic of internet streaming. The team posted the convention stream schedule for your planning purposes.

Fanfest’s coordinators issued a weather warning for physical attendees because Iceland is cold and not everyone will get that from the name alone. We’ll be sure to let Massively OP’s Brendan know when he heads out there.

In other EVE Online news, CCP announced today that the game will be celebrated with yet another Dark Horse Comics artbook, this one called EVE Universe: The Art of New Eden. The 192-page volume will go on sale next Friday.

Finally, this is pretty cool: The community has downed a Revenant super-carrier for only the third time in the game’s history. You can check out the video report¬†below:

[Source: Fanfest stream schedule, the Art of New Eden, weather warning]
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